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Maryada Purshottam - Steps of Brahmin life #1

Maryada_Purshottam Mohini_Didi September 1, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! Baba says that we have to stay free from worry and stay light. When we are light and we are not worried then we can experience Baba’s power, Baba’s help. Always remember that we belong to Baba and he has taken responsibility. Baba says, “I have put you on this journey, on this pilgrimage, and given you the destination where you have to reach.” So, Baba as a guide is always with us and he will remain with us. Never feel lonely. So, are we ready for Maryada Purushottam? I think that most of the maryadas we all are following, but in some maryadas, we become a little loose, or sometimes careless. So, we will take the main ones. It will be highest in the sense of when you do them accurately and fully, and then sometimes it could be less. So, we have to take it seriously, I should do it, because this is described as a step, a step of Brahma Baba. We have to follow the footsteps. Baba said that when you are light, you are able to do more.

So, we thought we would start with amritvela, nectar time. It is the meeting between the soul and God. Then comes the child and parents. Then, as I mentioned, at that time the five elements are in their sato stage. Sun begins to rise, and the trees exhale oxygen, the fragrance of flowers, of grass, very sato and very beautiful and very healthy. These days we are locked in the rooms, with closed windows. If possible, open windows, have fresh air. We wake up early in the morning, generally, we say 3:30 we wake up and then from 4 to 4:45, and many of us wake up earlier. You have to freshen yourself, wash your face and be fresh. Freshening yourself is very important. Actually, whatever dress we wear at night should also be a proper dress. It may be something colorful, not as a Brahmin costume, then you have to change to sit in front of Baba. The way it began, it was that the whole family should sit together, but these days because of age, because of health, whatever reason, it is different. You sit amritvela in the bedroom, and it doesn’t have those vibrations. If it is small, then it’s like you are very near to bed. So, those who are able to come to Baba’s room or in an open space, take advantage. I am saying it because I am not able to do it now, I used to do. So, there might be times when you are not able to do. So, until you are able to do, you should take advantage. Baba has given you good health, so why not. There is this song called ‘Awaken, bride awaken.’ So, sit like a bride in whatever way. You all know your situation better, but it's very important to go in front of Baba, very cheerful, smiling and when you say good morning to Baba, that’s when you get first blessings. That’s where the parents bless you. When I wake up in the morning, after freshening when I sit, I really feel Baba's care, Baba's lap, and as Father, Teacher and Satguru. In all three relationships, the Father is making us worthy children, blessed children. At that time, the intellect is so fresh. It’s not that we need to churn knowledge. You feel as if Baba is awakening or giving more power so the intellect can be more unlimited. That is the time also we have a deep feeling of doing something for Baba.

So, during the day, we do traffic control and meditation. but it’s different. I always say, “Baba whatever is your direction, whatever you want me to do.” It is like I am offering myself to Baba and also as Satguru. Very beautiful feelings for as long as you can sit. Sometimes, we don’t know time, it is quite long, and this is not by force. It’s very natural to wake up. Even in the lokik world, they are saying that as you are growing spiritually, your awareness, consciousness becomes elevated, and you will wake up early in the morning. Brahma Baba used to wake up at 2:30-2:45. Many of us wake up at that time. People have jobs and bodies are tired or whatever, but generally, the time between 3 to 5 is the best time. Then also, relationship is one thing, I take just one quality of Baba. Sometimes I take Baba as the Purifier, and I just sit and all whatever subtle impurities are there, let Purifier Baba purify. Sometimes it’s just peace. Internally, Baba you are the Ocean of Peace, and I try to emerge that feeling, instead of trying to experience many things. That is the time to be truly in soul consciousness also. I am sure that you all have experience of the benefits of Baba, or to be awake those hours of the day, we call it amritvela. You get a very clear vision and understand more clearly what I have to do the whole day. Not only that day, but in general also. We don’t go to Baba and take problems. We don’t have problems. No one has any problem except whatever is in the Drama, whether it is my own body, whether it is someone else. In the end, we just give lots of love, good wishes to everyone, for everyone’s well-being. We are not saying to Baba to please help this soul or that soul. I feel that Baba is doing that already. So, this is what my feelings are, my experience is. If there is anything you are not clear about amritvela, you can ask or send us questions and we will try to give answers. We will do this for every maryada.

Om Shanti


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