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Merciful Bestower - Take Only From The Father #11

Merciful_Bestower_11 Mohini_Didi October 11, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba has been talking a lot on mercy, but also mercy on the self. Today Baba explained it very clearly in three points: mercy on the self; first is for the self-progress, to see, have I become like the Father? Baba is merciful, Baba is the Bestower, Baba is unlimited. Secondly, if there are any weaknesses, you should take power from Baba and remove the weaknesses. Third, Baba said that those who have mercy on the self, they will not allow anything to be wasted. That means as soon as they have waste thoughts, they will have mercy on themselves. They are losing something, and also they will have unlimited distaste. So, beautifully Baba described to us what is mercy, and that we have to bestow, we have to take from Baba, take from the Bestower. Sometimes we are very impressed by certain souls, their capacity to give, capacity to do, but we have to remember they are also receiving from Baba. So, always remember that I have to take from Baba, I have to take only from Baba, and there is constant cooperation, giving and taking. Let’s say someone has generosity, and I am very impressed by that one's generosity. That quality has been given to that soul from Baba. It’s so beautiful when you think that all of us, whatever we are, we have received from Baba. I think there are many reasons that we are able to receive according to our part in the Drama. Baba wants us to be instruments, and then Baba also has to give so that I can be a good instrument. Baba said that you have to have the aim that I want to be a good instrument. When you have the aim, then you will receive from Baba.

So how to be merciful on the self, merciful on others, and constantly bestow? Just imagine that all the time if you are a bestower, how much you will receive from Baba? Baba is asking us to be a bestower. Especially in today's world, there is no word like giving. It’s always taking, I want, I want, so many desires are there, and when we belong to Baba, we don’t have any desires. Many people call us. What do you all need? We don’t need anything. If they say, “What does the Yagya need?”, then we just say,”Yes, this is what you could help with.” Personally, we don’t need anything. So, the Besower has not only filled our aprons, but Bestower also has given us so much, made us free from desires. That’s what Baba is saying is unlimited distaste. When you have everything, what will you do? Even if you accumulate, how much will you accumulate so there is contentment? Baba is saying that in today’s world, everyone needs mercy and we have to give this to everyone. Now, let’s say someone has bad behavior, or someone is violent or something, you don’t need to get upset with them, you shouldn’t be angry with them, but be merciful because they need a quality, a virtue. They need to have patience, sweetness, and generosity. So, how do we donate that? We do that kind of action. When you do that action with that virtue then the other soul can receive it and also feel that’s the quality. They think, “That’s the virtue I also should have.” So they take that virtue. Some souls find that they don’t have enough power, so many, even some left Baba. If you ask them why you left Baba? We don’t have strength to continue, we do not have courage to continue. No one says that it’s because of Baba. Even amongst ourselves, if there is some conflict or something, we know that it’s because I don’t have courage to continue.

So how do we help each other all the time also? Mercy and bestower have a very deep connection. If you are not merciful, you will say, “Oh, I can’t do more. That is enough. I have done a lot, let that soul take care of himself, herself.” So when there is mercy, there is a natural quality of bestower. When there is no mercy, then we can abandon those souls. Baba says to be merciful not only to souls you know, but even souls you don’t know. Some are Baba’s children, some do not recognize Baba, but you still have to be merciful. It is so interesting, because Baba says that all the souls are your brothers. All the souls, you all are one family. Baba really internally wants us not only to be merciful, but unlimited bestowers. Then our self- mercy is to become like Baba, Master Bestower we have to be like Baba. So, automatically we keep receiving from Baba and Baba says that our stock becomes full. When the stock is there, what do you have to do? It is so easy to just keep giving all the time. Whether it is love, power, and at every step in life, one needs trust, one needs patience. So we look at each other and we know that we have to take from Baba. It is so beautiiful to have mercy on the self, to become like Baba, and have mercy on others and bestow. These days, especially as I mentioned, a lot of souls are feeling different kinds of pressure and fear, then they feel that they are not capable. This life is worth living, so bring hope in their life, and by bestowing, maybe they can see there is an end of sorrow. Otherwise, they feel there is no end of sorrow, so they remain very sad and they carry a lot of sorrow. So, we have to be bestower and merciful.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: I would like to focus on Dadi Janki, the way she expressed mercy and the way she inculcated mercy in the very early stages of her Brahmin life. We all know that Dadi Janki at some point in time volunteered to be the nurse, to take care of the BKs who were sick in Madhuban. Of course we all know Dadi Janki's nature that when she does something big, small or medium, she does it with commitment, with deep commitment with bhavna so she was treating all these patients with lot of bhavna, so sis. Mohini my question to you is what do you think would have been the experience of Dadi Janki in having mercy for these patients that she was taking care of and at the same time what do you think she was inculcating inside of her that gave her strength to face lot of challenges that her own body then confronted her with particularly in the later stages of her life in relations to these qualities of patience and tolerance?

