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Maryada Purshottam - Look at souls with the vision of an image of virtues #14

Maryada_Purshottam_14 Mohini_Didi September 14, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is asking if we have 100% intoxication that we are the direct creation of God. 100%? How many of you have 100%? At least some of you can raise your hands. Baba always says 100%, and I'm sure that as Baba is saying it we also are becoming aware of it, we keep the aim that yes we have to have 100% intoxication, but also consistent all the time. To have this intoxication of being a direct creation of God, then what everyone feels is that they want to experience God's love. So we talked a lot about God's love, but today in our Avyakti signal Maryada, Baba is mentioning about the law. Always remember that your mouth is the conch or instrument to speak the Truth that God reveals. Speaking knowledge is speaking of eternal truth. The trust these people will have on you is when you are away from or following certain maryadas. One of the maryadas is to look at everyone’s virtues, strong points, because all of us have certain limits. Actually, everyone has all the virtues, but there is a percentage. Everyone is sweet, everyone is lovely, everyone has patience, everyone has faith, but under certain circumstances there is the possibility of losing patience. Then you become forceful or you insist, but generally you don't, right? Also this feeling of divine family, Godly family. So when it is family, Dadi Janki used to say, “Anywhere, anyone’s weakness is also your weakness.” So it takes time to understand that, because it's one of the family members. So she always used to say, “The strength of the family is to look at the strong part or the virtue of everyone.” Even souls have different sanskars, but you look at everyone as Baba's child and also that Baba has chosen that child. Baba is the One who has made this one an instrument. So we don't look at anyone's weaknesses, defects or what a person does.

So one is the sacredness of your own mouth, the value of your own words, and then the trust that everyone will have. Also, the capacity to share blessings in your words is only possible when I always speak the truth in the sense of virtues and qualities. It's not a question of praise, but actually it's a reality. I feel that everyone has a lot of virtues, just a few less percentage of virtues. So, we could immediately notice what is not right, what is not good in that person or what is lacking, what's the weakness. I think we have to make this as a firm nature-habit that you naturally just look at the qualities of that person. It gives power to that person, it is our respect towards that person, and Baba is calling it further, that then you don't decide what action you will take. He cannot punish anyone, but we could restrict people, and Baba said, “No, you just brought attention to it at that time. I was there at the beginning. Brahma Baba said, “Anything wrong you see at any centre, just report to Baba.” I know I used to be very hesitant, I'm not going to go in front of God and talk about others. I couldn't, but there was some they did and it was good because they wanted things to be ok. If they went a second time, third time, with the same complaint, Baba said, “Child, it’s becoming your habit now. You told Baba, and Baba will take care, why are you repeating it?” So as Baba said, “Don't become a lawyer or judge, you don't really have that right.”

For every Baba’s home, and instruments, there are certain principles, there are certain rules and regulations. It’s not written anywhere that if that person doesn't do so then what punishment you can give. I always tell everyone that we should always have so much love, so that harmony, unity remains. Otherwise, a group will be formed, another group will be formed and this we won't like. I noticed wherever there are small separate groups, I find that somewhere it is our fault. If we keep that aim that we all have to be just one family, then the family remains very united and there won't be any pull for souls to separate themselves and start something. So I think that it's a very important quality to look at the virtues of everyone. Just imagine when you start describing the person how good he or she is in doing something, or expressing something, or their personality. It's not a question of praise, but appreciation. A lot of people ask me, how do you respond when you are praised? I just underline and say that this is what everyone likes to see, they like it. So I try to maintain it, it's not that I feel like, “Oh I'm so great.” Yes, self-respect increases but also it helps the soul to start using that virtue more and more. Like someone says, “Oh, you have so much tolerance, or you have so much love.” So you make sure that you constantly share that love with others. There is no arrogance in that but it's kind of affirming, helping the souls, even understanding their qualities, so that they can use that for more and more service.

So, tomorrow our homework is noticing; am I looking at the qualities, am I looking at the virtue, am I looking at the specialities? You will find tomorrow by night time, your awareness, your practice, there will definitely be more awareness and a big change. Of course you should be able to give yourself the certificate that whole day I just looked at and always talked about the qualities, the virtues, values, specialties of each Baba’s child. Even when we travel or go anywhere, people like when we give a card of blessing. What does it say? Very beautiful words, they feel so happy. So our words should be the same. Not only do we give a card, but we speak in the same way. Everyone comes to me and says, “Oh, as soon as we come in front of you, you must be seeing our aura.” Some say that we must be seeing our light or our future. So what should I say? Beautiful things, and that voice becomes strength. Whenever their mind is a little weak, they will think, “Oh, I heard this from this sister or brother.” It really is very helpful. So we are not taking the law in our hand, but with love, we interact, and have beautiful feelings as a family.

Om Shanti


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