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Merciful & Bestower - Call of the Time #23

Merciful_Bestower_23 Mohini_Didi October 23, 2022

Diwali Special Bhog Message

Om Shanti everyone!

Taking everyone's love and remembrances, I went to offer bhog to Baba. I'm sure you'll also join me because it's such a beautiful day of celebration. So, when I was with Baba, Baba was giving us drishti to the whole family, but also to everyone. Through His drishti, Baba connects with the soul, whatever is required by the soul or whatever has to be removed, Baba really does with His drishti. Then I was taking drishti from Baba, then after a few moments looking at me, He said, “You are becoming a deity by your efforts, or I am making you a deity?” Then everyone said, “ I'm making efforts to be a deity”, but Baba is asking, “What did you say?” Are we becoming deities or is Baba making us deities? I am becoming and Baba is also making, and then in a few moments Baba said, “The importance of today, it is a “Coronation Day '' when the crown is put on for the kingdom. You become, and then Baba has to put on a crown. Until you get the crown, you are not becoming worship worthy-deities.” It is important to get the crown. I was looking at Baba like yes it's true. So Baba said that it’s a coronation day and then Baba also knows what is happening in the world today. So today was a big coronation day in India also. They showed Lord Rama, Baba said it is Narayan, Lakshmi-Narayan. So, it took quite a few moments, Baba was putting a crown on each one of us. I could just stay there and watch the way Baba was crowning everyone. Did you all get a crown? How many of you got a crown? How many of you feel that Baba is putting on a crown? I am looking at Avyakti Parivar, but everyone, here, how many of you got a crown?

So, after getting the crown, Baba said, “Now what do you have to do?” Is this the crown of light, is this crown of responsibility, is this a crown of powers? Baba said that you have a crown, so what does a king do? It's alright to be on the throne, to have a tilak, to have a garland of victory, to have a crown but what does a king do? What does a queen do? Baba said that they are constantly not ruling but serving, because the king is always at service. Whether it's the royal family, whether it is the subjects, the king’s treasures are always full. Whatever anyone needs in subjects or in the family, the king is able to provide from the treasures. So always remember that in your kingdom, your treasures are full. So hold on to this crown, keep your treasures full, and then you know this coronation ceremony with us was very beautiful with all of us. I think I experienced this for the first time, Baba doing coronation with all of us. After that, I said, “Baba, there is bhog for you, and Baba accepted and said, ”Children, you have to remain double light because there will be a lot of subtle influences, which could make very subtle heaviness, and that heaviness can be an obstacle.” Ganesh is shown always with Lakshmi so that we remain “Vighn Vinashak” not only destroy my obstacles but also destroy the obstacles of others. They worship Mahalakshmi. So Baba said, “Mahalakshmi is the bestower who fulfills all the desires.” So all the desires are fulfilled, obstacles are removed, and that is where you can hold on to your crown. Baba is giving the crown now you have to keep this crown and your treasures full, be free from obstacles and sustain through your treasures, everyone in your kingdom. So, Baba had this wish for all of you, and then Baba said again “Happy and prosperous Diwali to everyone”.

Om Shanti!

Om Shanti everyone! Happy Diwali to everyone! Lots of love from Baba for each one of you. The call of time is to become a deity, but also a deity of coronation. Today was a real experience where Baba put a crown on everyone's head, and then also Baba reminded us that is the crown, where you’re a king, so your treasures should be full, and you have to sustain all your subjects or Baba’s children. Actually, today in India there was a big Diwali at the birthplace which is called Ayodhya, where Shri Krishna, Shri Rama was actually given a coronation. So they had hundreds of thousands of diyas and the Prime Minister went there and did the coronati. They say they broke the world record of celebrating Diwali. So, sometimes I find that on one side Baba is preparing us, on the other side in bhakti, they are also making all pilgrimage places more beautiful, they are bringing life there. You know somewhere I start feeling that in the path of bhakti, whatever they are doing, is actually invocation of us. Just imagine if they are beautifying, invoking, and trying to see that maximum number of people can visit. So, the significance is that on one side Baba is making us deities, and on the other side, on the path of bhakti, all our idols, all over, are being worshipped more and more. So that also connects with the call of time. They are worshipping, they are calling, every pilgrimage place is important, one has been renovated, improved, more access through transport, and big changes are happening there, on pilgrimage places. On the other side, here Baba also wants us to be deities and be bestower and be merciful. I'm just thinking, how much they are worshipping or preparing, are we similarly getting ready?

Our divine form, divine nature, and one of the qualities of course Baba keeps saying that you have to be a bestower. We had a big Diwali yesterday, and Baba said that everyone’s hand should give blessings. How many feel their hand raised automatically? Baba said this yesterday, I realised that people say sometimes that I'm not listening to those words.Ok,but whatever is in your mind, your belief, or whatever you want from Baba, you will get it.” We just need blessings and how many of you, can you see if your hand is raising for blessing? Can I see? Yes, it's happening! Everyone! So this is what we have to know, Baba will do it, everything will be ok, all desires will be fulfilled. Baba’s children have Baba’s blessings and we have that experience at this last part of this Brahmin life, our maximum capacities,some settling, and last tests also. Baba said to just stay elevated, let your flame remain very stable, but work as a lighthouse. I really took it that that's what I need to be practising at this time, we all have to do this. Then today Baba celebrated the coronation and put a crown on everyone's head.

So this little part of Brahmin life, the last part, the end of confluence age is coming close. We also will have both kinds of very strong feelings, very elevated, very fine but also sometimes energy can also be affected because of whatever our sanskars or could be the world situations or the vibrations. So, the call of the time is to pay attention to becoming deities, constant bestowers, our eyes, our face. In bhakti, there are gurus, so we are not acting as gurus, but we are deities. So, emerge that and be free from obstacles, as Baba said, to be double light, no burden of any kind. I like when Baba said, “Baba is always with you.” So be supportive, cooperative, and keep receiving blessings from everyone.

Om Shanti

Question And Answers

Question: Good evening Didi! Happy Diwali and happy Diwali to the whole Avyakti Parivar! You were mentioning how in India now they're beautifying the pilgrimage places and making them more accessible and improving, and this reflects on something that's happening with the devotees as well. I find it interesting that going beyond India, more and more in this hemisphere they're aware of Diwali. I suppose you know that yesterday New York has now brought into law that Diwali will be celebrated in the schools, and they are trying to make Diwali a federal holiday. I was thinking how and what they would probably do for this audience because this audience will have no awareness of Lakshmi or coronation or any of those things. Baba mentioned three different words Diwali, Deepawali and Deepmala. I was wondering about the significance of those three different words.

Mohini DIdi: Deepmala is like a rosary of the earthen lamps, Deepaks. Diwali is the celebration of lighting diyas, they always make a rosary. Baba also mentioned that they do actually light diyas in every corner. In India, we have big houses and even in the backyard we will go in every corner and light diyas. That tradition is very common, that means not even any corner should be dark because when Mahalakshmi comes, she only steps where there is light, otherwise she won't go. So that's the concept they have. I think these are some of the traditions, what other question do you have?

Question: Do you think of yourself as the lighthouse, do you see yourself as the building and Baba is Light or how do you see yourself?

Mohini Didi: Yes, let’s say If I’m serving and there is always the possibility of losing my inner stability. The first important thing is that I should be very still, stable and then keep serving all around too. My stability, and from that stability you can still serve all, not get influenced by anyone’s stage because it could happen. You could be disappointed or you could feel you know better, even if there are wasted thoughts that can come, but if there is stability, that makes you a good lighthouse.

Om Shanti

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