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Merciful Bestower- To give means to increase your own self respect#24

Merciful_Bestower_24 Mohini_Didi October 24, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Diwali. Baba keeps reminding us of the balance between service and remembrance and also to have remembrance while doing actions. Baba said when there is remembrance, there is also service happening. Baba wants us to be a consistent server, 24 hours. I can say that Brahma Baba was 24 hours, because even when he was in remembrance, he was giving light and might to souls. In the afternoon Baba would relax and start talking about world service. Because of purity, I think every thought of Baba was igniting or awakening souls. Many used to have visions of Brahma Baba. A lot of us were pulled so much towards Baba as soon as we saw him. I always think about how Brahma Baba constantly served through his rays of light and might. When he spoke about souls of the world, it was as if you could feel that lamps were being ignited. His love and pure feelings for souls, those thoughts had capacity, power to awaken, to ignite. For those who were in contact with Baba, he set an example. Sometimes I wonder, for 30 plus years, every morning Baba spoke murli. His chariot was quite aged, but how he would wake up and then he would get ready, and come to murli class. I don't know how many of you know that on the dot, he was so punctual. I got an opportunity to take him to the classroom for murli and even if I am half a minute late, he would be standing there, he was so punctual. I sometimes wondered about his power of yoga, love for Baba, but also a consistent server and to set an example for us. That's why I tell everyone as long as you can manage to go to Baba's home for class, do it. Sometimes it might not be practical. At least we get 60%-70%, if not 100% marks. Also during the day whenever he walked we could feel his drishti was giving us power, inspiration, directions through his drishti. Baba never said much to anyone personally, he would share mostly what he had been churning or making efforts the next morning in murli. I think we all have to remind ourselves about this balance. I always feel we should not see it like he said it in the past, but what Baba says is required at present.

I think we need to pay attention to that and then of course a good example of a bestower, whatever we give for Baba's bandara. A real example where the founder of the organization establishes the organization by surrendering all his wealth, family, everything. Generally people begin something, to get money and use money for organization. Baba and many others at that time collectively created this Baba’s Yagya and they kept sustaining that Yagya for 14 years. No one from outside would give anything material. Brahma Baba and others in the community had pooled all the resources together to use for service. That's quite a great fortune. Baba had all that wealth because he was a businessman, but many of us don't have personal resources. We serve the Yagya with bhavna so others are inspired to support the Yagya. Brahma Baba served with a lot of love, a lot of bhavana. It's not easy, he had many sisters, trained how to cook. They learned to do everything. I don't think there was anyone who knew how to cook, maybe the older ones. Many young kumaris didn't know. Baba had these chefs come in, taught them to make samosa and gulab jamun and vegetables everything. How to be a consistent server? Every action, every word I speak, some service happens and that definitely we can do.

There are two things that are very important at this time for our sustenance, others and the Yagya. One is spiritual atmosphere, spiritual love, spiritual sharing of knowledge, collective yoga, so that the atmosphere is spiritual and it's so easy for other souls to be sustained. Spiritual love creates a spiritual atmosphere. The second is also a good example for everything, offering bhog with bhavana, making bhog with bhavana. That means consistent service is only possible if I have bhavana. Otherwise it is not practical, it won't happen. Bhavna is important, but also commitment. If you keep commitment you will see how Baba will help you. We have few souls here, whatever their lokik circumstances were, they would always do what they said they would, whether it is making bhog on Sunday or getting things for Baba's Yagya. They adjusted their whole timetable in such a beautiful way and then, the return is right here too. Everyone has to remember to do actions which when others also see, they are inspired. Be a consistent server, but also a server is to give, one who bestows. The more you bestow your treasure store will remain full. We hear and think, but it's only when we do it in practical that our trust and power grows. Both thrust and power are very important.

Om shanti.

