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Master Merciful#17

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_17 Mohini_Didi May 17, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Are you all okay? That’s very good. How many of you are happy to do homework? How many of you like to do homework? Everyone, because this way we are able to have attention. Many times during the day, the thought comes that this is the stage I should have, this is what I should be thinking, and also we invoke that energy. Like for today, we have the homework of ‘everything will be good, you become good, everything good will happen.’ I really took on the homework, and since this morning, I found everything was so good. So that means our thoughts create vibrations, and then we find that everything goes very well. Even if something wrong has to happen, or something not good has to happen, it changes eventually. This is not for a day now, every day we have to just keep saying, “Yes, it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be good.” Baba is also giving us the signal for unlimited disinterest, because we have to set an example. It's only when you do it in practice, you show it as reality, that others can also see the example and it can help them.

Now what is unlimited disinterest? When you have enthusiasm, you should be interested. If you lose interest, then what will life be? Here it is more about you having a lot of things. If you like something you accumulate it. It could be with material things or with people, but that’s where we have to be detached and lovely. Detach and observe. We all have to see how each one of us can set a good example to create that atmosphere. Baba is saying that our homework should be, “Be Merciful.” Generally, getting upset, being loud or complaining that it shouldn’t be like this, don’t do this. Don’t have a lot of waste thoughts about others, but be merciful and powerful. Intellectually, we believe it, we agree with what Baba teaches, but we have to experiment with the souls who have some strong personality, strong sanskars. Instead of thinking this one is like that, this one does this, just be merciful, be loving with that soul, be cooperative and tolerant. As much as we give power, the transformation will happen in that soul. This is not just for that one soul, but for everyone. Whatever everyone’s nature is, the atmosphere gets created quickly. Let’s say somebody is upset and the whole room is full of those feelings. How do you make it very light? You start with your thoughts, create vibrations, and that will change the atmosphere. This should be done consistently.

Baba himself is the Creator. He is the Master, so He has a responsibility to the whole world, but Baba also has given us responsibility. If you are happy and someone is not happy, you truly cannot be happy. Unless you are selfish and say that I don’t care. If you are a sensible person, you will feel, ‘let this person be happy.’ Baba is saying that serving others needs both mercy and power. Generally, when there is mercy, we help the soul, or we can forgive the soul, but transformation might not happen unless I give power. Power means that I didn’t feel the effect of what that soul did, and I still was very loving with that soul. Sometimes immediately the change or realization will come to some people. Others might take a longer time to change. For example, changing the way of speaking, the way of thinking or being courteous. I find that as much as you are gentle, loving and sweet, it becomes very easy to implement your ideas and also maintain good relationships. Don’t do anything forcefully, be very polite and gentle. Whatever Baba teaches is good for your mind, body, your wealth and relationships. The joy of good, close relationships is unlimited. Of course, a peaceful mind and healthy body is also important, but relationships are very important. We used to ask Dadi Janki what is more important service or relationship? She said that if relationships are good, service will happen, and she always said that there should be such close relationships with each other. There is a lot of happiness and joy in that. That is also trusting each other. Trust is very important for closeness, but if I keep doubting all the time, there won’t be a good relationship.

So we create examples, and that is why we have to remember that it’s not what the mind thinks, but what I create, the thoughts in my mind. Whatever the mind thinks, could be sanskars, could be an influence, so many different kinds of thoughts. Sometimes we think, “Oh, it’s coming in my mind so it might be true, but it might not be.” Baba gives many examples, following the dictates of the mind, and then the opinion of others. What is good for our life is Baba’s elevated directions. There is ‘Shrimat’, ‘manmat’, ‘parmat’. Shrimat means the most elevated directions. They say that as many mouths there are, there will be that number of opinions and the dictates of our own minds. If that is there, then there is a lot of attachment with one's own ideas, one's own style. If we follow the dictates of Baba, directions of Baba, then not only is there power, but we reach our destination. I think most of you have that experience, right? So, our homework is to have mercy and give powers.

Om Shanti

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