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Merciful Bestower- Donate as a bestower #17

Merciful_Bestower_17 Mohini_Didi October 17, 2022

Om shanti Everyone!

Okay everyone? Flying? Baba said it’s the happiness that makes you fly and one of the important aspects of happiness is that Baba made us belong to Him. Baba adopted us and made us His heirs. If that awareness is there, that definitely brings a lot of happiness. If you forget there won’t be happiness. Baba always gives some very tempting attractions to us, and one is that if you want to come with Me, then I fly and you also have to fly. It’s only when you fly you can come with Me, but if you walk you cannot make it. We all remember this, keep this thought in the mind that Baba made us belong to Him. It’s something simple, but sometimes there’s not that much intoxication.

Everyday is a new insight of master bestower, but today Baba said, cooperative soul. Generally in lokik way or even otherwise as Baba’s children we say contact souls are those who are not regular students, some we call cooperative souls. Today Baba is telling us to be cooperative, it’s very subtle being cooperative and non-cooperative. If a task has started and you gave your finger, you just let it happen, let it finish, it’s like giving a hand in every task. It’s a cooperative nature, we are doing it, let's all do it together, get it accomplished, that’s cooperation. Baba always gives an example that we are lifting the mountain and everyone gives their finger or gives in whatever way help is needed. It’s not only cooperating externally but one should have this attitude that Baba is lifting mountain of kaliyug, Iron age and Baba says everyone’s finger is required. It's not just whatever duties are given, but we have to constantly have this pure thought that I should get a chance to cooperate. When you cooperate Baba says that your bhandara remains full. Everyone will have that fullness, just have a determined thought that I have to be a master donor, that I have to be cooperative. It’s very easy to be a leader but for a cooperative soul you have to be humble. Let’s say you don’t know and someone tells you what cooperation is required, it’s like two hands of the body, if one hand lifts something and it’s heavy the left hand automatically lifts and with both hands we are able to do. Our relationship within the family, thinking of it as Baba's task, actually should have that much cooperation as five fingers of the hand or two hands of the body. You will find that one of the important things that nature has given us is balance. As soon as balance is lost of any kind, then either there is an obstacle or sickness or whatever happens is because of not having proper balance. It is the same creating balance in the sense of everyone within the family, Baba’s service center should always extend a hand and success is there. Not only success but as Baba says in Golden age you don’t give anything, generally it’s said when you give you receive. In the golden age you don’t give, you are not donors, but still everyone is full because of fruition or the result of what we do at confluence age. Baba explains to us there are so many attainments, some people will feel happy when they get something, some will feel happy if we do anything or give something, there is very deep inner contentment in that. Cooperation is required all over. It's a big unlimited family, so as much as our heart is of donor, bestower, that much very naturally keep cooperating.

Most of the souls in Yagya have been given more responsibility based on one of the qualities of cooperation. They are always willing, they are always ready to cooperate. You know that our many places in Madhuban are built with everyone’s cooperation. Recently someone was asking a big question, from where does this family of BK’s get money? The person shared the experience of Gyan Sarovar and he was giving a proper calculation of everything. Dadi Prakashmani said, everyone will give one rupee and when someone doesn’t give, then someone else will give 5 or 10 Rs. They were calculating how few crores of rupees was collected just by contributing that money. This is an example that everyone cooperates. What is needed is elevated awareness, not consciousness of I am giving, what about others? I will give only my share. I would rather say give as much as you can give, it’s not a question of only wealth, but time, our ideas, our plans or whatever skill or expertise you have you just offer it and say, ‘I want to be a donor of that, I want to cooperate in this’. So many projects have been taken care of by offering. During Dadi Prakashmani days many people would come and offer and from that task gets accomplished.

Om shanti.

QA Session

Question: It’s amazing, already 18 days into the month and we are still learning new things on this topic, it’s as if the depths have not been fully explored or maybe more than the depths, it’s the subtlety. Even though it was a couple of weeks, I would still have questions because something new would come up. Then you would ask a question about that and forget about the previous one and look over your notes and find in your notes those unasked questions. Yet somehow the answers came whether in subsequent interviews or classes with Didi or in one of Baba’s murlis. As we listen to the classes and Didi’s take on various things, it’s giving us insights or some kind of a gauge in terms of our own selves in terms of our capacity to bestow or to have mercy. One of the things that struck me today is, Didi always talks about not just days of Diwali. One thing that comes up again and again and really I think you have to be at a certain caliber to have that uppermost in your mind. The rest of us can say it as a mantra but do you really have an intention when you speak about giving blessings, about being a donor of blessings. Do you consciously see yourself as Lakshmi in a kind of a way, do you embrace that image very strongly? As I said, you have to have a certain caliber or you have to have certain resources in order to be able to be a giver of blessings. Not just I will be helping you with my words or my hands or whatever, but blessings. Can you take us more deeply into that?

