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Nature of Specialty #21

Transformation_of_old _sanskars_21 Mohini_Didi Nov 21st,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

It is a very interesting point the way Baba is describing that when you have a specialty, it becomes your nature. Baba is talking about the quality of humor. There are some that are very humorous, they will tell jokes or say whatever they have to say in a very jovial way. I’ll give an example of Brahma Baba who has a lot of specialties. One was that he was always cheerful. Can you imagine a beautiful scene, when all these young girls were put out of where they were living and a lot of family members came with their cars to take them away. These young girls were very strong, very firm, really stubborn. They wouldn’t move from morning until 3:00pm in the very bright sun. They wouldn’t take water or eat anything. The building where it happened was a 5 story building and Baba was standing on the roof and smiling looking at the strength of this young shakti army. Baba gave light and might all the time. I could feel that. Our attention goes on a lot of physical things in the sense of how they did all this. Baba always knew that his children would be victorious. The way he would smile, just imagine looking at him, so much courage comes. If the leader is nervous, has doubts, or has been shaken by something, what will happen to those who are looking at the leader? Brahma Baba was a real leader. I have seen when some make little mistakes, Baba would give lovely drishti to them. That means he is giving them determination, love, light and might, everything. Baba is giving to the souls. For us, we immediately start correcting, scolding, making them feel bad about how wrong they are. Brahma Baba never did that. Baba gave lots of love, light and might. What I am saying is, that was Baba’s specialty. I think it is such an important one, because for any reason, maybe they forgot, they didn’t understand, they don’t have the capacity, but what we are supposed to give is love, light and might. That way next time they do it, they do it better.

One is whatever specialty I have, the other is that, in that specialty, what I am giving to others, should become our nature. Each one of us has so many specialties, but we look at others also, from the same perspective. Sometimes, it is not there. You may always be accurate and organized, some are not. Our expectations of them shouldn’t disappoint us or them. There should be constant love, light and might.

Mama had specialties that she will bring the explanation from Baba. My karmic accounts with other souls should be that they get happiness. When anything happened, Baba would recommend the soul and others to go to mama. Mama had a duty to explain to the soul. She would ask about the well being of the soul and how they manage with whatever they were doing. In the end, mama would say, “but Baba tells us we shouldn’t do this or we should do that”. It shouldn’t come from you. What is Baba’s yagya? What are Baba’s disciplines? What is karma philosophy? It has to be done with a lot of love, patience and sweetness, then it is very effective.

Baba asked, what do you get from the Father? When we talk about inheritance from the Father, inheritance is our personality. In the lokik also, our nature and features look similar to our parents. When you think about inheritance from God, all Baba’s qualities are within the soul. It is just in a very small quantity. Baba gives examples of full moon and new moon. New moon also has light, but it is very slim. The full moon is full. It is the same with our stage of purity. You were 16 degrees, and gradually the degrees kept reducing and reached a point where there are no degrees of purity, so look at your specialty as a nature. I really love to think about my inheritance from my Father and the teachings by which we cling to a royal status, but that royal personality should be at present. We should look like princes or princesses now in the confluence age. We are very simple, but we have royalty. Everyone can feel it from Baba’s children.

These are two aspects we should reflect on by taking it as homework. One is to keep reminding yourself that I am the heir soul, royal soul, I have to have the life of a king or queen, prince or princess. Simple and royal. Secondly, specialty is your nature. Baba had been saying soul consciousness should be your nature. Mostly, Baba had said there shouldn’t be any body conscious sanskars. Create that personality, royalty and also specialty. Don’t think you don’t have any specialties. We all have specialties. Baba has chosen each child because of your specialty and also the special role we have to play with Baba in the confluence age.

Om Shanti !

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