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Merciful Bestower - World Benefactors#13

Merciful_Bestower_13 Mohini_Didi October 13, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Baba listens to the voice of everyone’s heart. Whether we are aware or not, Baba knows everything. Whatever is happening in the Iron Age, always remember we are in the Confluence Age. That is why Baba keeps reminding us that we have to progress, we are on service, we have to be trustees. As much as our awareness is strong, we are not influenced by any circumstances. All that is happening in the world, will happen more. Baba is saying we shouldn’t be influenced by anything. It's both ways, let’s say that something is happening, don't doubt, but apply more faith, be strong, keep moving forward. We are going towards liberation. Everyone has to be liberated, devotee souls, matter, everyone has to experience liberation. For us to be world benefactors, world transformers, we cannot become weak. Others lose hope or courage, or get tired. There is something more for you, more progress, more fruition. Baba kept his children very strong, very busy, and entertained also. We saw this during COVID. In Avyakti Parivar, we not only shared knowledge, but there were times in super sensuous joy when we danced together. Baba says that you all have to keep moving forward, don’t be influenced, I am with you all. Always think inside that everything is very good. Whatever is going to happen will be good. Create that kind of energy, such vibrations are important. Baba says to liberate or serve the elements, and I keep thinking about how we serve nature. How do we do that? Through our vibrations, through our powerful remembrance of Baba. You all can reflect on that because Baba says devotees should be liberated, nature should be liberated.

Give very pure vibrations to your own body also. Baba reminds us that we have to be angelic, that means we create this body of light. Internally very pure, very clean, very transparent, very light. Then you also feel free from pains too. Adopt this angelic body. It’s very important. Whether I’m using virtues and powers for my own self to progress or to empower other souls so that their ability, their capacity grows, their love for Baba grows. This is really being a bestower to help everyone to fly, to move forward. Why flying? If you stop, you get stuck with every little situation. We are on duty to bring benefit to the world, and to everyone. With my thoughts, my words, my actions, bringing benefit, and through my heart I have that benevolence. I think that will keep us very happy and also powerful. This Avyakti signal is appropriate at this time of being merciful and bestower, because that is what is needed now. Through our pure heart give blessings so that it brings courage in them. Also, give the right type of advice. We are able to give Baba’s shrimat about health of body, mind, and relationships. Yesterday, Baba said, ”My hand is of shrimat.” So, hold Baba’s hand and follow His shrimat accurately. This is how we become world benefactors.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: It's very special to offer Bhog in the morning and then offer Bhog in the evening with you. We're invoking Baba, we're drawing His attention. He said today, “I am not a thought reader, I'm not janijananhaar.” We still want to think that He is a thought reader of our thoughts and so He should respond to them instantly.

Answer: That’s what Baba said, that I know what is in your heart, even though you might not know. He responds to that, and we do feel that response.

Question: He's the only one we trust with our hearts. I wanted to ask you, at this benevolent Confluence age when Baba says we should be serving nature taking into consideration that story about the tree. Mother Nature is so merciful, so giving all the time. How do we serve nature in a way that we recognize what Nature has done for us throughout the many births of our life? How do we recognize that and how do we serve nature at this benevolent time?

Answer: As consumers,we just keep using and sometimes misusing, sometimes wasting. I feel that we should look at our daily use, respecting whatever we are using whether it is food or any kind of facility. There has to be respect for matter. We definitely get the feelings of gratitude from nature. I have a very lovely relationship with nature and that is why whether it is climate, whether it's material things, have respect, be very positive, not destructive. Nature feels that kindness and gratitude.

Question: It seems as though each element plays an important role in us reaching our final karmateet stage. Do you want to comment on that, in terms of the amount of worship that's done to the elements and the significance of this worshiping at the time of the Confluence Age, at the time of purification?

Answer: Baba says that when you are victorious over your sense organs, physical organs, that means through your eyes, the vibrations of purity, or through your words when we are speaking all auspicious words, all that also goes to nature. I remember whenever I had to go for a physical or some treatment, Dadi Janki said, “Baba is making us conqueror of matter, Baba is purifying our nature, our matter, so that we can serve more. So, purity definitely is connected with the matter. Karmateet is really when you are doing actions and you are not influenced by the result of any action. So, that is becoming victorious, or conqueror of matter. We can think more about it.

Question: Mohini Didi, this very sacred thing we do of offering Bhog, taking the elements and putting them in such a clean and pure and sacred way, the way we cook it, the way we buy it, the way we honor it, the cleanliness with which we offer it to Baba, is that connected to the way we serve nature? Offering Bhog?

Answer: I think it's a good point, and yes, it's true because whatever nature is sustaining us and whatever is sustaining us we are offering to Baba and Baba then blesses further and then we use it again. Like there is so much respect for Prasad in the temples, even a little bit they get because it had been accepted by God. Yes, definitely I feel that buying fruits, buying food or making Bhog, they make with love, everything clean from your heart, definitely has a lot of connection with service to nature. Then nature will be cooperative to you.

Question: Thank you for sharing that. Finally Mohini Didi, I just want to backtrack to yesterday. I received an email or a text from someone who wanted to thank you for what you have said about souls who are experiencing so many difficulties in life. That the pressure of it even in terms of relationships, breaking of relationships are sending them into such depression that they're feeling that the only thing is to choose death by suicide. So the point that she was making is that in her case, the person didn't commit to suicide but is on the verge of it. Is there something that you would say to such souls to give them that hope that you talked about. The souls, when they are so overburdened, need for hope to be ignited. Is there something you could say?

Answer: I would say what Baba said; to give the burden to God. Whatever burden you have, give it to God, but also they should talk to God. The more they talk to God, they will instantly feel a lot of courage and a lot of strength. So, I will just keep telling God, he's Almighty, he is your Father, he is your parents and connect them with Baba. That could happen, and the soul can just come out of that thought which that soul has constantly. The soul can be liberated from that thought.

Om Shanti


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