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Master Almighty Authority #08

Elevated_Self_Respect_8 Mohini Didi June 8, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Avyakti parivar and family present here. Today we have both.

We have learnt from Baba to remain okay. We are using a new word, we are full. Okay means not only okay, but we are full. Is everyone full? How much Baba gave us in the subtle region? I was really amazed with the experience in the subtle region today. We were all present there. Everyone today got a seat to sit in. What is the self-respect for today? Master Almighty. What does it mean to be master almighty? You have all the powers, and you are the master. A master can order any power, and that power must work. It's not that I say, “Tolerance come”, and some other power comes, no. Really, it’s a good exercise to internally observe. Like someone is saying something and I am calling the power of silence, just stay silent and inside right now. I must say, I must answer, how will I clarify? Let me say the truth, so thoughts start coming. How did the power work? Not only that but it’s the self-respect of Master Almighty. When we have the self-respect of Master Almighty, how will we look at others? Baba is Almighty. When He looks at us what will He see, powers or Baba would say you have this weakness? He just bestows. I had been thinking that receiving at this time from Baba, Baba is the Ocean of Love, but let’s say I’m not feeling love. I really want to feel belonging. Is it that I am not receiving, or He is not giving? I am not receiving, because He doesn’t stop giving. Almighty Baba, all Dadis when they came to India after partition, one word which was very common was Almighty Baba. We used to ask them how this will happen, they would say, “Almighty Baba will do.” There was one Dadi, very innocent. Most of Dadis didn’t have very high education, so she wanted to do a very big program but did not have people or money. Everyone was asking, “How will you do it?” “Jyoti bindu almighty Baba will do.” That was her slogan. They say that that was one of the biggest and most elegant programs.

Today Baba said to hold his hand, but at present, to be seated on our seat of self-respect. How do we look at others then? Even when there is settling of karmic accounts here and there, I look at that soul and say through the words, “You are master Almighty, Almighty’s child.” To give respect to others, in the sense that I am seeing others also like me, so that our drishti never goes towards whatever is everyone’s stage. It’s a journey and it's different, some make it very easily, some find they get travel sick. We help those souls to continue, that’s what Baba said also today, to just be a guide. So, Baba is giving an example today that a president or an officer when they are seated on their seat, then whatever direction they give, everyone has to follow. Even I had this experience with the President just for a short time in Delhi. Our President was in just 2-3 days ago, so you see how they greet each other, the respect. This is what Baba is saying, to respect others. If you earn the self-respect of Master Almighty, what will you give? Respect to everyone, through your drishti, through your vibrations, through your words. So, Baba said that if the president or the officer is not on the seat, then no one will listen to the direction. That means that awareness, that seat, I have to sit there. When you are seated, you just give a signal, then that power is in you, it will emerge. Even if it is not there, then Almighty Baba will give.

So, it’s very interesting Baba is saying that when you are seated on the seat of self-respect then Maya will also surrender in front of you. If you are not, then Maya will play with you. So, Baba says that it's very important to remain set on the seat of self-respect. Especially these days I find that it is really very important. There is nothing to get upset about. Every moment the Drama is moving, and it is beneficial. If someone says something and you just get upset, you leave your seat of self-respect. That’s what Maya wants. Many say, “What is Maya? It is when you are not on your seat. That means Maya said, “Come out.” If you are a detached observer, Drama scenes, everyone’s part, that means you are seated on your seat of self -respect. So, this month’s homework of self-respect is very important for Baba’s children because that’s the last thing Maya will try to see, that you leave your seat. That’s what Maya is really after. Then you say, “No way, I’m not going.” Dadi Gulzar always used to say, “Maya is not an entity, it doesn’t have personality, but it comes through someone or other.” Today it might be that I don’t want to say anything, maybe one word I said which you didn’t like, but you have to trust that I had no intention, so why are you leaving your seat? I also don’t leave the seat even after doing something because I know that it had to happen for that soul to see if that soul is leaving the seat or not. In the end, there is always some benefit in that. It’s Drama. You don’t make mistakes, but suddenly it happens, you make a mistake. So, during our training through Didi Manmohini, she used to say that there is some benefit in that mistake if you don’t repeat it. In Hindi, we call it ‘bhool mein bhala’. There is some benefit in that. Otherwise I think, “Oh, I shouldn’t have done it, it shouldn’t have happened, so what are you doing? More maya. That is why people talk about guilt consciousness, how it will help you? Just have realization and don’t repeat. Baba is the one who forgives.

So, Maya will try, and in the present time, the way situations are, suddenly things happen, but I have to be Master Almighty. I should not be shaken by anything. Another example of Dadi Gulzar’s words was, “No situation is bigger than you.” I always remember that. Anything happens, I say that it's all right. Dadi Janki would say, “If someone says, ‘Dadi this big thing happened’, she would say, “First make it small then look at it and you will find a solution.” We make it bigger also. We keep talking and it becomes like a mountain. Another thing Dadi Janki always said is, “Don't allow that situation to come in your feelings, then it comes on your face.” One time very maharathi souls were sitting and they said, “Dadi, we want you to help us resolve something.” Dadi looked around and said, “I will come in ten minutes, make your faces proper. I will come back to your table. It’s a situation, you are feeling it, then it's on your face. How will you find a solution, you have become the problem?” I always remember that. She goes even further, what happened to your face? Your pain is not in the face, it’s in the knee. See the situation as not big, it’s how we look at it. Internally when you don’t look at it as big, you see how it gets resolved. So, our homework for tomorrow is to be seated on the seat of master Almighty, to see the magic, whether Maya runs away, or some achievement.

Om Shanti


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