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Maryada Purshottam - Recognize Maya #12

Maryada_Purshottam_12 Mohini_Didi September 12, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yesterday Baba said we are a direct creation, all others are through the founders of religions. Every religion has their own founder, Christanity has Christ, Buddha, Mohammed. They all are the creation of the father of the religion and we are the children of the Supreme Father. When we have faith and we think about that, then there is intoxication. In Brahmin life, it’s important to have intoxication. Things which cause sorrow or deceive you, Dadi Janki always used to say “dukh and dokha”, are very common things in today’s world. Maya comes and deceives us. These days there are so many people deceived, because of temptation or greed. Some offer, “You give us money, we give you a lot of interest” and the person gets tempted. After some time they can’t find that person. So many people tell me their stories. I asked, but why did you give? “Because they were promising interest.” There’s the temptation and then they don’t get anything, they are deceived, and then there is also a lot of sorrow. Whether it is money or our own character, we all have to be very careful that we are not deceived and then feel bad about it.

A further subject is of Baba saying, if you recognize Maya there will never be sorrow. How do we know that it’s Maya? It will cause sorrow, you will feel lost. You are not going to get anything from Maya. Maya always takes away everything. However, as much as there is intoxication of whose child I am, you will see from within, something very divine. You will feel that when you are seeing things because of purity, your eyes are very divine. We take drishti from Avyakt BapDada. Some of us have taken drishti from Sakar Baba and from drishti we receive so much power, love, peace. If our own eyes get tempted by anything you cannot have divinity in your eyes. You can look at a person’s face, clothing and expression or look at the person and see the light of the soul and immediately know if the person is honest and truthful or not. First divinity comes through the face. Someone was asking why Bk’s eyes are so clear. I said because our hearts are clear, our minds are clear. We are very happily smiling and able to look at someone’s eyes or the center of the forehead. Lot of people cannot look up, because their hearts are not clean, their minds are not clean. I feel that the example of lotus is a good example for divinity. While doing everything, remain above, detach.

The way Baba teaches detachment is very sweet. Generally people will have renunciation and leave their home or they will have so many different types, they don’t do this or that. Baba's children live a very regular, normal, beautiful life, without attachment, free from attachment. Our thinking is so unique. When people go to Madhuban, even saints, mahatmas and scholars go and are surprised because we eat everything. Brothers, sisters have a big campus, you do everything, but there is so much purity, peace and love, so much altruistic service. They are surprised. They could feel the divinity all over.

Baba has given us the aim, you all belong to ancient deity religion. I remember when I heard this, even before I used to feel that I had a connection with the Divine because at that time we used to look at pictures of Sri Krishna, Rama, all these deities and we used to feel so good. But then we came to know that this is what we are becoming, Narayan, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga. Now we know we are the ones who are playing that part, we have to become that. As soon as there is this realization you start feeling the divinity within. Just imagine, internally you are seeing your divine form of a goddess, very divine, very pure, very beautiful. In that awareness there is an expression of divinity. Reflect on that, go within yourself and see this image which is divine and then you feel a part of the family of deities. Deities always bestow. They bestow blessings and fulfill everyone’s desires. They remove sorrow, give happiness, spread the vibrations of peace, and always speak very sweet words. All these divine virtues increase our divinity. Reflect tomorrow on your own divine deity form.

Om shanti

QA Session

Sr. Shireen: You were talking about awareness bringing divinity, after Baba, when was the first time you felt divine?

Didi: It’s not only after meeting Baba, but I always felt inside as a very divine being, always. Then I came in knowledge, it was like. “yeah, that’s true”. Now I know. To me it’s not after Baba but even before I used to feel myself like a very divine being, little goddess.

Sr. Shireen: But after Baba?

Didi: After Baba, I was understanding how to be like that in practical life. That means in awareness, in drishti. Baba said deity means one who is always giving, so my hands, my feet, everything to me is like a lotus. Lotus is always shown as a symbol with gods and goddesses. Then I was learning, practicing and seeing how that goddess is doing. At first there is little angel and then full angel same with the goddess also until you become the full image of goddess, of divinity.

Sr. Shireen: Again this whole thing about awareness bringing divinity, when you first saw Brahma Baba did you feel he was divine? Did you feel his awareness was different, because by then you must have had Gyan when you met him?

Didi: Definitely with Brahma Baba, we call it alokik, that means spiritual and divine. Not only Brahma Baba but Dadi’s also. When I saw Mamma there was such a sparkle on her face whether she would talk or smile, everyone would feel that light on her face. We saw in Dadi Prakashmani, it’s like their whole image was very divine.

Didi asking Sr. Shireen: How did you feel when you saw Dadi’s?

Sr. Shireen: When I first saw Dadi Kumarka, who I met before I met Dadi Janki actually, it was very interesting. There were so many things going on, but I was so new in Gyan, I didn't understand everything going on. One of the things I could sense was Dadi’s authority, that she really had power. I don't know if I recognized divinity right away.

Didi: And your own?

