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Merciful Bestower- Accumulate Stock of Everything #26

Merciful_Bestower_26 Mohini_Didi October 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone ok? Good! Listening to Baba, the method that Baba is sharing. Baba is saying that awareness that I am a Bestower, that was, I think, a very important method which we know, but now to make it consistent. Awareness is like I am remembering what I am, and then Baba is saying then what will emerge and what could remain merged. So, if I am a Bestower, then what will remain emerged is good feelings, good wishes. Then there are certain sanskars, it’s all Drama, it will happen that two types of sanskars either become complementary, or sometimes it could create a conflict or flash. We find that through our pure feelings, some of the sanskars remain merged, they don't emerge. Also, what Baba is saying is that these days we say I have love for everyone in my heart, I have good feelings for everyone in my heart, but there should be now the emerged form of love. Whether you smile, whether you create those feelings, and have those vibrations. It's really very important when Baba says what should be in your emerged form now. When there are the feelings of love, the expression, the communication, the care is very supportive and sustaining. We say there is Baba, with the whole atmosphere of cooperation, of support, of sustenance, and this is very good for our spiritual growth, for our spiritual journey. As much as we create that, I think it’s really a very big task, in the sense of sustaining the Yagya.

I remember my original days in the Yagya, when I came to Baba. The Dadis had the emerged form of love, but the way they would welcome you, the way they would say ok sit and anything, the sharing was so loving. I remember that after Murli class those days, there used to be 2-3 Dadis at a center like we have 2 or 3 sisters. So one of the Dadis would always be sitting there and kind of say hello to you, because one is still on on gaddi-platform to read Murli. It's like you feel so charged when you are leaving the center, not only listening Murli but emerge form of love. So that emerged form of love will help the souls, invoke the souls, bring some kind of courage in them or determination to come to Baba's home, be more cooperative, more present. One is, everyone thinks it's Baba's task anyway, let's help, and the other is that our love, in emerged form, should pull the souls also. So, I like these two aspects very much. One is when I have awareness then awareness helps me to emerge the sanskars of Bestower -of Ocean of Forgiveness, and looking at souls with pure feelings and love, giving that drishti.

Now when awareness is constant, and I am a bestower, and I'm keeping my emerged form of love, emerged form of pure feelings, I'm using it and filling my stock. When there is not enough in the stock, then we are not able to be a bestower. So there is a deep connection of keeping myself full, over full, filling my stock. I thought Baba's versions were very helpful, and you know I shouldn't say it, but all the souls who come to Baba even they shouldn't expect, but that's what they want to feel. Everyone wants to experience that there is openness, there is sharing. It's not only sitting in yoga for long hours. That is helpful, but what is important is when we are interacting with others. So everyone will just be so happy and the invocation in that soul will be like, “Oh you are goddess, you are a deity, you are a bestower.” So I think I'm a bestower, but others should also feel that. If I am emerging my goddess form, but others are not seeing me that way, they might say, “I don't care, it's alright.” Baba knows, but Baba also says that there should be an emerged form. So, I think tomorrow we will look into what is emerged form? Did I keep my pure feelings? The more we emerge them, the benefit is that many sansakars are getting merged, and that's what we actually want. So, awareness of being a bestower will be our aim and emerging the form of love, of forgiveness, is very important.

Om Shanti

Question and Answers

Question: Om Shanti! So thank you very much Mohini Didi. I would like to know from Mohini Didi, what does Baba mean by ignorance of desires? Should we not be knowledgeable of pure desires or or unlimited desires and also those hidden desires? Otherwise, I continue to just learn from my mistakes because I was blinded by my old sanskars. So I would love to know a little bit more about what it means to be ignorant of desires? Also, if you could perhaps shed some light on what limited desires are, how to effectively be aware, and what to merge and what to emerge?

