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Merciful Bestower - Master Bestowers Of The Royal Family #7

Merciful_Bestowers_7 Mohini_Didi October 7th, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba always mentions that we all belong to a royal family and Sun Dynasty, that is the dynasty of the golden age. Baba says to create that awareness. In that awareness you have unlimited treasures within you. Baba has given you so many treasures, but they always say “give, give”, “give and take,” they never say “take and give.” Baba wants us to be very fortunate and have mercy. If Someone for some reason loses enthusiasm, courage or inner trust, help that soul instead of saying “you are always like that…what happened to you shouldn’t happen”. That’s not really what the other soul wants. Life is a journey and many things happen. We are co-travelers, so what we have to do is to help each other. We don’t abandon anyone. Sometimes people want light or maybe for you to tell them something, but keep good feelings, have good wishes. It is through your thoughts you can help other souls. That's what Baba had been talking about, mercy for anyone, you know whether at work, school, or with family. Any situation that happens, some people are more affected than others. Some worry more than others, some get disheartened very quickly and some don’t. Everyone has different capacities. Everyone is an observer of whatever is happening, but while being an observer, they take certain things. When we take something from outside, it goes in, then our boat starts shaking. If a big boat with passengers sailing smoothly, but gets a hole and water starts going in, what would happen? We know it’s going to sink. But then, what state of mind should I have, that I don’t allow that hole or any leaks to happen? Water flowing in means the circumstances, external situations start affecting the mind. As soon as we see somebody these days, sneezing, or having a runny nose, let’s take a test. Immediately that thought comes. How do we keep increasing our inner capacities so that suddenly whatever the different scenes of drama or different circumstances come, we don’t lose our inner strength, courage or self-trust. Then you souls.

These days, listening to the news, a lot of people are affected mentally with fear, uncertainty of what’s going to happen in future, all kinds of wild thoughts come to mind. How do we help everyone create positive energy, positive thoughts for our own inner personal sustenance? It’s important to be positive. When we have Baba’s knowledge and are able to be in Baba’s remembrance, we keep increasing our inner power of resistance. There are some people who, as soon as the weather changes, they get sick, because their immune system is down. What is the soul's immune system? Be a bestower at this time, instantly in whatever we can give. I saw a woman next door, a very old woman, was coming out, something happened and she fell. It was quite far, but then I thought, “Well, I have to help her to get up.” It was not a big accident. It’s normal to give a hand to one who has fallen. Her son called and said that was a big thing. He used to be not very favorable about our big center in the neighborhood. Immediately his attitude changed and he said “Oh, I want to support the center. I want to give something.” I said, “That’s up to you and you can come to the center and give whatever you want.” It’s not just one simple act, but there are many many beautiful things that start happening. You have to be wise and sensible when you are giving, you shouldn’t become entrapped. Today Baba is saying, don’t limit yourself. Sometimes we think, “I always have been good, I’ve always been giving” Even when we’re doing things, you look at someone who is constantly doing very well, you feel inspired. There are some who are a little lazy, they don’t want to do it. We look at that person and say “Why should I do more than what this one is doing?” Sometimes it does happen that we are influenced. Today Baba said self-awareness, and that also in an emerged form. While I have self-awareness, then I am a bestower. I will do as much as I can. That’s what Baba meant that we don’t keep a count. Anything which you do, do from your heart, your generosity.

Baba was saying when you give the message, you become stable. I was thinking about what that means. Let’s say many times people get occupied in conversations and we say, “let’s remember Baba. Let’s be in silence.” This message helps in stability. To be stable is very important. There will be many situations in the world for everyone. Through human beings, elements, so many situations. What we will do? We have to be strong, stable and create self-protection through soul-consciousness, through remembrance of Baba. The best protection is your own acts of charity. Any good you have done, it always protects you, somewhere, someday, it may not be instantly. Believe how important it is to give, through thoughts, through words, through actions, in whatever way. I remember that there was a partition of the country as a child, I was taught, if I have to carry my lunch, one sandwich, I always take two. Maybe someone on the way was very hungry, very poor, couldn’t afford it, so you just give that. Internally, this whole feeling of sharing in life is very important. As much you share, that much your own shares keep increasing. That’s what Baba is encouraging, looking at the need of the time, the need of the people. Be merciful and be a bestower. I think it doesn’t require much effort. It has to be natural to share. They say share, care for others, and that also is an inspiration for everyone. That's our homework for tomorrow. From morning until night, we will look at how you are bestower, unlimited, not counting, but remain unlimited. Om Shanti.

