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Merciful Bestower -Serve Through The Atmosphere And Attitude #5

Merciful _Bestower_5 Mohini_Didi October 5, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

First of all, today I want to greet you all with a happy day of victory or Dashera. We know that it's a very important day after celebrating nine days of goddesses, we are celebrating today as the 10th day. Their victory has been claimed, and all over India there is burning of this effigy of Ravan. For us everything is really spiritual, but we understand that we have to burn all of what we have within us. Baba says that is the clan of Ravan, little traces of different sanskars from all the vices. Let's start with what Baba is saying about contribution, donation, and charity. There are so many types of charity, but basically it is what people do in physical terms, giving money, helping the poor, distributing clothes, etc. It's essential, because those who are needy get help, but Baba is talking about the highest kind of charity. At present, to accumulate the account of charity is very important because there is good action, elevated action, then there is charitable action. So Baba is describing charity that we find among ourselves or anyone in the world, needing something that is more on a subtle level. Baba is saying that we are giving strength, creating hope, helping to increase enthusiasm, and that doesn't always necessarily happen through words. It does, but only to a certain extent, because it's very big. For the growth of a plant, you have to put a plant in an environment where it can grow, with enough light, enough air, and we keep moving the plant from one place to another. For all human beings, everywhere, whether lokik or alokik, if there is an atmosphere of love, it is an atmosphere for everyone's upbringing. Baba wants us to do what He is calling charitable action. To create that kind of vibration in the atmosphere through your attitude and through your thoughts. It's very interesting and very subtle, because charitable action generally they say that it should be incognito. It is incognito because if you have this natural nature of being peaceful. So wherever you go, you will find waves of peace. The presence of that person will create that quality because whatever is your main nature, it spreads those vibrations. Then the vibrations will change that person’s mind. So as Baba says you are able to experience that there is a world of sorrow, and we now have to create a world of happiness.

Baba is saying that this is why for the whole month, we are doing merciful and bestower. If you keep anyone’s actions, wrong ones in your heart, you can not give. That is the last moment, this is a new moment. So, when my vision towards that soul is in that original eternal form, the soul will feel the vibrations, and that’s what Baba calls charity. Even with words of blessings, it takes time. There was a time it was negative to positive, then Baba said it is ordinary to elevated, but now we have to instantly think of what blessing this soul needs, and give that as a blessing. If a soul has a habit of not being totally honest. Let's say we keep saying that you are such an honest soul, you might feel it’s false. It's not, because your blessing will create realization and transformation, then the soul will become honest. One who has lost enthusiasm, will feel inspired. Whatever is needed by souls, souls will receive.

I think that most of you know why the effigy of Ravan had been shown as ten heads. They say that when one head is blown off it comes back, and the second is blown off and then comes back. Someone asked Ravan that you knew that you would be defeated and you could be killed by Rama, so why were you fighting? He said, “Because I wanted to be killed by Rama, so I can go to liberation.” He had all the powers, he had control over air, he had control over water, and all the elements. So they have a lot of powers, but no recognition of God, acceptance of God, or surrender. The ego is so big, it doesn't allow to let go and surrender, that was Ravan’s biggest weakness. God doesn't want anyone to be defeated, He wants everyone to be victorious. Baba comes to establish the kingdom of Rama or God and all of us are Baba’s helpers. So are we monkeys? Because monkeys help Rama, right? Yes, we were monkeys, Baba says “bandar se mandir”. You were like monkeys and I come and make you worthy of sitting in worship worthy form in the temples. Monkeys have a lot of attachment. One thing a monkey can do well is to copy, whatever someone is doing, the monkey will start doing. So the whole world, everyone is just copying others, food, clothing. So, I have to do what others do otherwise I won't look part of them, somehow it looks strange.

So when Baba comes He says, “No, you have your self-respect, you have your values, you have your own lifestyle, just live with that dignity.” Purity and divinity make your nature, and that's what is called changing from monkey to deity. Hanuman was the monkey army chief and he was always shown at the feet of Rama. That means he was very humble because humility comes from our own self-respect. Another quality of Hanuman was that he knew victory is with God, the victories of God. So, he used to smile every time something happened because he knew that it's a part of the play, but there has to be victory. So for all of us, even whatever different kinds of situations, settling of karmic accounts, always remember that we are with God, we are at His service and we have surrendered to Him. So there is victory. Today is the day to think of victory, to celebrate as victory and internally burn all the sanskars, little or big in the fire of yoga. So, in the end when we will sit with Baba, look internally at my divinity, my purity and my account of charity. As Baba said, “A soul who is merciful, and a soul who is master bestower.”

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Good evening Mohini Didi! Congratulations for your victory. I'm going back to yesterday, something that you had said that I thought was very interesting that repentance doesn't bring power, but realization does. Is there not a connection there surely I wouldn't repent unless I realized, or is that not necessarily the case?

