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Merciful Bestower- Ignorant of the Knowledge of Desires #25

Merciful_Bestower_25 Mohini_Didi October 25, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Whatever Baba says, if you take it in practice and experiment, then I think it is properly understood. Baba says that remembrance means equal to Father. So, we say we are making efforts to be like the Father and here Baba says that just when you are thinking of Me, you are equal to Father. Actually when I came to Baba, I had this realization that all Baba’s qualities and powers are in all of us, in all the souls. So maybe this awareness that I am like the Father, can emerge whatever is merged in us. So, tomorrow we should experiment with that. Baba also said that remembrance is self-respect, that means I am like Baba. So, remembrance is not just remembrance, but remembrance of self-respect, remembrance of I am like Father, and remembrance that as I am the child of the Bestower, so I am a master bestower. So it’s like you are playing your part from the stage. One stage is a gross stage, we play our part. The other is the awareness stage. So, our maha mantra will be. “I am like the Father. I am a child of the Bestower so I am the bestower, and my respect is self-respect.” So it’s like we have to take these words of Baba and experiment for one hour, two hours, and then it is understood properly. Let’s see, yes, it is true that I have to become like Baba or with the thought that I am like Baba. I don’t think that it is ego. Baba is telling us to do that and I really think that we should take it and create that stage, create that awareness. We are looking at the souls, talking to souls, serving souls, I am like Baba, I am like my Father. This is a very beautiful mahamantra that Baba gave us.

In Avyakti signals, what comes to us from Baba’s murli but from Madhuban, is that you should be free from desires, because Baba doesn’t have any desire. Baba doesn’t want anything. Even if He says give the old so that He can give us many multimillion times return. Baba constantly keeps giving us. These days amongst ourselves, what is needed is to keep everyone happy. Be happy and let others be happy and then from happiness there is enthusiasm. When there is enthusiasm, there is lightness. We have been discussing Baba's Yagya seva. Baba's Yagya task will keep expanding, but as our stage goes higher, let me be a bestower of happiness. You know whenever Dadi Janki was here or during Brahma Baba’s time, there was so much joy and there was so much high energy. We could feel empowered by their presence. I used to feel that a different kind of courage is there. A lot of trust is there and that’s what being bestower means. I can bestow just by remaining happy, so that others also can get into that happiness. It’s alright to have good yoga. It is alright to have solitude, but not isolation. You know even when you give your medical report, doctors ask you, do you still like to socialize? Do you still visit people? We shouldn’t lose interest in anything. We should always be a family, community. Baba has given us such a big family, be together, be cooperative.

So, when you are a bestower, you will find that others also are pulled into that kind of experience, very positive. There are two other qualities I find that I use and I need a lot even though Baba says that we shouldn’t say ‘I need’, is courage and trust. At every step, whatever you do, you have to have courage and then also trust is required. Self-trust, and then trust in others. That helps a lot. It doesn’t mean that I am careless and anyone could take advantage. If I am quiet, will the other person take advantage? I found that there is some kind of positive energy spreading from that quietness and that creates feelings in the other person. I think what I am saying is if we do it, practice it not only in awareness but practically, you instantly see what you are creating is joy, what you are creating is enthusiasm, and also the other person’s heart softens and becomes kind and gentle. I have seen this person who would never smile or be very strong in his religion, but today I found he was very pleasant, and kept talking for the first time. So I thought maybe it was because I cooperated, because I knew it was very important.

If you maintain patience with people. They don’t forget. Even lokik people appreciate it. While traveling, we use to take a lot of guests to Madhuban, so amongst themselves there could be arguments, there could be differences of opinion, but we remain above everything. We look at what is right, let’s decide on that and let us do that. Even if we didn't realize, the lokik people are noticing our quality. At the right time they will recall and immediately they say, “Oh, we saw this virtue.” Not only that, but then they start thinking how you can help them more in their task with that quality, and that’s where service really begins. Very internally stable, very calm, but very cooperative.

So, this is being a bestower, just deeply looking at myself and saying, “I am a child of the Bestower.” So my heart sometimes could be a miser, like why should I do this? This one didn't? I didn’t get any help, so why should I give? No. I should keep giving because I am benefiting. I am becoming a bestower, and definitely it touches the hearts and now is the time to touch the heart. Everyone has a good intellect, good reasoning, but needs to have a more compassionate and kind heart. So, I am like my Father. I am the master bestower of Baba, who is the Bestower. I think this awareness will increase our capacity to be a bestower. So, do it even a little bit in one or two, three situations, use this quality of bestower. The whole day, little situations do arise, so we don’t react to any situation, rather I give whichever quality is required. You are constructing, you are establishing, you are creating a new world of love, of peace, of happiness. So, that’s what we have to do here. We all can have more collective awareness of what we are doing and what we are. Let’s all of us be bestower, master bestower just like Baba, the Bestower, and free from all subtle desires.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Om shanti Avyakti Parivar family, Mohini Didi thank you. Every time you give a class, you answer my questions. There is this force of taking things in, and you know, distilling them or perhaps sifting good from the bad. So how to take as well even in the world and also to take in that interest, take in that love from Baba and be able to give. Could you perhaps share in this game of give and take? Can I take it? I can always take it and yet on the other hand I will take from limited resources and discern when I am being challenged?

