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Merciful Bestower - Do not dislike, feel mercy #6

Merciful_Bestower_6 Mohini_Didi October 6, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Sadguruvaar and love from Baba to all victorious souls! So, we had been, for a few months, taking avyakt signals from Madhuban. Actually, last month, we also took one of the maryadas. We have been busy, but we have been looking for some more direct dharna also. One time someone told Didi Manmohini, “I just like to speak the truth.” She said, “You cannot say this.” We were very young. So, you are telling others that they do not like to speak the truth? It was so subtle. Sometimes, we just say, “Oh, I like this very much, I like this one very much.” So others are looking around, “You don’t like me?” Sometimes it’s not intentional, but it does happen that I appreciate someone. Brother Ken shared that we have to look at what we like of each other, and there definitely will be something you would like. I was also thinking about how important it is to love someone, like someone, or like everyone, because everyone has some specialty, some good qualities, and contributes in different ways. So, I like this point very much, that instead of saying don’t dislike anyone, but like everyone, love and appreciate everyone. Even a few words of appreciation work like a tonic, giving a lot of strength, courage, and enthusiasm. We have to really create the nature of having this love for souls. Soul conscious love will help you to see the specialty of that soul.

Especially these days, we have to be very careful that nobody feels that I don’t like that person. When we came to Gyan, there were some who were there for many years, so someone would say that this one has been in Gyan for 30 years, but why does this one still do what they shouldn’t or what is not right? So, Dadi Gulzar always used to say that these temporary shudra sanskars emerge in Brahmin life, or she will say that we call it influence. As Baba said, at that time the soul is influenced by something external. That is why these days Baba has been saying so often to have emerged awareness, not only merged. You are Baba’s child. Yes, I know I am Baba’s child. Emerged awareness will help me to remain in that awareness. That means how I see, how I talk, how I interact with others. We are Baba’s children. So, whatever is happening within the family, of course we know we have karmic accounts, all that happens, but it could disappear. We could really just get out of all this, if we have this whole feeling towards each other, everyone is special, everyone is loved by Baba. I know there were souls, when I was a young Brahmin, who were very strong compared to how I am. I had always been very gentle. I immediately used to think that Baba has chosen this soul, this is Baba’s instrument, so I should really appreciate that soul. Then I also started seeing how important everyone’s role is. Whenever there was something, that soul would always come forward and kind of protect and say ‘I will take care of this’ because she was stronger in certain things. So, sometimes we could see that the weakness of someone could be the strength of that person also. Every virtue has to be balanced. Like if you have self-respect, there is humility, but I can’t be subservient. Humility is all right but not being subservient. So, I have to have that self- respect.

Today, Baba is aying to us,”You are like a king.” King is the highest. So, the way Baba uses words, the examples he gives, Baba could have said some other words but he said, “You are a king, and all these organs are your workers.” So, is Maya using your workers or you as king using your workers? The workers, He said, are first thoughts and words, because our thinking is out of habit and not awareness. We do a lot of things because it has become our habit, the way we say words, the way we think. Somewhere, we have to create awareness. Awareness will break that chain of habit, the pattern of habit. Let me think differently. Let me speak in an elevated manner. In awareness you remind yourself, you improve, but in habit it’s a pattern and it keeps going on in that way. Dadi Janki always said to look at that soul. Baba is looking at all of you as pure souls. At present, this soul is under the influence of Maya, but the influence will go.

I was thinking it's only in Baba’s family; everywhere whether it's politics, whether its religion, everyone is after power, position, and here we have good wishes for everyone. Whenever I am, wherever I am, I give the message for everyone in the world. We just send good wishes, send blessings. Just imagine everyone is in conflict, struggling, after power, and here those who are in power they are given so much love, so many blessings, good wishes. I don’t think it happens anywhere. Baba’s teachings are so elevated that we give good wishes to everyone, because that’s where other souls will progress, and that soul's progress is our progress as a family.

I experienced so much since I got this assignment, there is so much love, so many blessings, good wishes from all. This way you know that everybody definitely respects and loves, but what also do I have to give? Whatever is needed by that soul. I know that there are so many these days because of their desire to be known or popular or whatever reason, they quickly change paths. Our loyalty, I always say, like one time someone was saying that our RCs are getting old. So, he told Brother Ken that we should change now, have other leaders. Brother Ken said, “Can you change your parents?” I loved the way he answered, in the sense that even if we are an organization, we are a family first. We are an organization in the eyes of the world. According to the country's laws we create organizations and boards, but first we are God’s children, we are brothers and sisters. That is why anyone who goes to Shantivan, whether they are saints or scholars or politicians, they are wondering how everything goes on. Wherever they go, people say that it's Baba who is doing everything. They say, “Where is Baba?” Then they are telling them that Baba and Dadis are present. It’s the Dadis who are actually taking care of the whole Yagya. So, definitely it’s a very different culture. God’s teachings are making us elevated. So, let us all keep this as our nature of being loving, like everyone, and be merciful and constantly be the bestower. That’s very important.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Didi, you have taken up so much and I’m not entirely sure where to go with this because so much has to be digested. For me, two things when it comes to liking and disliking. One is I don’t like to see myself disliking anyone, and so it's not my dignity to dislike or have enmity with anyone. Then the other thing is that someone is a really difficult character. Bottomline is as a Brahmin, they have love for Baba and so that changes everything. Earlier on you were talking about two souls that have difficulty, well you say they must have a karmic account; I am not always comfortable with that. In other words, if I have a karmic account with one, I have a karmic account with all. Usually when we say that, then is there some real dislike or some attachment? How do I make that idea useful that it must be a karmic account?