Mohini Didi: There are two things: one is when all the desires are fulfilled then desires don't arise. That means you feel that I could attain everything, I have attained everything, but also whenever I have to attain, I can do it. So, there is no desire for success, Baba says all attainments. So, there are all attainments, or it could be trust that it will happen. Let's say you are creating a project and you need finances, cooperation, or another kind of human resource, trust is important, then there is no desire. I gave you an example that when we got Peace Village then Dadi Prakashmani was asking Dadi Janki, money was needed because the Yagya took a project. So everyone from Dadi Janki announced we got it, but who will run the place? How many people are needed? So Dadi Janki said that it will happen, it will definitely help. So, it's like subtly, there could be needs but they could also of course be counted as desire but then you use the trust that is Baba's task that will definitely happen. Now when it comes to limited desires, some have counted everything in the sense of success of the program as the number of the people. I remember that one place once we did a program, it was Washington I think, and we didn't know people, but one soul came and that soul became the instrument. So, every moment in Baba’s task, there is some benefit, some kind of success. There is faith that Drama is benevolent, it's beneficial, every step we are taking, there is some attainment. It's like as much as we become that our faith becomes our trust becomes, our percentage of that grows. there are no pure wishes even. I remember that Dadi Janki always said: “If you have any thought for the project or something presented to Baba, and when you present it to Baba, the way it will emerge and it will be done. There won't be any obstacles, but if it is what I want it, sometimes it does happen then there is a lot to go through, a lot of obstacles. So that is why one word is ‘nimit’, Baba has chosen me, I will do it, always use the right ways, right guidelines and make it like where everyone is happy. So what I'm saying is you do it honestly in a very clean way with total trust, so then there are not even pure desires, but limited desires. Then whatever is the thought, instead of thinking it's desire, give it to Baba. So someone said, “How do I know it’s from Baba? Is it from my mind?” So, when it is from my mind, I will have doubts, will it happen or not? Is it right or not? If it's Baba’s thought, you don't have to be concerned, it will happen, it will definitely happen. I have seen that even after a few years it will happen because it was from Baba. So I think that we have to look at the thoughts, we might call them desires, and if they are pure thoughts, give to Baba, and if they are limited then you have to also surrender that to Baba, because you shouldn't have that. So, I feel that the more we are getting acceptance and approval from Baba, that's the quality of surrender. I want to do a lot of service, I want a lot of students, I want this subtly, no, that is limited desires, even if they are pure, they are limited. So, I think then as Baba is saying to emerge the form of love, emerge the form of forgiveness. The more we do it, the more others will also do it towards us, but also for the Yagya, they will be good instruments. So internally, I think surrendering to Baba will help us to be ignorant of desires. There won't be any desires, we are fulfilled completely, we have all attainments or I see everything is overflowing. There is so much contentment that there's no desire but that needs faith, like it’s Baba, it’s Baba’s task and also your own personal dharna, personal bhavna. Dharna and bhavna both help others to be guided properly.

Question: You said trust. You know how to trust, but I really feel from you that stage of being full, totally with Baba, and I can leave this room experiencing that. Then the game of finishing karmic accounts comes and how to maintain that fullness.

Mohini Didi: Yeah, because one thing we have to remember is that every day, some settling is happening and one day it will be settled in the sense of that friendship, that love. I have souls who for years had different opinions, different sanskars, different ways of doing things. The same souls now are so loving, they are so because they settled whatever they have to settle. Somewhere, deeply I think we have to realize that one day all this will be over, and we all will be free from whatever is happening, which is very little, but sometimes it affects us a lot. Also, I think that just remain ignited. You know you can't ask every lamp to come to me and ignite, but if you are ignited, they can come, they will come. Once I asked Nirmalshanta Dadi, one soul was staying with me, she said, “When I sit, nobody takes drishti. How come when you sit they take drishti?” So, they asked Nirmalshanta Dadi and she said, ”You should not even see who is taking drishti, you remain ignited, you stay with that and those who want they will take it, otherwise your thoughts are also going wasted at that time and meditation.” So, remain ignited so that there is a pull that I should take drishti and I like that point that you stay in that stage. Somebody recently told me that she was offering bhog, it was so nice to see me meeting Baba. I said, “You were seeing me or you were also meeting Baba?” She said, “That took me to Baba because I also started meeting Baba, but I expect everyone when I'm offering bhog that they all should be in the angelic stage.” I do it and those who are at that stage and they want to, they start experiencing it, because if I have thoughts, I will not connect with Baba, I won't be in Avyakt stage or meeting Avyakt BapDada. So every day, we have to just remind ourselves, be what you are and do what you have to do, and then others will follow me, not everyone who has to follow will follow.

Question: So, in this game of merging and emerging, I guess I've always felt like if I'm merging,I'm hiding it. I'm hearing something different that doesn't give it power, doesn't give it energy. I was going to ask what pure desire would ultimately finish all limited desires? Is there a key to unlock all those treasures that are in the soul that there shouldn't be anything unattainable? Is there a key?

Mohini Didi: You know when I came to Baba, I had a very beautiful family. I never thought I would leave them one day. Then I started doing service, not only a few people, but unlimited. I realised that when you are unlimited, the limited gets merged, the same with your desires. When they are not just for myself, it's for a larger interest. Then automatically, my self-interest or selfishness automatically gets merged. Merging weak sansakas, then the whole cycle is really about merging and emerging. What will emerge in the Golden Age will be our Golden Age sansakars. At the Confluence Age, let me win that elevated stage, let me have this awareness that I am a bestower, and automatically a moment will come where you feel you have all attainments. What else do I need? In situations, if some percentage is lacking, that’s where Baba is saying to make your stock full by using it. You become an expert in knowing what has to be emerged, what should be the awareness and unlimited desires, so automatically limited desires disappear. These things become clear only when we do it. I know this is the method, not only on intellectual reasoning basis but on the dharna basis.

Mohini Didi: Om Shanti!

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