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Merciful Bestower - Embodiments Of The Reward Of Your Efforts #10

Merciful _Bestower_10 Mohini_Didi October 10, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba really wants us to be the image of a deity. It's the fruition, Golden Aged stage,

because it’s at the Confluence Age that we have to have that stage. It’s not that in the Golden Age we will be given time to become bestowers or to become the image of fruition. When we are transferred from the Iron Age, we are at the Confluence Age moving towards the Golden Age. So one of the most important qualities will be, not only image of fruition, but bestower. In the Golden Age, we won't need to be merciful. Baba is saying that you have to be merciful, and not only to those who recognize Baba or those who have faith in God. You should be able to give to everyone, be a bestower, be merciful for everyone, everyone in the world. Some very simple words, but when you think about being merciful to everyone, and when you are merciful, you will be a bestower. Baba says that whatever they need, you should be able to give. Actually, it's only Baba who knows what souls need. So when I'm looking at someone, I remember Baba, and then I say, “Baba, this soul is Baba's child, then whatever the soul needs, you will come to know. It is through our loveful smile, our sweet words, our feelings of belonging.

Sometimes it happens that you plan something or you prepare, like this is what I'm going to do, this is what I will give. Then, if you just even have a thought, just be in Baba's remembrance and look at everyone as a soul and you will see how you get appropriate, exact thoughts of the needs of the souls. I know that even physically, when I give something to someone, this is what I really need. They will immediately acknowledge that they got what they needed, but if you just only connect with soul, then I am not sure if you will know exactly what the need of soul is. If you are with Baba, Baba knows. So whatever fruition we are getting, it’s from Baba. Baba is saying to have no expectation from anyone, like if I have done something, I expect, I should receive. No. As much as we are with the Bestower, our intellect is with the bestower, I also receive what I need. If I am in remembrance, I feel that I really need courage today, or enthusiasm. Whatever you need, it is through Baba's remembrance that you receive. You will have the right thought at the right time, but Baba is the one who gives. So, that is why having yoga of the intellect with One who is the Bestower is very very important. I think most of you have that experience that even my needs are fulfilled by Baba. Be merciful and also, Baba said, bestower. How do I know what the other Souls need? Someone says, I really want to experience happiness, it's not just looking at that soul, but thinking of Baba, then look at the soul, and then you give. I think we really have to experiment with that.

Baba is saying to be a bestower, that means I will become an instrument, but Baba will give. It always happens through someone. So, if I have to be a bestower, but then again internally always remember that Baba is the One who will give, and never have desire to take the reward from anyone. Baba will give you the reward. It’s so interesting at the Confluence Age, our relationships are amongst the souls, but our giving and taking is with Baba. You think in a very subtle way, that Baba is the one who will give to me. Baba is the one who fulfills everyone's needs, and Baba is the one who gives me the reward of whatever elevated, charitable actions I do. This really needs a lot of attention and practice. We are not creating any karmic accounts with the souls, we are settling. All our accounts are with Baba. Just imagine, Baba has some kind of excellent mechanism for how He does all that. If we try to understand through the intellect, I don't think, I just say it's God, God knows what and how He does everything. Within the universe there is this power that works for God. It's very subtle. You know it's also human nature to have expectations. At a difficult time, I helped this soul and then if I am in difficulty, I say, “Where is she now? Where is this soul?” What should we do? Think of Baba and then right person will appear to help you. You will feel and you will say, “Oh, Baba you really did it and it was so accurate. So I will definitely say that we should pay more attention to having connection in yoga of intellect with Baba. Baba bestows on me, guides me, and fulfills all my needs. Not only that, but also fulfills everyone's needs. Remember we have to be merciful and bestower.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: I come to you with a question, but before I ask the question I want to share someone's experience, she was sharing with me today about mercy. She was connecting mercy and crying. There was a murli very recently where even Baba says, “Do not cry, you must never have tears.” So the experience she was sharing with me was that she had two new students and one of them called her up and started crying and crying and crying. She was very depressed, she was very heavy, she had lots of relational problems with her daughter, trying to please the daughter and all sorts of things. So she couldn't give this one who was crying any knowledge, all she could do was to listen to her and then as she was listening to her she was remembering Baba. The person said to her, “You, you have to do something for me.” So, the BK at Amritvela then did extra meditation. The next day, the person called back and said that whatever you're doing works. So things have changed, it has helped me. Then a month or not even a month, a couple of weeks later, she called again crying. So the person was saying, “How can I help this person?” How can your mercy work to help people who are crying physically, who are crying mentally, who are crying emotionally and at the same time you hear Baba says in the murli, “Do not cry”?

