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Merciful Bestower - To Give Means To Automtically Receive #19

Merciful_Bestower_19 Mohini_Didi October 19, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Whenever Baba speaks, it takes us back, we start thinking, am I an embodiment of what Baba is saying? Have I become that? Do I have those experiences? This is what we start asking ourselves, and we know we can be, if we pay proper attention to what Baba is saying. Baba wants us to experience His inheritance at the Confluence Age. Now sometimes parents give inheritance to children in time and sometimes they leave inheritance. They will it and the children get it after their parents leave. So, those who have inheritance, you will see in their life they don't have to work hard because they keep using inheritance. I think most of us have this experience that you constantly have a resource there, so you never feel concerned about what will happen. You have enough. So, Baba is saying that you should be able to experience liberation in life. That means while living in the Confluence Age, you have the experience of the Golden Age, Satyug. Now that is only possible if I live internally in my world, but then Baba says you have to create the divine world.

Yesterday Baba said that you have to liberate others also. We should keep our chart in the evening. Like that is where it was under the influence of a sanskar, or influence of circumstances or others that I did something or I said something, now that's bondage. I think we will need to pay a lot of subtle attention to become that embodiment of Baba’s inheritance. It could be flying stage, it could be angelic stage. It could be the avyakt stage where I'm completely free from the bondage, bondage of mind, bondage of body, elements, everything around me, not touched by anyone’s sanskars, not even my own sanskars. I think that’s where again our Avyakti signals, comes about being a Master Donor-Bestower and when you give, you receive. So we think receiving is when someone gives to me. I don't know if Shiv Baba sometimes looks at us, how much are we are giving. Baba is giving us so much. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, and keeps giving knowledge, the Ocean of Love, snd keeps giving love, but He never measures what we give in return to Baba, never.

Today, I was thinking there is such a mechanism which is not visible about karmas, very invisible. Who is keeping an account? How does it happen? So, we find that even the elements are very sensitive to everything. So I think tomorrow will be a full day if we pay attention that I have to give. I know that at one place souls had some kind of difficult sanskars, a few years ago. Dadi sent one sister and I was visiting that centre that country and she will call everyone, angel come, angel do this, angel yourself, I was surprised because they were very tough in the sense of their sanskaras, but she didn't want to see those sanskars. So every time she woul say, “Angel come”. I really appreciate it and loved her so much whatever their reaction or response was, she will say that's an angel. Angel means that’s one way also to feel that you are not with the souls who have some particular kind of sanskars, because you don't want to notice them or the task has to be done right. I know that after a few years, I know that there is a big change. First thing is that she was able to live there and do everything. I thought that that is the sanskar of a Master Bestower. Do not see what is there, but always have the vision of what everyone should be. So our being, our nature of Master Bestower, is to be selfless, you see when you want to talk to your plant, you talk very sweetly and nicely but because of some reason it doesn't grow that fast or didn't give the so many flowers and fruits. The love you give, you will receive it plus that plant also received. So, that should be our joy, that should be our happiness, that the plant is receiving. Responding is different than receiving. That plant received but they didn't respond, that’s the different elements there.

So, this our human nature of always thinking of receiving, we don't see that when I gave love I became more loveful, I am becoming more loveful now. Definitely, I feel love for everyone right, more natural, more consistent. When it comes to our family, Baba’s BK family, and also contact souls and souls of the world. Baba is giving us an easy task, unlimited task of being Master Bestower, free from all the bondages. A life of liberation, jivan mukti, where there is divine world, divine sanskars. That is how Brahma Baba with 300 children created his own world. Many times he would be in the History Hall and some soul sees him dancing in super sensuous joy alone. Yes, it's all scenes of Drama, everyone has a part to play, no problem ever affected Baba. Whatever they're doing, even when 20 were getting ready to leave the Yagya. Baba said goodbye with so much love, that is why they never left because even when they left, in their minds, they were with Baba. So when you are a being of love, a being of peace, a being of happiness, that's what Baba said, to be an embodiment. When you are being this, you are also naturally Master Bestower. I know it needs more thinking, more practice, but we will pay attention tomorrow and take this as homework.