Mohini Didi: Sometimes it happens that you are very pleasant and very nice, kind to a soul but the other soul is not. Actually, what I find when people are reacting, they are not reacting to you. There is something in their sanskar, and in that sanskar, they are behaving and they are saying. When I start seeing that, then you don’t feel it. Let’s say somebody gets upset very quickly and starts saying things. I don’t see that this soul is upset with me, but upset with herself about something, and maybe not very content with certain things. It’s very personal. Everyone’s behavior is personal. Even if it could show towards us or towards me, I understood that it's basically one’s own. It’s like physical sickness. Sometimes it happens that certain sanskars emerge, and it's sitting with them like they are upset about something. Which time or which person they are going to get upset with is something different, so nobody should really take that on. What I feel these days is that we have to love everyone, we have to like everyone and make them feel that yes we love you. We like you because there is a lot of tendency for people to go away and they will start forming small groups here and there. We have seen that from the very beginning. So, for me I am very careful that they stay with us and whatever best we can do to reform. As you are saying not all the time to think about karmic accounts, but sometimes there is, in the sense of if it goes on and on. So you just say, well it's right, I don’t have to react. I still have to love that soul. Baba has taught us a big lesson of having good wishes for everyone. So, I think if we continue to keep doing it, it gets okay, whether settled or okay, whatever.

Question: You were mentioning fear. Maybe it's my ego, but if someone would leave Baba because of me, that would be a difficult thing. That is something that can inform my behavior, not all the time, but it helps to keep me right when it comes to relationships.

Mohini Didi: I always say that we count how many people we give knowledge to and how many become Brahmins. Sometimes we should also look at how many souls left Baba because of me, my nature or anything. It's very important to make sure that I do not become the cause for anyone. Dadi Janki used the words, ‘send them back to hell.’ So, we are showing the path to heaven, and no one should turn around and go back. I know that one of the instruments was saying that when I come to the center, of course, they expect instruments to be welcoming, smiling, but if you look at that person and say you haven’t been coming for a long time, where were you? So, it’s a very common way. So, that soul says that I don’t come because I have to hear this. So, a time came when we don’t even ask where you were or whatever, because that soul has come prepared to give answers. Just welcome the soul, go to Baba’s room, share murli. Whatever is bothering that soul, the soul will say whatever the reason, but don’t begin your conversation with that. So, we have to be very sensible these days and careful in our conversations also.

Question: We touched on this thing last night, and I’m still thinking about it. For example, you see a situation, where someone is being bullied, maybe by another Brahmin or teacher, what do you do? Who needs my mercy? Do I give sympathy to the one who is being bullied, or do I give mercy to the one who is bullying? How can I be neutral, that I don’t see the victim or victimizer? I think it requires power, otherwise I make an excuse and say, “Oh, it's nothing to do with me, it's not my business.” So, how do I manage that?

Mohini Didi: Both require mercy. Okay, forceful bullying, I won’t let that happen to me, never, because if you remain in self-respect, very firm, very determined and be sensible, some or other word in-charge or teacher gives some kind of authority to people. When I started coming, one of our seniors, who has now passed away, was one of the Dadis but she was very much like ruling, ordering. She said that tomorrow everyone has to bring something. I was sitting there, but the way she said it. Then if we don’t bring, I think it was my mistake. She was a senior, but we became friends. I was in university still, and I never believed that somebody could dictate to me, never. Even in my lokiks when I came to Gyan, they were very upset. I always love them because they were upset because of their love and attachment for me. I said that this is my life and I have to see how I will be happy. I never went against them, or said anything, but to maintain one’s own self-respect, and self-dignity is important. Somewhere within, the victim also has a weakness and that weakness is being used by the other person. If I can find my weakness, then nobody can use me or abuse me. So both need mercy, one who is subservient needs mercy, and one who is dictating also needs mercy, so that change can come. We cannot give up on anyone. We have to continuously give good wishes and we know one day change can happen in that soul. That’s where our mercy continues, and being a bestower continues. Baba had always said, “Never use anyone for your personal gain or any personal service.” Now I have served for 60 years and I need a little help so I take a little help. It's not that I’m saying, “Oh, I should be served, this should be done.” No, never. Until now, I feel whatever I can do maximum I should do mind, intellect, body, so that there is less dependency, but when it's necessary we do it. So, sometimes we create these personal karmic accounts too. Once I was in Delhi, in the hospital, there was no one, so my lokik mother came to sleep that night. She said, “I am serving you, not because you are my daughter, but one day you will be serving the world, so I must help you.”

Om Shanti

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