Mohini Didi: Well, lokik people I think that is a kind of outlet , they just cry, they cry a lot. Of course Baba's children should never cry, but lokik people will. I think that I also always feel that good wishes, blessings are okay. Give something like you know the soul, one point was given, think that I am a peaceful soul, something should be given. Whether it is about the soul or about Baba or you know one word or few words. Okay, say ‘Om Shanti’, that will help you. Recently, someone also came to me with a big problem and I said, “You know I can't just say, “Okay.” I said, “Yes, I will give good wishes, but you also have to do this; think of Baba as Liberator, think of Baba as Bestower, at least two qualities, and I am sure that Baba will liberate you from whatever sorrow or problem you have.” This has helped a lot of souls. So, I also sometimes feel that merciful and bestower go together. I am bestowing of course through mansa seva, but also through words or our drishti, but give a few words where that soul has to practice. If it comes to settling karmic accounts, the soul has to make some effort. So, I think we should really, as Baba's is saying in an Avyakt signal, know what is the need of the soul so then take that point of the knowledge, not give knowledge, but just take a point and say, “Practice this.” Like gurus will give mantra, people will tell different techniques, but we give a point and every point of knowledge brings power and also connects with Baba, That's how I see it.

Question: That's very interesting. Is there a connection Mohini Didi, if I'm giving a soul, a person who is crying and I know that crying is in a way a block, a block to the soul receiving. So if this soul is crying and I'm giving them a point knowinge, that it will

be difficult for them to hold that point and to practice that point of knowledge. Is there something I should be doing for that soul, to help that soul practice the point?

Mohini Didi: To practice a point is one thing, but definitely take the soul through your thoughts to Baba. When you do that, then that soul will be connected, it will help her, definitely. So it's not me, I can give the practice, but that is also practice given by Baba. Take the soul to Baba in the sense of through your thoughts and it will help, she will feel connected. Then I think she will get power to practice or experience and find relief from that. We have to do that more and more these days, because there is so much sorrow and incidentally, so many things are happening.

Question: We shouldn't get tired of such souls, because it's very easy to get tired of a soul who is constantly crying and is not wanting to make the effort.

Mohini Didi: You are hearing and not hearing in the sense that you have to be more of a detached observer and not take those tears. JIn the sense of just keep listening. I remember that one soul had some difficulty, and she called someone who said,

“Think of Baba.” She didn't like it, so then she called me and then I had to listen to her properly. When I'm listening, I'm very detached, because I know that she is giving away her sorrow in the sense of taking out her sorrow through tears, so why should I take it? If you are a detached observer, then when she has stopped, then you know, the first comfort is that I am listening. Listening even if crying, and then change happens. After that, you just say a few words, that Baba loves you, if she's a BK. Baba is listening to you, I always say Baba is listening to you, Baba is listening to you, so connecting the soul with Baba by saying this also helps. So, there are many different methods but we shouldn't take anyone's crying. That way when you think of a certain situation in the world, you could just cry because it's so bad, so much violence, corruption, frauds and it's really bad. So that's why Baba keeps telling us to have mercy and be a bestower.

Question: One final question, I want to ask you in terms of your churnings, what's the difference between patience and tolerance?

Mohini Didi: There is a lot of difference because, patience is that ultimately whatever

is the result, it will be good. So don't get very quickly like, “Oh! I'm not seeing the result, this is not working.” We get impatient. It’s like you have sown the seed. You really need a lot of patience until you see a sprout. Tolerance is that people out of their own understanding, their behavior or sometimes their words, it’s really more like their thinking. I don't have to necessarily take it, and I don't necessarily think that this is towards me. What I notice is that even if people are upset, they're not upset with me. There is something else that they are upset about. So, if I have to hear it, I won't mind it, it's like tolerance, very naturally. You don't need to be tired, we just put that soul in front of Baba.

Om Shanti

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