Question and Answer

Question: I think everyone must think of themselves as a bestower. If you’re Baba’s child, and we give and give, and sometimes we feel that “all I do is give.” I can even think of some souls that are very benevolent in one aspect, but perhaps in the gathering, they’re so discontented. How do you build your stage so that you don’t get pulled into their vortex of discontentment, into their waste thinking? How do I serve myself and serve others without getting pulled in?

Mohini Didi: There are expectations of seeing people in a particular way. One is the expectation of a school-teacher looking at the students and saying, “everyone should do very well, everyone should pass.” I remember that I was a very young Brahmin when Manohar Dadi told me, “If you expect everyone to be like you, if you want everyone to be accurate, efficient, or whatever, you will be very disappointed in life and get frustrated. It will leave you discontent and angry.” I don’t forget it because everyone is different in a gathering. What I have to do with the gathering is to create those vibrations of love, create the vibrations of happiness, that “you all are very excellent”. We do create vibrations, right? That will give us a lot of contentment I think. Instead of expectation, just create what you can create. I think that’s what the bestower does, that because you are creating, you are bestowing, you will feel strong, you will feel happy, and I think others will also receive something from there.

Question: Yes, thank you, that’s very helpful. So be creative, fill the self. I love this aspect of bestower and being part of the royal family. Since Queen Elizabeth’s departure or transition, here she was in the iron age and this monarch is being respected a lot. We could think of all her attributes, but it made me think here’s this iron-aged monarch and I’m going to be a golden-aged monarch. I’ve been checking myself, would a queen do this? Would a king do this? I’m checking my activity. What would the royal family interaction look like, we’re all bestowers. I thought maybe, you could give us a little insight, or at least from your churnings, what would that exchange be like.

Mohini Didi: At confluence age, the royal sanskar is to be complimentary in every respect, not competitive, no comparison. To compliment in the sense of if we are 3 of us, 5 of us, if we use that strength, we are supporting each other. When it’s a family, royal family, a team or whatever, you don’t just think, “Oh I can do better than this one.” That’s the time everyone puts whatever best they have so the accomplishment which is the best one. I can give you an example, in Avyakti Parivar, it’s been so many years now, 2 and a half years or more. Suddenly a translator is not there or couldn’t appear, another one quickly replaces. One sister from London said, “We have never seen any hitch somewhere during the program that something happened.” There’s this whole feeling of, “Oh, if this one couldn’t do, let me replace them.” It's very complimentary. I see the same amongst ourselves also. Each one of us has our own limits, each one of us has some larger capacities. How quickly one should just say, “Oh this one cannot do at this time, let me just do it.” I think that a very royal way to support, help, and just make that task happen instead of pointing towards someone and asking why they weren’t there. We don’t accuse, blame or point out towards someone. That’s not a good habit. We say, “okay, how do we make it okay?” It’s a royal way of working together as a team, as a family. I think the same will happen in the golden age. We carry the sanskars of the confluence age into the golden age. In a royal family there is no accusation, no blaming, no pointing our fingers, not undermining people of what they couldn’t do, but always encouraging each other and seeing how everyone can have the best performance to their capacity. At least respect. When you respect, then the best will come out of that person.

Question: You really have to keep your bags full. I really appreciate what you said about being soul-conscious and keeping that awareness, maintaining that awareness. There’s one thing that I’ve always played with, in regards to the monarch of the golden age, Baba often says that these are charitable souls, great donors, punya atmas. However in the golden age, there’s no one to serve. So how is it that they earn that title in an age that there’s no bestowing in a sense, to someone who’s needy?

Mohini Didi: When I, as a soul leave the body, whatever I’ve accumulated as my charitable acts at confluence age, I carry all those sanskars there. It’s not that I do charity in the golden age, as you said nobody needs anything. Everyone is at the maximum of their qualities, virtues, powers, even prosperity. Everything is in abundance there. Nobody needs anything. We are taking the sanskars. Even to claim that status of a king is based on your charitable acts of the confluence age. One thought came in my mind, that in the golden age, the monarchy will be passed on at a certain age. It will not be like our new king in England, what is his age now? The Queen ruled for 70 years, but in golden age up to a certain age they will rule, then they pass on the kingdom to their heirs or their prince, princess. That one thing definitely will be very traditional in the golden age. Why does Baba want us to be a bestower now? Because your status depends on how big a bestower you are here. How much you are able to give, you carry the sanskar with you. Even now, there are some they like to serve through the body, some like to serve through wealth, some serve through thoughts. Everyone has a different way to be charitable. Baba says to be charitable through thoughts, words, actions, mind, body wealth, altogether. That’s how you get a royal status in the golden age. We carry those sanskars with us.