Mohini Didi: No, I don't think so, because Baba doesn't like us to repent. Once one sister made some mistake and Brahma Baba said, “Don't you think it's a big mistake?” She said, “Yes.” So her face was a little sad. Then Baba said, “Can there be any mistakes in the Drama?” Didi Manmohini said, “Drama is perfect, so why are you feeling sad?” You know that means realization, and to go beyond that sorrow or repentance. What I would suggest, I think I mentioned, that if it is towards a soul, let's say you said something that soul didn’t like and felt sorrow. You say sorry but that hurt is there. For me to heal that, I will send lots of good wishes for that soul immediately, and I find that, that heals the soul, and also the vibrations that this is not what I intended to do but it happened. A lot of little things happen, you have to call it drama and let go. Like when we had fire in Peace Village. I thought it was a fire, but the flame didn't come out of the machine because it was burning the iron. If fire would have come out just imagine the floor upstairs is just a few feet away. So, I was really thanking Baba that it was only in the machine and it was burning. When firefighters came, fire was still on but the flame didn't come out. So there's sometimes certain situations, they are big, but when we really see how Drama and Baba makes it so little. Brother Nirwair used to go to hospitals so many times, he passed away so many times and then he came back. This is how he's managing with his body. He said, “Whatever happened got settled and so now I am back.” Instead of saying, “Oh really I went through so much.” I really took that as inspiration that anything that happens, we should say, “Ok, that got settled now.” There is this whole concept of Drama, settling of karmic accounts, but it's over, thinking again about that is really causing sorrow, pain to yourself and others, or even to remind someone.

Question: Well that's what I was going to say then does one not have permission to correct someone?

Mohini Didi: Yeah, yeah, see that is why everyone has to be alert because in the Avyakti Bhavan you know White House, one day I was coming down and I was smelling gas and that was the next day when I went from here. Mataji was turning on the stove, but it took time for the flame to come out, so that smell was there. I didn't go in detail to find out who and what they did, but I'm sure they would have been the person who would have come and said, “I shouldn't have left it on.” There could be lots of reasons, but after that now the inspector comes, and they're fixing every fire alarm and the whole building, they are checking everyone's room. So, I think a lot is happening after that, and they are preparing themselves in whatever was lacking, now they're preparing so that nothing like that happens again. So one is correcting 1% but then correcting the whole situation so that it doesn't happen again.

Question: When I was going to bed that night and it was a little late because it was the last night of the Florida retreat, I was on the same floor and I could hear this peep peep peep peep what I thought it was when the batteries in your alarm need changing. That's the sign that it makes and I just assumed that well I'm a visitor here, other people must be hearing it and they know if there's something to do with it they'll do and I happily went to sleep.

Mohini Didi: It's so interesting that then another sister from New York Tina, “Oh, I smell something and I went around. I told this one, this one, they said no, no there is nothing much.” So that means now again for me to take action is important you know in the sense of that sister like Bhumi called Dorothyben, she didn't answer. So she thought that now I need to knock on someone’s door, so she went and knocked Kalaben’s door and Kalaben immediately called Rameshbhai and Rameshbhai came and told all of us to go out and called 911. So again it's both ways you know sometimes there could be little thing but we have to be little action oriented to make noise, making noise is no harm because even if it's nothing but at least you know. I think that Baba really protected Peace Village. They must have done, they are doing a lot of charity. I had been really kind of feeling gratitude and saying to Baba “thank you”. It's alright we were outside and we had a good experience and had hot chocolate and all that.It was really good, but of course we all have to be alert and this way.

Question: Yeah, as you say it's Baba terms as the pin prick that could have been a crucifixion, but instead it was the pin prick of the thorn.

Mohini Didi: Yeah but if we say again about who did it and punish that person, it won't help. Whatever it is, of course that person will realize and would have gone in front of Baba and = see that I don't repeat things like that. Whatever has happened, you cannot erase it. I'm saying the consequences were already there, but we all have to just be more alert.

Question: There were a number of things from today's Murli but also you know whom we were talking about, you know mercy and pure pride. Is there any question of making this distinction, what would constitute mercy for juniors, what would constitute mercy for equals, and is there ever a question of having mercy for seniors?

Mohini Didi: I think that sympathy is definitely there, because it’s two ways. Let's say there is something internally I'm going through. So instead of saying how can a senior go through this? How can a senior be like that? We forget that it's a journey and it’s life, it could happen. So, that's where I am using the word sympathy then mercy. I have always helped all my Dadis in both situations, internal and external. I immediately know that today something happened there. So comforting, talking, and conversation. I remember one time one big situation happened at the center, one of the Dadis was responsible, and that evening she had to do a big program. So Dadi said, “Let's go.” Dadi Janki and I, both of us said, “Are you ok?” She said, “My Baba doesn't worry, why will I worry?” I don't forget those words, they were Dadi Gulzar’s words, “My Baba is not worrying, why will I worry?” Baba was coming in her chariot that evening and this was happening in Delhi, we all got the news and we thought she might be more concerned because it's the center she was responsible for. So what I'm saying is that it can happen to anyone. So, sympathy or you call it mercy is very important, even for seniors.

Question: That's lovely, I suppose you know then it naturally follows that it would be the same for equals or for juniors, slightly different consciousness.

Mohini Didi: Yeah, I don't think we should have you know everyone is first, human, the body is human, right? It's not different for young, old or even circumstances. Now here you know how we are able to help everyone as Baba said, “They need strength, they need hope, they need enthusiasm.” Like someone comes and says after this happened my all enthusiasm has gone. No, don't let it go, you can still maintain it, tell some good things so enthusiasm comes back. It does happen in everyone's life, anyway. So with all the ages, we have to be sympathetic.

Question: That's really nice, thank you very much Didi until tomorrow. Om Shanti.

Mohini Didi: Om Shanti!


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