Sr. Shireen: I would say pretty soon after I got the course, I sensed my divinity and I felt maybe that’s why I came back. I sensed that I was in the golden age, I could feel that was me. When I was told that these are the deities I could sense that was me, that recognition happened.

Didi: Very good, because the divinity is so incognito and if you have inner feelings then you can recognize outside. That means if you feel your own divinity then I can recognize, feel and experience the divinity of others. If I don’t have it I will still wonder what divinity is.

Sr. Shireen: Very important point Didi, because you are always projecting, if you don’t have something, you don’t see it.

Didi: It’s not only projecting, but it’s the feeling you know and experience divinity.

Sr. Shireen: You know, this morning, in Murli, Baba was talking about how you become My helper, but actually you become your own helper. I was connecting to divinity and wanted to know your take on it. I was thinking, inculcating divinity, even though let’s say I haven’t recognized that I was a deity, I am sure all of us have but let’s say even if we haven’t, but I feel divine virtues, respect or giving, whatever, we get so much from it, it’s for our own benefit. Let’s take respect, I have noticed that people who are disrespectful, that’s their nature, they are also inherently not very happy. Do you feel that divinity really brings happiness, brings contentment?

Didi: Yeah! Because respect is connected with self respect. When I am in self respect then I respect others and others will also respect me. If that self respect is missing then you cannot give respect. By giving there is always happiness. Anything you give there is happiness, so when you have self respect and you respect others you are not helping other people but you are happy, you feel a lot of contentment. Contentment also always gives when you are real and you give to others. Contentment is a big attainment in today’s world.

Sr. Shireen: Yes, I also wanted you to talk a little bit more, and I really liked what you were saying. We have ordinary lives, but even these ordinary lives seem so extraordinary now, because everyone is going through so much and so really inculcating divinity is in our own best interest. Not because of maryada we have to do it, not because Baba is asking us to do it, but it’s really for our own benefit, we have to do this.

Didi: Yeah, because, the most important principle for all of us is purity and purity changing into divine virtues, becoming free from desires, free from anger, free from greed, attachment. Now people ask, do you want anything, do you need anything? We look around and no, we don’t need anything. Generally even devotees make a long list of what they need and go to God and here even if Baba asks, “no, we have everything”, He has given us everything. It’s through purity and Godly love, peace, all these qualities are extraordinary qualities, not very common. We feel common because we all have, our centers have, the divine family has, Madhuban has. For us it’s ordinary, but it ‘s not. Really it’s extraordinary. A very famous actress said, “As soon as you enter it's a land of fairies.” People as soon as they enter Shantivan the vibrations are so powerful, air is different, they just feel it’s just different and that’s what they want to know what you all do, what you practice. Then we say Raj yoga, we say these are our principles. I think it’s extraordinary. I cannot say it is ordinary, for us it is, because for us it is regular life.

Sr.Shireen: Maybe It feels regular because everyone I know is doing it, all my friends are doing it. Feels like this is what life is, but it is extraordinary.

Sr. Shireen: You were talking about Maya. Baba was talking about recognizing Maya, how do you think Maya is coming nowadays, because Maya is so subtle. Do you feel there is subtle Maya that we are not recognizing, that somehow it’s coming and we are not recognizing and we are being deceived by it?

Didi: Doubts can come: will it happen or not, when will it happen? Lots of wasteful thoughts come. For me always I say every moment is fixed in drama, everything is fixed. Baba will not tell us in advance anything, but I see the vastness, the way Baba is working, the way everything is going on. Some are not able to recognize that, so they start having doubts and also what human beings are saying will appeal more. The way they say it, this one’s class is very good, this one’s this is very good, but it’s Baba's Murli which is really most amazing. It could be a little bit of a distraction towards different directions, and can also be a form of Maya. Also recognition, why am I not recognized? Being role conscious, I didn’t get that role which I worked for. Why am I not respected? Very subtly losing that motivation. That is where the decline in their intoxication begins.

Sr.Shireen: So let’s say Didi, someone has one of these three, doubts and being attracted towards human beings even if they are Bk’s and my name is not recognized. If some of us have one of these things going on, how would we undo it?

Didi: When there is faith, then there is power and when there is power, mind will not play like this. It's the lack of power that makes the mind become out of control. I would just say that, power of knowledge, power of yoga, power of faith. Use it not only as a knowledge but, power of knowledge, not just faith, but power of faith. When you use it, you will find there is power. If you don’t use faith or have faith, then whenever I have doubt, I can’t use faith, l then there will not be power. Think about power of knowledge, power of yoga, love for Baba, these qualities and powers can definitely help us.

Sr.Shireen: So one of the ways of using could be what you were sharing today is the awareness that I am Baba’s child. So every time we have some Maya, let’s say I go to watch Youtube, Bk or non Bk, then what should I be thinking at that point. Let’s say my Maya is coming in the form of being attracted to what human beings are saying.

Didi: Baba is saying, think about your highest birth, I am Baba’s direct creation, Baba is knowledgefull, Baba is love-full, Baba has chosen me, Baba has made me an instrument. Think about what you have received from Baba, that could help.

Sr.Shireen: Thank you, thank you so much Didi.

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