Om Shanti

Questions And Answers

Question: Good evening Didi! Good evening Avyakti Parivar, whole family! I don't know if there's a difference in the Hindi for liberation and freedom. When we come into the Golden Age, do we think of ourselves as liberated or as free? Not that we would think of it anyway, but...

Mohini Didi: You don't think of freedom only as practice but freedom is understood, nothing restricts them in this sense.

Question: You have a licence to do anything?

Mohini Didi: Like no discipline, no one took control of them, no one to tell them but true freedom, Baba says, is really from vices. True freedom is from any negative threads or bondages. Baba said that basically freedom is from bondages and that leads to liberation. When we are free from bondages then we are liberated. When you are in Paramdham you are up there, but this is living in the world and in the stage of liberation it's really beautiful. There is freedom, there is liberation, both, then it is called fruition or jivan mukti.

Question: Could that be the case for for us as Brahmins, that the thing that Baba was talking about yesterday, that we are about holding on to the bondage or the burden because we really wouldn't know what to do with freedom if we had it?

Mohini Didi: That happened to many countries that when there was freedom, they never had a proper justice system, they had no experience of any systems because they were always controlled by authority. So when they got free and very few countries have settled down after that kind of freedom. That means they had to restructure everything which is not possible these days. Within the Brahmin family yes, there are some souls, two things, either they isolate themselves in the name of freedom, or they don't know what to do, how to be together within the family. If we are creating the new world, we have to be with the family. I won't be all alone in the Golden Age, we all will be together. So, we have to work together here for service, Baba’s task, we all carry the same sanskars and our relationship with each other is of love, of freedom, happiness, not bondage. So you have to be in mist of everything, nobody can say that I have nothing to do, I cannot deal with people, I cannot be with big family, I don't know what to do. No, that is why Baba put us together, when go to Madhuban, how big the family is? You know you look at Avyakt BapDada, He comes, there are 15,000 souls. He just gives the drishti and His drishti of love and power is so strong, every soul feels it. He doesn't say, “Why are these souls like this?” So, I always remember that when I sit in the Diamond Hall with the big stage, I always think of Baba, and what Baba gave. So, that's the Bestower, you just share, whether it is your love, your happiness, your enthusiasm. You don't look around in the sense of sometimes we say, “Oh, the energy was so low.” Baba created all that energy in such a way through His rays of power and drishti that everyone experienced something. I think that to prepare for jivan mukti, we have to have that kind of awareness which is important.

Question: Yeah, you were saying about how what Baba is giving us to do is easy but it's unlimited. When did you realize how very clever Baba was? He doesn't do it in the sense of saying do this and this. There would be so many who get you to do something, then you would realize that you thought you were doing this. Wasn't really something more profound happening?

Mohini Didi: Baba, I always say Baba is very smart, knowing everything, see that is called faith, in the sense of truth is truth that means Baba knew this is the part of the soul. Just imagine for me 60 years ago, Baba knew what part I would play and now I can connect it, the way He spoke to me, the way He gave me responsibility, the way He held my hand and taught me little things, those are sanskars that He created. I was hosting Baba at one of the student’s home for 21 days. One night it was raining and our morning session used to be in tents with a large crowd on the lawn. Baba came around quarter to three in the morning and of course you know we were sleeping in the living room on the floor, because it was someone's house. So when Baba came in, I woke up and Baba said with the hand to get up,, so I got up. He held my finger and took me around and taught me. In the morning, 2000 will come, where will they sit because lawns were wet and all that. So then we went around, there was concrete and rain had stopped, so we thought we will arrange chairs there or something. What I'm saying is that for everything, He would know. So then I realized that this sanskar of caring, planning, thinking about, it was from Baba. He knew the part I would play and many things Dadi Prakashmani and Baba would show me and I say that I'm so young, there are so many, why me? Now when Peace Village came, all the sanskars emerged of the Yagya, unlimited, generosity, make it open, many many things. All that learning happened because one had to play that part. So I did definitely realize that it happens at the right time whatever Baba has given you because He knows that you will need that while you're playing your part.

Question: This is so clever so very clever.

Mohini Didi: Because He’s Knowledgeful. So I think we also look at everyone with that knowledge, and with the third eye of knowledge we will also know that what we're giving in a natural way will be useful for that soul.

Om Shanti


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