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Merciful Bestower - Master Oceans of Forgiveness #22

Merciful_Bestower_22 Mohini_Didi October 22, 2022

Om Shanti!

Seems like everyone is in the festival mode, many are celebrating Diwali. Happy Diwali to each one of you, we will celebrate with all of you tomorrow evening. Baba has shared a very beautiful message today. Baba is looking at the flame of every living ignited lamp. Baba wants through his drishti, for us to be very stable and still. Yes, very beautiful, and when you are stable and then as lighthouse, you circle around white rays of hope to everyone. Baba said, “What do Maha Lakshmi like? Cleanliness and light. So clean inside, clean outside, and also then ignited. So, Maha Lakshmi is that abundance. It's so interesting what Baba said just now, that awareness is that we are children of the Almighty and we have stock of all the powers. We need to use the power. Isn't it interesting? I think tomorrow we should look into that, instead of saying ‘I can't tolerate’, say ‘I can tolerate’. Don’t say, ‘I don’t have patience’. “I do have patience’. The thought might come that I don't have, but then you remind yourself that Baba said that I have powers. Baba said that by using the powers, the stock increases. Keep that in mind, it's very important. I have it, and I have to use it, and when I use it, the power increases. That's what is needed actually, if I want to be a bestower. Somewhere for some souls, maybe the thought comes, ‘I can’t just cooperate more’. ‘This soul has such sanskars, I can’t be a bestower for this soul’. It does happen for the majority, but still one or two souls, so that is where Baba says to forgive, cooperate, and still give. I think that is where we pass with honors.

Like with Dadi Janki, we used to notice that there were some souls who were very difficult, very challenging in front of Dadi, but Dadi said, “No, I have to have good wishes for them, I have to have love for them.” Sometimes we think that if we do that, then souls do not change, they don’t realize, we have to be a little bit firm. Yeah, we have to be firm, we have to apply whatever is necessary as right instructions but, in our heart, we cannot keep any defect of anyone. It's both ways, it’s not good for me or them. If you keep anything in your heart for anyone that heaviness inside, is always there. So, that is why it is important to forgive. People make mistakes, they have sanskars, they do all kinds of things. So, we cannot lose our quality of bestowing and caring, but of course, whatever is not right has to be corrected. We are not doing it with hard feelings, and there is no subtle violence involved, we don’t use force. Our kindness, our compassion, our love is as Baba said, we give all powers, all virtues. So, we have to follow Baba. Baba is saying that forgiving is for life, when you live for forgiving, you are forgiving in a way. It’s only when you forgive that you can live for giving. I feel there must be some importance, some significance that Baba wants us to be a bestower. So, we shouldn’t just take it like I am doing homework, I am doing something, but we should really do it properly sincerely and see the benefits the soul is receiving.

Just imagine today Baba was saying you serve as Brahmins, you teach and study and you serve as an angel, and now you have to serve as a divine being or a deity. Deities always give blessings, deities always fulfill everyone's desires. So, Baba wants us to be divine to be deity. We are also about to become that. Just imagine how much each one of us naturally likes to give. We only stop because of some reason, some sanskars. That is why Baba is saying to forgive, and continue to give. So, it’s a very beautiful quality for us to remain light and earn our fortune, accumulate in our account. If someone doesn’t respect me I still will be respectful. So, I am not really giving to that soul, but I maintain my quality. I want to maintain the quality of respect and trust. I want to be consistent, I want my treasure stock to be full of that quality. So, keep all that in your mind, and of course, each one of you are Baba’s children. You must be reflecting and experiencing, experimenting with all that Baba is saying, and definitely you all must be having very beautiful experiences also. So, forgive and constantly give.

Om Shanti

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