Mohini Didi: What I find that especially when you know some people they have complaints or they are not satisfied with our interactions or whatever. First thing is I look at it and see that it is true or it is someone’s sanskar or expectations? So whatever percentage is true, then I transform myself and then I say I will pay more attention to this, but the rest I always see the sanskar of the soul and change it. Baba says that if somebody is trying to give you sorrow, you change it to joy. I learnt something and that is why happiness is very important to remain happy, so the other person will also have that experience. So whatever I am taking or I took has to be the part of soul so if I am I taking, ‘ this one doesn’t like me or this one is more towards someone else’, you know whatever subtle things which happens inside, I shouldn’t take it, because somewhere or other they could emerge anytime. So I pay a lot of attention to what I have to take, what I have to change, and what I do not have to take. Also, in the sense that certain people have that temperament, they have those sanskars, why should I be taking it? It takes a lot of effort really on this part not to take it, but actually if you start seeing that you start getting a little disappointed, you are getting little frustrated and it could happen and that I notice my sanskar also of what I am taking? I definitely have control on my sanskar. I cannot control the sanskars of others, just be light, just be happy, just laugh, make things light and easy because that’s very important in the Confluence Age. Something happened, be very light, very joyful. That's what we need amongst ourselves now, to be just happy. Some people just keep taking it and it is not healthy. What is good for me is to keep myself happy, healthy, a good instrument of Baba. If All of us are paying attention not to take, then we are able to be the bestower. If I look at a soul and say what did she give to me? Why should I have good wishes for her? I feel that the soul actually needs more good wishes. Actually, we should give more blessings to that soul because, after all, it’s one family. If it is one family, one community, we are all going to be together in the Golden Age, So let’s create that relationship now, Golden aged relationship.

Question:Yes, thank you I understand what it means to be light as light. I am Baba’s child, I want to have that attitude, that vision. Sometimes in cooperating with others I somehow get pulled in and I find myself gossiping, because I want to befriend them but then I am trapping myself because I want them to like me so again we have this kind of brake and accelerator with give and take. If I am really in that awareness with Baba, I won’t fall into that trap. Could you expand on that a little bit on dealing with difficult relationships?

Mohini Didi: Whatever you are saying, all of us have experienced on our journey, all of us. You keep using the word trap, and it is true because getting along with some and not getting along with others, it’s not good. We have to be good with everyone, I should feel that I am ascending, in every action-reaction. So, I have to keep ascending. Go beyond this instead of circling or being trapped in whatever is happening, I have to ascend. You have to be natural, you cannot pretend. Be natural in your love for everyone. Sometimes situations resolve temporarily, and then it goes back there. Continue being a bestower in the sense that I still have to maintain my attitude of love, I think that will definitely help us not to remain trapped for a long time. We see these games all the time, but after some time they are less and the time will come, each one of us will be thinking that I have to ascend. I won’t use the word conflict, but whatever sanskars we all have, our quality will be according to our part. If I don’t see it in a negative way, their part is different, and for their part they need that quality. Maybe, I don’t need that quality. I always look at everyone’s part, qualities that match and I might not in the beginning see it, but now I say that every soul has to blossom in the way they are, the way they want. Maybe that’s what they needed at this time, and every soul has power to realize. We don’t need to say anything. Sometimes we immediately comment on someone but that is my reaction nature. Whatever, anytime sometimes some people say something, it is alright, why should I react to everything? So everyone is on a journey and they all will change. We change with the time.

Question: I really resonate with what you are saying just about being still, listen, see with new eyes perhaps and that saves you from reacting to that sanskar. If I am not in the right gear with Baba and I go into action, even though my intention is pure, I want to go forward, these are the subtle things. Would I be doing disservice in this relationship if I am not remembering Baba?

Mohini Didi: It’s not a disservice, but there will be lack of contentment in the sense Baba says that when you do service, you can eat the fresh fruit, instant fruit and that gives you a lot of strength. So we do service, but in the end we are not very happy or there is tiredness and frustration. That definitely is a lack of remembrance of Baba and surrendering to Baba whatever I am doing, Baba making me do. Deeply within there is a lot of faith, but in practical sometimes there is lack of creating the presence of Baba as you said. So, I think we all have to ultimately do that. Whatever we do we surrender it to Baba, and also feel that Baba is making it happen. Recently somebody sympathized with me for whatever, I have to be taken care of. I immediately said, “But it is Baba’s grace. Everything is so well, everything Baba is taking care of.” Of course whatever little percentage of karmic accounts are there, but I want to feel gratitude towards Baba, gratitude of feelings, Baba’s blessings all the time, Baba’s grace all the time. So what I am saying is that there is always the possibility of people seeing you externally and I could be influenced. I know that it could happen again somewhere. My deep fear could emerge. I want to keep saying ‘Baba’ and amazing things are happening, so smoothly, amazingly Baba is doing that. I want to keep doing that so it’s a trap of people’s sympathy or even their good wishes. but that shouldn’t be. Baba says, “Don’t take anything.” I am not accepting this because I am just thinking what Baba is doing for me, what Baba has for me. So that helps a lot.

Question: That’s very powerful, Didi. Really thank you. We can have bhavna but we have to have Bhagwan. Both have to be there and yes, it really is a mind set. If I allow any kind of ‘poor me’ attitude, at all it blocks Bhagwan doesn’t it?

Mohini Didi: Not only Bhagwan but also bhagya, fortune.

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