Questions and Answers

Question: Greetings for Diwali with heartfelt feelings and bhavana. I'm sure all of you can feel through Mohini Didi, those many years with Brahma Baba and the dedication that she experienced from Brahma Baba, BapDada. I'm looking forward to hearing a few more experiences from Didi. I feel the power as she's speaking and it pulls me to Madhuban and maybe you've experienced that too. I would love to hear a specific experience that Didi has had that allowed her to become a natural Yogi, just as Baba was saying in the Sunday Murli, to make your nature natural and, I think she's… I don't know if you heard me Mohini Didi, Om shanti, Happy Diwali.

Mohini Didi: Happy Diwali, yeah I heard you.

Question: Okay, yeah. It really awakens that heartfelt feeling in my own heart and watching these Diwali videos from the family around the world and the Diwali greetings and my heart is overflowing. I just thought it would be really a gift if you could remember a time that you witnessed BapDada, Brahma Baba, as this constant giver, this natural nature of being a bestower, if there was a scene that you can recall.

Mohini Didi: Baba said if you are full, you will bestow and when you bestow your treasure store will remain full. So much happened in Yagya, in the sense of many obstacles, many oppositions. A lot had been happening, but Brahma Baba was unshakable, not only that, but he was cheerful. It's surprising because he was a human being even though he became the chariot of God, but still a human being. I found him extraordinary. In Mount Abu it used to get very cold and Brahma Baba just wore a vest or slippers or maybe socks once in a while. I used to look at and wonder where his strength was coming from. I think that as a bestower, because serving through thought, serving through words, this was keeping him very full. There is a belief that before sleeping, drink a cup of hot milk so you can sleep well. Maybe, I don't know. In Madhuban, there was a time after class everyone would make a line and go and get their milk. I think you must have seen it in Pandav Bhavan at the back, they have made a department. Even now in Shantivan even though it's through the machine they just fill their glass and drink it. One time there was not enough milk, so they went to Baba and said, “Baba I don't think we will be able to give enough to everyone”. So Baba said, “Okay, today I will distribute milk”. There used to be a chair, a very big pot with boiled milk. Baba sat on that chair and started serving and it was enough, because when Baba was giving milk, even if it was half cup, they were busy taking drishti from Baba and not looking at milk. Generally if any one of us has to distribute, they will look at the glass, “why you gave me less..” Every action he did was fulfilling. Baba’s bhavana, generosity or purity, every quality was so visible in actions. I think that's what we all need to do. Yesterday, the call of the time was to become divine, so Baba was divine. Really, it was every action you see, he was walking around in the kitchen after lunch but there was always some kind of giving in that. Maybe people are tired so when Baba is looking and going around, it makes them feel very fresh. That's his service also, right? I remember one time in Peace Village, there were some souls working and one of the souls said that if Dadi Janki was there she would have at least called for us twice or sent some toli for us. It's like Dadi’s and Brahma Baba are caring, bestowing also is caring, for real care is that. That was Baba's example.

Question: Yeah, I can feel that from you as you recall the story and I imagine being with Baba at that time, his endless bestowing inspired you to bestow and then of course you and the seniors encourage us to bestow and dedicate our lives. I have to be honest that I enjoy serving, I love to serve, but then Baba told us to focus on our dharana, yoga and knowledge to be a natural yogi. I totally get it. I'm wondering where I might be missing in my efforts if I find myself at a limit and I can tell that I need to restore myself. I'll get irritated or I'll get grumpy and luckily my nature is I can remain pretty cool. I really want to know because our heart is there, our bhavna is definitely there, our commitment is there, but when do we say no in the sense of how do we set limits for ourselves without being limited in our consciousness.

