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Merciful Bestower - Give the experience of Coolness and Peace #9

Merciful _Bestower_9 Mohini_Didi October 9, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

According to Baba, everyone needs mercy. Some are looking for the destination, and some are fulfilling temporary desires and a lot of inner frustration. So Baba says that everyone needs that drishti of mercy, and those who don't know Baba, to introduce Baba as Merciful is very important. Baba is the One who can really truly give mercy. Also for us, there is a very deep inner contentment that I found the Father. We have recognized Baba. We now know where our home is, we also know what's in our future. So, internally you know that maybe I have 100% faith in all of that, but now is also the time to have that experience, feeling secure about where I'm going from here. I will go home. What is our future? We have a Golden Aged future. So it's like very deep contentment and stability that will keep us very cool, because internally in a subtle way, when there are a lot of subtle doubts and questions, it creates irritation. We can call that heat actually. So I was really deeply thinking that this contentment of our own home, future, basic cool nature, is very natural. Like the Dadis had 100% faith, and that faith was real. Not only in the intellect, but it was real faith. Whatever the situation, they were very cool and also giving peace, being merciful. So it's very very interesting when Baba says coolness and peace, they both are very connected. Wherever we find that there is a lot of subtle frustration or because of that some anger, what do we have to do? Spread the vibrations of coolness and peace.

I had been thinking since I heard that this is what we have to do, to feel inside that I am cool, whether it is through my company, through drishti or even through words. I am giving the introduction of Baba as Merciful. Baba is loveful, merciful on all the souls. Baba said that the children are the ones who recognize Him, but for the children who do not know Him, still Baba is merciful. So, I keep thinking about why Baba has put so much emphasis on us being merciful and bestowers. Baba says, “Now come above making efforts, and just be a bestower”. So, is it that Baba wants us to be masters, or fortunate, or like Baba? Why does Baba want us to be so merciful, not only merciful but then mercy means to be a bestower? I think that's the true service. Yes, we need to give an introduction of Baba, we need to give the course, all that is important. Even while giving the course, while giving knowledge, our inner stage or attitude should be of love, mercy, and very peaceful. So that whatever we say, it not only feels real, but the souls are able to receive it, feel it, experience it. You will find that in Baba’s homes anywhere, when people come,they say, “Oh, this is so peaceful, it’s so nice here.” So immediately they experience peace. Baba’s home and we children are the ones who live or hold it or are responsible, and it's only because we all are peaceful, so there are vibrations of peace. People do experience, and the company also is important.

So, Baba is teaching us different ways to give, and that is only possible if I am that being of coolness and being of peace. When I am that being, only then am I able to give. Baba said to be merciful to everyone, whether or not they get to know the destination. I remember when I came to know about my home, my future, my kingdom, such a deep contentment, stability and security. Like before, internally the mind was wondering, as if the mind is looking for something, it wants something. So our homework is very beautiful, I have to be merciful and be a bestower of coolness and peace. I think we all have to think about it, I was connecting coolness with contentment. With that contentment and peace, as the child of the merciful Father, I also can be merciful and bestower.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Good evening! I love this quality of coolness. She is my favorite deity because it's what I would like to be, and I think when there's coolness, everybody else feels safe. You’re not challenged by coolness, and there's no emotion, no expenditure of emotion, and you can generally make good decisions. Other spiritual teachings and religions might focus to some degree at best on the mind, but we don't focus on the intellect. This is very very specific I think to Baba's teachings. You would know better than me in terms of Hinduism, the different paths that they have there. I was curious about when you first came to Baba, was it already established that the faculties were the mind, the intellect, and the sanskars? It wasn't there right at the beginning, so historically when did that arise? Do you remember being struck by it?

Mohini Didi: Actually you're right that when there is emotions, peacelessness, sorrow, everything is connected with the mind. Everyone talks about peace of mind and they didn't see the role of the intellect in that. When Baba comes, He says He gives knowledge, and knowledge of the intellect. The intellect is the one who has power to discern and intellect is one which has vision. So we start seeing the importance of the intellect. Until now, most of the scriptures don't see the mind as part of the soul. So they don't see the intellect, but also the mind, they feel that the mind is emotions, and not a faculty. That is why to understand that the mind has to think. The mind has to think positive. The mind has to think to be creative. They don't see that role of the mind. Then for us, pure thoughts, elevated thoughts, thoughts of good wishes, these are all the functions of the mind, but the mind is the part of the soul. They see the soul as ever pure, and the soul has light, but then Baba tells us how the soul functions with mind, intellect and sanskars. So, it's not a very common concept. In the beginning, some people immediately realise and they feel it, and there are some, they still feel the mind is separate, and so it takes a little while. Especially those who have studied some scriptures, they take longer time, but an ordinary person can immediately connect and say, “Yes, mind and intellect are part of the soul.”

Question: Right, but there's greater importance given here to the intellect I think than the mind. All three have to function in tandem with each other, but the part of the intellect is very specific. At what point in the history of the emergence of Gyan, was there a clarity about those three things?

Mohini Didi: Actually, this concept as far as I know, is very clear from the very beginning. In the beginning, they didn't give the course like we gave, but when I came it was very clear, very precise and see if there is understanding, then it gives answers to the mind. There are a lot of thoughts and intellect will say, ‘but it’s Drama’, I know why you are thinking? So, the intellect has to really work with the mind and then we do action and then sanskar is created. So we always say that the first change that happens is in the intellect. That is why we say ‘divine intellect’ or ‘third eye’ is also the intellect or consciousness within the intellect. I think that all had been there.

Question: Without the intellect being strengthened through gyan, the connection of yoga, then the mind is not going to behave itself. Baba said something today that was very interesting; not to think evil because you first think of something and then you speak of it and you can see it. Normally you would think the other way around or you see it and then you speak about it, but He said you think of it and you then speak about it, and then you see it.

Mohini Didi: Yeah, it is both ways. Basically, what Baba is saying is that whatever you are seeing has influence on your thoughts. So that means whatever you are thinking of course you are speaking, but that's what you will also see you know. So what He's connecting is that it is actually through the thoughts that every sense organ operates. It is through the thoughts that the body works, every seeing or speaking or hearing all that happens is the first is actually in thoughts. You think, and then all the actions happen.

Question: Somebody told a story of in essence they had a very bad experience on public transport. There was a very violent scene and they were on their way to the center. All the while, they were saying “I am a point of light”, and remained peaceful. Then they got to the center and the teachers asked, “Why were you late?” So she started to explain and even though she was in the middle of the scene and she was remembering that she was a soul, she was ok, but as soon as she started to tell the story, she started to see it again. When the words were coming out of her mouth, there was some little feeling. I thought that was interesting, how you create pictures in other people's minds with your words, and to know what they're seeing when you are speaking.

Mohini Didi: Yeah, it is connected. If you see something later on when you think then you are seeing in a different way, because while seeing, you are practicing. You are actually internally doing some spiritual work, and then later on you are really seeing, “Oh it was so good, or it was so bad.” Not thinking all that.

Question: Yeah, but coming into words about it, you have to generate the images and then other people say, “Oh, that’s terrible”. So anyway, it was a beautiful Murli today. You had it yesterday, but we had it today and it was so beautiful, especially this thing of how the new world will be like a family and how the two things at the present time that create that is love and Shrimat. There won't be any lawlessness there, but this time it's just Baba's love and Baba’s Shrimat.

Mohini Didi: Shrimat is like law.

Question: Yeah, even love is a law, but it's a natural law. All right. So those are my questions for today. Thank you Mohini Didi. Om Shanti.

Mohini Didi: Okay, good. Thank you. Om Shanti.


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