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Merciful Bestower - Remain Busy In Bestowing #8

Merciful_Bestower_8 Mohini_Didi October 8, 2022

Om Shanti!

Yes, everyone is ok, avyakt and vyakt, both? Baba says our face should be very cheerful. Can I see if everyone's face is cheerful? Everyone should look at you and say that you look so well. They should never need to ask how you are in the Brahmin family. We have to glorify Baba’s name. God has given us good news, right? The new world, the world of happiness. We are God’s children and He is establishing a Kingdom. All the good news appears on our faces. In the lokik world, they say the face is the mirror. Even when you look at your face in the mirror, you should be so happy. Yes, I am very well, I am happy. That's what Baba said, that we should be happy. Then maybe in Madhuban more crowds came than they could accommodate, so that you get water, you are ok, you get food to eat. So, everyone should be happy because you have everything, right? It is the same here in Peace Village, you all are okay, you all are happy. It's a very interesting Avyakti signal, don't remain occupied in efforts. Have you heard this before? Generally, it is always making efforts, being constantly in remembrance, soul conscious all the time. Baba is saying that there is another effort or service, to be a bestower. Whenever there is a need, sometimes we need water, sometimes we need a hot drink, something. It's a physical need, but also a need for creating an atmosphere. Anytime any refining little arguments happen, what do we have to do? I am a bestower with lots of love. If there is any kind of disturbance, what I bestow is peace, unshakable and stable. Especially whenever there is any situation that could create a lot of internal disturbance, or souls are shaken with the thoughts, “What's going to happen, what happened, why this happened, who did it?” It's all right, we will sort that out. Just just be very peaceful, silent, light and might. Then those who are scared can get courage.

Baba says that Maya creates useless thoughts or ordinary thoughts. Baba had been talking a lot about not having even ordinary thoughts, having elevated thoughts all the time. So then Maya will not be able to attack you, but will salute you, bow, because you are so busy as a bestower. I thought it was a very interesting Avyakt signal. So, for tomorrow's homework, we should think about when things can happen, every moment. I know that Brother Ken talks a lot about chaos; it could be anytime, any minute. You see there is a little bit of chaos. I have to bestow, I have to be bestower any time. So that's our homework for tomorrow. At least for me, I really thought a lot about it since I read. How do we use our stage now? Yesterday night lighthouse and mighthouse should always be stronger. I think it’s an effort in itself, it's not effort for the self, it's like, just be unlimited not limited. That was your last lesson. I have to be ok. I have to be ok with what I have to be responsible for. Everything has to be ok. So, that's our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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