Mohini Didi: We have a timetable for everything, in the sense of this is the time for karma yoga, this is the time for spiritual study, this is the time for rest, a proper timetable. Sometimes we keep going on in the sense of going over and over and that shouldn't happen when we serve. When we were in Madhuban with Brahma Baba, even now there is a fixed time for everything. A timetable should be there which means you shouldn't keep going on. Irritation comes when there is tiredness and so one important quality is care. In Peace Village, there were some people who came and wanted to do some karma yoga. They said they wanted to do dishes and went to do it. They were very happy. But with dishes when you are cooking, you keep putting in the sink another pot, another pot, so they went on until three o'clock. The next day he was a little bit.. No one went to tell them, now you stop, you go have your lunch, you did enough or replace them. I said but that's how true it is sometimes, we don't know. It's not intentionally we do, but maybe nobody notices or whatever. Many souls when they overdo anything, they get tired or their bhavana breaks. When you are caring, then at least we appoint someone that after two hours of this they should get a break. I think even in the physical way if we create timetables for others also then I think both ways no? It's us getting irritated or they getting irritated. I think that somewhere we have to not be gentle in the sense of not being able to get things done but in a loving way, in a caring way. There is always a lot to do in Yagya, it never happens you have nothing to do, there will always be a lot to do. It is good to sustain everyone with a lot of love and care. I think that's important. If we do it then also it will not affect us

Question: Thank you Mohini Didi, that's very helpful and again I know it's practical but somehow when you explain it, I can feel through the authority of your experience of doing so much, yet remaining cool and maintaining a timetable so that you have time for everything. Then it shouldn't be that my bhavna would break or my heartfelt feelings or feeling like I'm caring. I should never think that I'm carrying the weight. Why do you know this kind of thinking? Also, when you delegate, you empower others and trust that others would be able to follow through and help in this service.

Mohini Didi: See, what people don't like is control. We think we're doing very well by controlling, but people are sensitive so they don't want control but when they have love, when there is trust on them, plus you have to give people service of their liking also. Sometimes that doesn't happen, you force them to do what you want to be done, that breaks their hearts too. I have been telling everyone that we should let people be comfortable and if there is love they will be happy, willing to do everything. Give them some service of their choice so there is a balance of karma yoga and also spiritual service. When there is a good balance, then we can sustain them very nicely.

Question: Yes, also I enjoy doing it with them. Decorating for Diwali, it's quite a task bringing out all the boxes, but then to decorate with them, they feel inspired. Baba said to keep a balance of knowledge and yoga. I guess perhaps it's taking that time out and I've asked this question of you before and I know traffic control will come and that gives me the measurement that I'm not surrendered in my actions because I'll go oh! traffic control. I can feel outside I'm fine, but inside I'm going, “Ah.. I have the next thing to do.” What I'm hearing is I need to not only keep changing my timetable but also change what my aim is and how I'm doing things. In your experience throughout or maybe perhaps recently, how is it that you're able to surrender to Baba in that remembrance and be effective and get things done. I know it's the Amrit Vela, I know it's the traffic control but somehow I just get invested in the task. So how do we keep that balance?

Mohini Didi: Yeah, yoga is with action and not with Baba. If yoga is with Baba then action will be easy also. But if yoga is, “Oh! I have to do…” One of the trainings that I got is don't keep a list of tasks in your head. Mama taught me then Didi Manmohini taught me, because I was also a student and I was at center, then outside service, inside service. Mama said write everything you have to do and then which ones are the first one and keep doing it. It was so interesting that my list gets over with time. When it is in the head, some students, anytime you ask them, “Oh! I have to study, I have exams”, but not necessarily do they study. It's a lot in the head, so if I have to be with Baba then don't keep tasks in the head, write them down, see what has to be done. What you have to do today, you do it today, and after a certain hour you leave it there, if it's not that important. Then you do the next day. I think we need to be organized that way, so tension, irritation, forgetfulness, a lot of things which are the consequences won’t happen with Baba’s children. Baba’s children need to look fresh, they should be able to smile, it's only possible when this balance is there, of action and remembrance.

Question: Yeah the top of my to-do list should be to be with Baba, well thank you so much Mohini Didi, that's a lovely gift for Diwali for ourselves to keep balance.

Mohini Didi: It's really great to hear you, so sincerely sharing your efforts, so I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Om Shanti.

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