Question: Yes, that’s very interesting. I chuckled because I thought, oh the king and queen or the emperor and empress will have early retirement because they will pass the crown onto their children. I guess they will be 50ish, somewhere in that.

Mohini Didi: At least they should. It’s both ways, in our organization also, we never retire. What we start doing is passing on so that people can learn the responsibilities, how to do things on a bigger platform or bigger generous hearts. I think that the confluence age is also a very interesting way that we do things. I think that in the golden age definitely I would love to pass on at the right time so I can have free time, and don’t have to do administration or look out for anything. That’s what I did here a few years ago. I started delegating, I had an IT department, I had protection, so many. I told them, I did for so many years and now you all should do it. For consultation, whenever you need, I can be available for you. Then suddenly this new assignment came for me, but I told them I just recently delegated, they said no, this is different. At the confluence age, it's a lot of learning, a lot of growing, and I think it’s from where I will take those beautiful sanskars with me.

Question: I feel you’re creating a bridge for us as well, to also up our vision of ourselves and the cooperation of the family, not only nationally, but also internationally. So this is wonderful. One other question I have is in remaining stable inside. I understand to be more soul-conscious and in remembrance with Baba. Things will get rocky, and I will speak for myself, I tend to become too merciful in a sense that I am empathetic. How would someone shift that energy to where it’s over-empathizing with the suffering that’s happening in the world so that I can focus that energy to somewhere perhaps to the future or what would empower me or would empower the world? Would you have something to say on that, where we can shift our focus?

Mohini Didi: Definitely, because many of us, even I had that tendency. That is when Baba said not to give sorrow, but don’t take sorrow also. If I am taking sorrow, it does happen. I remember even now, if I hear a child crying, I don’t know how far the child is, but I could always hear them. I say the child is crying somewhere and they said we don’t hear it, but I say I am hearing. Baba says you will hear the cries. This is just a common thing, but there is so much poverty. There is so much violence, just imagine unlimited suffering. If I also go through all that suffering, while reading news or while reading information of what is going on, I cannot be bestower then. I remember when we asked Dadi Gulzar something, “Dadi, aren’t you concerned?” She said, “Baba doesn’t worry, why will I worry?” I always remember that. We have to look at God, how he is able to serve. Of course he is God, we are not, but we are his children, no? Every few hours I get a phone call. “Pray for this one, give good wishes, this one is in hospital, has cancer”. What you do is tell Baba, this one is your child, you are the one who is going to help. I will have good wishes, and help if you need it. Someone said today, they were in the hospital and sisters brought food. They felt so happy when they got that food. Whatever way we can help we should, but don’t allow sorrow to be in us, because then you can’t serve. I know it will take time, it does take time. The time comes when you have to help. Like a doctor maintains immune system, otherwise how will doctor serve patient? So same is if we are servers, if we are bestowers. We have to say that empathy, sympathy, whatever it is. But let it be there, but not reach to a point where I start suffering because of that. Because then I am taking suffering, I am not becoming bestower. And all that requires some effort, and applying of knowledge and drama. You cannot leave it, saying I don’t care. But how could I really care? Just be bestower, you know? But it’s big question. Living in the world of suffering and not suffer. Lot of people say come Brahmakumaris always remain smiling in today’s world? I say because Baba has shown us a new world. And he has made us instruments to transform the world. So we have in our vision, golden-aged world. But then again living at confluence age, keep golden age in the mind so that in the kaliyug, we can give through our drishti, through the thoughts, vibrations. Create the courage in others also. So lot of part to play as a bestower. So it’s alright to have mercy, but not over. Over is your own weakness there. Anything over, somebody said I was so good. I said remove the word so, be good. Because when you say so good, you expect other person to be more good and that didn’t happen so you are sad about it. I said why, you were so good. I was very very honest, I said don’t say very very, you have to be honest. So it could be your own weakness, the way you act and respond, even if it’s positive, right? So always we go through on the journey and gradually make ourselves accurate, right?


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