Mohini Didi: Patience comes from our trust that whatever I am doing, whatever I am bestowing or serving it will be finally rewarded in the sense that patient will become well and patient is being comforted and patient is receiving what is needed so I think of course mercy has lot to do with love too and also then duty and commitment. So she really served, it used to be day and night sometimes and as you said she had her own challenges also of the body but this lot of trust there and patients because she knew the results. They will be alright if she serves them, give them food at the right time, give them medicine. So Dadi had lot of patience because of the trust she had on herself and also what she is doing and because this duty was also given to her by Baba, Baba looked at her and Baba felt that she was very kind and compassionate so she will do it very well. So her patience was, which was very well known that she will never give up on anyone. Even giving good wishes, she will never give up. Someone said she is the last person who will say now I cannot do it anymore. So, she was very consistent and of course that requires a lot of patience and tolerance too. Because tolerance also physically first you have to be available, you are serving day and night, lot of tolerance but also some souls were accepting, some will say certain things even if she was serving or it was cold or it was summer, it was whatever various things were there she had lot of tolerance, Dadi.

Question: So during those days when Dadi inculcated all these different qualities that were connected to her merciful heart, rahamdil. You know it is such a beautiful concept that if my heart has mercy there is nothing that I won’t be able to do for another. And I think that she with her merciful heart was able to do so much for others but then later on in her own life she then started to face these issues with her own body. How do you think then dadi Janki had mercy for her own body? How did she take what she learnt from having mercy for others and then turned around for herself. Because Baba was emphasizing a lot on having mercy for the self. How do you think she had mercy for her own body in terms of helping that body through its tests?

Mohini Didi: Definitely there is love for service. So when there is love for service then you don’t really think about o’ what’s going on with body? because we have seen all of us that every evening she would want to go for meditation, conduct meditation and say hello to everyone. Whatever her condition of the body, then one day I asked her why do you do it? She said because I also get lot of sakash from all the souls because they know my body is not healthy, still I go so they all gave me very loveful vibrations. They gave me lot of .. so she feels she was receiving while she was giving and Dadi had lot of tolerance when it comes to pain and but she was very comforting to others. I myself know whenever I had any major situation with the body, she will call, she will say, it is just repairing the body, it’s conqueror of matter, she will give such strong power points for me. So I think her tolerance was very natural because again she told Baba, Baba I am not able to serve through body. Baba said, doesn’t matter, you start giving training. I will get kumaris for you. You don’t have to worry to go anywhere,you just talk to them and give dharna points. So, Baba knew that she really had this desire to serve even her body is not well. So I think Baba also gave her some extra power for tolerance and Baba’s drishti also gave her lot of power.

Question: Sis. Mohini you also are a maharathi, have been facing issues as far as I can remember back with your body, how do you have mercy for yourself, for your body?

Mohini Didi: Both things one is soul has to reach the destination or reach to that stage of perfection that is to be like Baba. So internal, spiritual journey and I always remind myself that last moment for the journey is to be in the remembrance of Baba. So whenever I find that body affects the mind. So mind could get little bit like how long or how far? As soon as those thoughts come I say no, I have to remember Baba.. and I keep remembering Baba and my energy comes back and then I say o’ it’s fine. I am okay. So it’s deep connection of mind and body. But again I feel that Baba wants me to serve through this body so I try my best to keep my stage such that body feels good also otherwise sometimes it is difficult but just for few moments and this is called self mercy, as Baba said that as soon as you have even few wasteful thoughts you just immediately come out of that and be merciful and remember I have to be like Baba. Baba still has has to use the body for service, so giving some very good points, help the soul to heal and be in enthusiasm, sometimes it could reduce.

Question: very, very beautiful, thank you so much Sis. Mohini and to be continued tomorrow. I don’t know what it is but people have been sending me questions and so I will continue to ask you they are practical questions like tonight it was on merciful to your body when your body is not well, you said patience and tolerance and of course I have another very important question on mercy but thank you very much. They are very beautiful answers.

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