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Merciful Bestower - Be Simple and Become A Sample #14

Merciful_Bestowers _14 Mohini_Didi October 14th, 2022

Om Shanti.

Today, Baba is appreciating that we are very good in studies. In the lokik also, parents see a child studying, they feel very happy. Our Father is also our Teacher. Baba said everyone has a lot of interest and because of that, you stayed until the end. Many leave. Baba is appreciating our interest in study, but also reminding us that we should increase our interest. Everything in this life is based on the study.

I always look at Nirvir Bhai as an example. His main energy or strength comes from his love for yagya. Through this body, I have to serve yagya. He had been with Baba for so many years and he gave a kind of farewell to all Dadis. Whenever we talk about any Dadi, he becomes very emotional by saying how much they gave, how much they did for yagya, the sacrifice they made. One example is that whatever is the condition of the body, he immediately says, “but I settled. I’m getting free.” Some start worrying, but we have to accept it. Everyone has a different part to play. Everyone has different karmic accounts. What is important to remember is that Baba makes me an instrument to constantly serve and we find that the capacities of service are different. There is a time you can stand and cook for 100 people. Then there is a time where you just do mansa seva. When I see someone who has to do a lot, I just say Baba, give this soul a lot of power so that she is able to do it. That’s sakash. Look at Avyakt Baba’s chariot, for 40 plus years, Baba used the chariot. Until the end we thought Dadi was not talking to us, but she stayed in the body. She could have said, Baba, I want to go. Baba would have responded, but just her presence in the whole yagya was creating a different feeling, that Dadi’s still with us. Why I’m sharing this is that, especially these days, there are a lot of challenges. We are thinking about what kind of points we can create to help those souls see that finishing the body is not the end of the journey. It’s eternal, something will continue. We want to create hope and courage in them. It’s all mercy. What is happening to old bodies is one thing, but also what is happening to young minds, especially anxiety. It’s common because the world situation is such. Even the vibrations, one is external pollution, but pollution of sorrow, peacelessness too.

I was sharing with someone that there were always some differences amongst the family. It will always be, but Baba never saw that as a problem. We got very concerned about the differences or any conflict. Baba used to smile. “Let them play their part.” Looking at situations or problems, I think we have to be a bestower. Whatever Baba has taught us, we share with others. Whichever virtue is required, be the embodiment. If you say to someone, “have patience, have patience”, and that person already has so much tension, it won’t help. If you sit quietly and just have patience, those vibrations will work as sakash. I learned this from Dadis. Dadi Gulzar and I traveled a lot together. She was not much in action. I’m doing it and when the task is over, Dadi would say, “got it done?” I said, “yes.” Then I realized that Dadi was giving us power, so that whatever you do will be successful. Bestower can be many different ways. Cooperation, giving a helping hand, whatever, you will know what is required, even for yagya.

It’s a very interesting time now, and that is why it is an appropriate theme of being merciful and bestower. These are all examples to create some inspiration in us. Some say, “this one doesn’t do it, so why should I do it?” Some will say, “this one is doing, I can also do.” By doing, we make it easy for others to follow, even if we have to be incognito, still it’s visible. First we used to say, doing good service is an example, but example is of virtues, to have patience, love, forgiveness, double-light. Baba said to be all virtuous is very important. We are on a spiritual path, at least almost on the last part of the journey. We have to be a bestower and have all the virtues. I’m completing 62-63 years with yagya. This is my family. This love, commitment for yagya and the family are always available. At present, what is important is donor, to help souls to keep courage.

Yesterday Baba said in the bhog message, “keep moving forward.” Even one step, another step, not be wherever you are, keep accumulating virtues and powers. Our homework for tomorrow, whatever you’re doing, “let me be an instrument for this.” Be number one. Once we asked Dadi Prakashmani how she became number one. She said, “because I did everything number one. I come in class number one. Anything has to be done, I’m the one who starts.” Brahma Baba would sit with everyone and do karma yoga. Dadi Prakashmani had enthusiasm to step forward and do what had to be done. These days it’s very important to do some service or other. It’s alright to do lokik work, take care of family, but we have to be careful, we shouldn’t get totally consumed by that. It’s not right because the strength and the courage which you need, you’re not accumulating. Doing elevated action always brings a lot of blessings. Someone said, listening to murli, reading murli to someone, it’s nurturing the self, right? If I could nurture myself, I can nurture others, sustain others. Yesterday when Baba came, I took a little new notebook. There was a very young sister. She asked, “you also write?” I said, “yeah, I write too.” If I am a student, I need to study properly. I also write. She was very surprised. Today, Baba said have a lot of interest in the study, because it’s truth. Everytime you listen, you understand something different. Same words, understanding is different. Truth reveals itself everyday and it’s eternal truth. Everyday you will find a new meaning. I feel so joyful when I read it. The way Baba sets up the context, describes it, explains it, everytime is different. Some say it's the same points, but if you really hear it, you will find that every word, everyday, means something different to us which we can apply. So just remember, be simple, and be sample.

Om Shanti

Question and Answer

Question: I was hearing you speak of the four subjects and how to keep a balance of them. What I’m finding is that service is increasing. How do I keep a balance? It sounds so inviting, this invitation to be simple, and to just be an example, to be carefree. However, you know, the service demand, and Baba said there will be people lining outside the doors. Then on the other hand, you mentioned that sorrow is a mountain. I think you said the pollution of sorrow, I’ve not heard that before. So again, another balance, to not get caught up into that. Perhaps my question is around keeping a balance of service and mansa seva. Keeping it simple and plain.