Mohini Didi: The first important thing is to believe that, yes that’s what you can be, in the sense of the image of Lakshmi. On Saturday I was offering bhog at one of the places and Baba said, awareness of what you are is like a little image on your forehead, not only a point of light but also Maha Lakshmi. I find that one of the blessings or cooperation which is required is for people to be consistent. I remember as a young spiritual teacher when Dadi Gulzar said, it’s very easy to start something but very few are able to complete it, whether it’s personal life or any task. She said because there are some challenges or some difficulties, most of the people become careless and cannot manage or cannot do it. One of the qualities of Maha Lakshmi is to get everything accomplished, because that’s what is important in today’s world. We all have started our spiritual journey, we have started Baba’s Yagya, so we cannot get tired or just say, I cannot go more and just take my corner and say, not anymore. At that time my feelings are of granting, I say you need blessings. It’s Baba who gives blessing but thought comes, not looking at why that soul doesn’t or cannot do but rather, the heart says that you should be able to do. It’s like you are showering the blessing on the soul, that's what I experienced. Baba says everyone should be full and if someone is not able to remain full, then half full. You feel like giving the cooperation of blessing to that soul and it comes through the thoughts. Of course my own image, but also the image of everyone should be of that accomplishment and as you said you need to be full to give to others. It’s the awareness. I like when Baba said, Baba made you belong to Him and you should be very happy. So it's a very simple point, but if we really inculcate that point then there will be an experience of happiness.

Question: I was thinking at the end when Baba was in the frame, I think translation was something like, ‘remember that I am always with you’, I was going to ask you what are the slogans that, maybe we could all really accept 100%

Mohini Didi: Baba speaks very few words and today I took that Baba made us belong to Him, so we should be happy and when we are happy we can be flying. Everyday when Baba speaks, take one aspect to keep happy, keep flying. Everyday we can take one slogan, like Baba is always with me, Baba made me belong to Him, just take one point. That’s why we are using Avyakt murlis, a little part of it, so that at least we can take that and make that as an awareness.

Question: I was thinking about where you are now and for a long time you have to deal with countless souls, not just talking about the limitations of the people that you live with or serve in your area, but it’s worldwide, and they come to you with all sorts of things. The more that increases, does that increase your mercy? In other words if I am just dealing with a few people and then there might be limitations in some ways, but I might be merciful, but I assume that the bigger numbers that you have to deal with there is more tolerance, there is more patience, Human nature is not so black and white but there is such variety. Do you feel that your mercy has increased the more your work has increased? You cannot sit in the corner and say you have done enough but you know the more you do the more you get to do.

Mohini Didi: Yeah! Mercy, if anyone is stuck because of any reason or anyone is confused or not moving forward for whatever reason and they are very good souls, good students, Baba’s surrendered children, you do feel mercy. Not in the sense of can I help that soul to move forward or at least that soul should be able to see what is the problem, what is the obstacle. Definitely there are those feelings, good vibrations and then become bestower. Recently I just felt very strongly that I have to be just merciful. Baba said yesterday or the day before, don’t think why, don’t analyze, don’t judge them because of this weakness, this one is not moving forward. If you have self respect you will not look at their weakness or their obstacles but you will be merciful and a donor and that definitely I am seeing more and more in me.

Question: To the extent that you are truly merciful then you would even be able to come into words and express what you are seeing, but you know the other person is not seeing. You know that this thing that’s preventing them from moving forward and on the other hand I might be cowardly, even though I may be seeing something but feel they might get upset if I tell them. How do I gauge that, to have enough in me to be able to come into words, no feeling?

Mohini Didi: That’s why you have to create good feelings, loveful feelings, merciful feelings and then say something. Then it will help the soul. Otherwise, generally it’s not easy to accept what is lacking and I feel that if that soul realizes then change will happen and soul will start flying. If you have to say it then you have to be prepared in the sense that pure feelings, in that love, so that it’s accepted or some change happens. When you say it, the soul changes or sometimes even without saying change can happen. We look for the right time to say what needs to be said.

Question: There is something you had said, related to stop being content. “I gave this much, or I did this much”, etc and the question of where is my sustenance coming from? You said to the extent that I give cooperation, the Yagya will take care of me. Would you like to elaborate on that, because I know you are not referring to people who are living in centers or whatever else, it’s much bigger than that, isn’t it?

Mohini Didi: I think we all are somewhere sustained by God and Yagya, whether you are at the center or living with family. As much I am honest, in the sense that Baba had been saying a lot about not expecting anything, but just becoming very lovingly cooperative with the Yagya. You will find that in many different ways sustenance will come to you, protection will come to you. Wherever you are, not necessarily in Madhuban. Wherever you live there will be this feeling in everyone to help you, cooperate with you, share responsibility. These are very subtle powers and subtle qualities, the way they respond is also very subtle. I never have this thought nobody cares, nobody gives. I always find there is always abundance, whether cooperation or anything. I think definitely you are more carefree, your trust keeps growing everyday, generosity of heart grows too.

Question: I think I remember Dadi saying something along those lines. Some were asking, who is going to take care of me or who is going to look after me? It was almost like they were setting themselves up for not receiving, whereas the one who just did and never even thought about it would project at someplace where they would need help and automatically they receive that help.

Mohini Didi: Yeah! We all have that experience.

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