Mohini Didi: Baba has given us a timetable. That all four subjects can be covered. That means the aim should be to have good amrit vela. Sometimes we could churn but also we are remembering Baba. Then to read, listen or study Murli. So, two subjects right? Knowledge and yoga. Whatever service we’re doing, attention should be kept. It’s not just giving knowledge, but you are actually an image of those virtues, an image of knowledge. That is our dharna. Then we are serving. Sometimes you are not serving but you have dharna. Automatically people are pulled towards you. I think we have to be very natural. Recently with Brother Ken, we had Dharna Based Leadership class. It was so intense, so detailed. Everyone had to look within themselves. To be a leader means you have to have dharna. Then one soul said, “I think I have a lot to do.” I said “Don’t think that way. Maybe you are doing it. Just pay a little more attention.” She said, “that’s what happens, when I have attention, I get tension.” Be natural. At least in my life, I have really always remained natural. When it’s time to laugh, you laugh, when it’s time to be introverted, be introverted. When it’s the time to communicate, you do. When it’s time for silence, you do it. That’s balance. So I think your life is balanced. It’s only because with service, tasks get into the head. I have to do this, I have to do that. My training from Mama and Didi Manmohini used to be, don’t put anything in the head. Just have a list of what you have to do. One at a time, you do one thing, then second and third. The tension is in the head, so much to do. Some students, anytime you talk to them, “Today I have so much homework. Today I have so much to do.” Okay, you do it. There is one young Baba’s child, I think he’s 11, he says he’s listening to murli, he’s in Avyakti Parivar, so we ask him when you do your homework? He said, “I’m sitting at school until my transport comes. I finish my homework. When I come home, I rest little bit, I eat, and I’m ready for Avyakti Parivar.” He asks beautiful questions and everyday he will revise and send us a point of murli, that is what I understood. I think that our whole life is set up in such a way that there are 4 subjects. Especially for us, those who are staying in Baba’s home, not going for a lokik job or in kaliyug. Today I came out, this is the first time in New Jersey for this year. Whole world looks so different, but we say, “okay, it’s going on.” I think we have a good balance, but let intellect have the habit of every few minutes, think of Baba or go in silence. Be seated on an angelic stage. Be seated on that stage and then do it. I think you are doing it, we all are doing it, but a little bit more, right?

Question: Yes, you answered my second question, because I’ll have a beautiful experience at amrit vela, very light and you feel Baba is really with you for that day. I’m hearing you saying, check in with Baba. I know we know to have our little traffic control, but I don’t always surrender to that traffic control. I’m being honest here. Even though I might sit there, be obedient and be an example, I know my intellect isn’t surrendering to that traffic control. I’m thinking of what I have to do. I’m hearing also to be that angel, to have that attitude of not being of this world, so thank you.

Mohini Didi: Actually, what you do during traffic control, just be peaceful, just in silence, relax. That’s the problem, everything is in the head. “Oh I have to do this, then I have to do this.” But thinking won’t get it done. Think when it has to be done, but why keep thinking about it? That’s the kind of habit which needs to change. Habit of mind or intellect, both.

Question: I loved the topic of, a few days ago, about giving cooperation by not judging others. I’ve been really trying to not have an attitude or judge, but I’ll see someone spinning their wheels and they’re so concerned and wrapped up in other people’s sanskars. If I try to correct them, they don’t feel they’re being heard or sympathized or that I’m cooperating with them. Then by correcting them, I wouldn’t be an example either if I have that attitude towards them. So I just detach, but I can tell, I’m getting pulled into that vortex of waste. How does one, in serving with others, not let go of being a teacher for others? Sometimes I guess I’m not feeling that being an example is enough. I don’t know where I’m missing it, I’m not agreeing with them, I just keep silent and I just say yes, that must be difficult and that’s about as far as I can go with it. I find that it will pull my intellect, as you can hear I’m going in circles with this. So how do I let go of that concern for my colleagues that they’re getting tripped up?

Mohini Didi: It’s the last part that I’ll give you a full answer. Dadi Janki said, if you have any feelings, like reaction, this is not right, or you have feelings, right? When you have feelings and you say something, it will hit others. If you sort out your feelings, come into that soul-consciousness, with love, and then you say something, it’s not you are responding to or correcting someone, but you are saying what is right, at the right time, in the right way. That has stayed with me. That means if you are sensitive about something, like some like everything clean, some like everything this way, it’s alright, other one doesn’t. If you want everyone to accept certain principles, first remove your feelings. I wouldn’t say bad feelings, but feelings of reaction. Have a good chat amongst yourselves. Create an environment where everyone feels part of it and everyone feels safe and then to say something. That is why one thing is very important these days, to create a spiritual relationship. I always ask those who are 2-3 together, “did you hold a, or even repeat 1-2 points of knowledge?” “Oh no, we listened on the phone, we always listen.” I said it’s important to create a spiritual relationship. We have it in our head, but by having spiritual conversation, it’s a different relationship that gets created. That helps us to say what we want to say. That is why even now we should, whenever there is a meeting, have proper remembrance of Baba. Then everyone comes out of their planning intellect, or good intellect, or not good intellect, and when that is done, spiritually, and when you talk, there won’t be many reactions. These are some of the principles to create that spiritual relationship with each other. So all the differences, or whatever can disappear and some can be discussed.

Om Shanti

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