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Maryada Purshottam - Fearlessness and Faith #24

Maryada_Purshottam_24 Mohini_Didi September 24, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba is preparing us for victory because there will be so many different scenes of Drama, different situations in Drama. So, Baba wants us to remain fearless, stable, unshakable. So, one important dharna is to have faith. Now the other word is doubt, alternate of faith. Doubtful thinking could be part of negative thinking, but we don't say negative. When there is a doubt, there are a lot of waste thoughts, and you will find very subtly there is a trap. A web of thoughts gets created. Baba is also saying that it means your intellect is crossing the line of maryadas. Baba said that the intellect should not cross the line of maryadas. So, this habit of mine to subtly have doubts, sometimes we use words, “I am not sure, I am not sure, maybe I should do it or not.” They could be very simple words but they have a big impact. That is why there is this whole concept of faith. Even Baba is talking about four types of faith. He spoke so much about how to feel the part, this is our unlimited family. You should be very happy about this. Sometimes, there are so many in the family, they're all different, but we all have to be different, right? We are all actors of Drama, we should be different. Baba is saying this is a gathering. So, Baba is even saying, “Do you want to be just a bead, or do you want to be a bead of the rosary? We all are beads; everyone is a bead, but who will be threaded in the rosary? It’s so interesting that Dadi Janki always tells us that two beads are very close to each other, but still they are separate, even a little bit. So, we have to be very loving, very close, with a lot of understanding, but you're not attached.

It is when we think of the rosary that we want to be the bead of the rosary. Baba says that the gathering begins from one out of eight, one out of 108, out of 1000, then 16,000, but everything begins with the eight. Many times, Baba says that when eight are ready, the kingdom will be established, because they are so close to each other. Even if there is one percent attachment, you can't be part of the rosary, because the rosary is of victory, and conqueror of attachment is a big victory. So interestingly, the way Baba is explaining to us that maybe you have a fear, “Will I be able to be with so many? Will I be able to manage with such a big crown? Even if you want to be a big king, right, what is more in the kingdom of a big king? Big subjects. Baba says that subjects are rich and ordinary, and then very ordinary. So, again when it comes to faith in family, we are looking at not their original self or eternal self, but we are looking at their present sanskar. Every actor has a different part to play. What will others think? What are others thinking about me? This could be fear, too. What is most important is to have inner faith, inner self-respect. ‘What will others think’ is a big fear. ‘If I do, what will others say’, it’s a big fear. So, fear could be self-doubt, fear could be in one anything we have to do, and that is why faith in the context of victory, faith in context of self-trust, faith in the context of success. So, apply faith at every step and the power of victory, because if I bring that defeat or doubt even within the thoughts or awareness I will fail. As a student, you don't have fear of exams, right, will I pass or not? So, practice of having faith in my thoughts, faith in my intellect. As soon as you find in your thoughts doubts, uncertainties, insecurities are arising, change that immediately, I have to have faith. Many, many qualities emerge from faith. Your determination, you are carefree, faith also brings a lot of power. So thinking of faith in the context of being fearless is different from faith in a relationship.

So, today’s maryada it's not to cross the boundary even in your thoughts. If I am thinking in doubt, I have crossed the boundary of maryada of faith. The intellect shouldn't cross the boundary of faith, because as much as we keep doing the power of faith, faith will keep becoming more and more firm, and we will see the result of that. At the Confluence age, we want to be victorious, we want to be successful. So one is, of course, personal victory, personal success, even for Baba’s task, faith is very important. If there is a lack of faith, your victory, your success, your accomplishment will reduce, it won’t be 100%. So, I am Baba’s instrument, Baba’s child, and as an instrument I should claim victory. I should get Baba’s tasks accomplished, but if I have a doubtful nature, doubtful intellect, I won't be able to carry out the task because I will always sing, “I am not sure if this will work.” So, it has become kind of our nature not knowing that we could be doubtful, we always say we are 100%, Baba says that they will sometimes say 500% faith, but then do we have fear? Are we victorious? Do we get Baba’s tasks done with that power of faith? So I am thinking about faith and being fearless, faith and victory. I am realizing that all of us, at certain times, have subtle doubtful thoughts which are crossing the boundary of maryada. So, we have to reflect on that more now and notice that fears could emerge anytime. That means we have to have this awareness, we have to keep this attention that I should have not any thought of fear. Every thought is elevated, full of faith. So, from today, for my personal effort for Baba’s task, I have to constantly have elevated thoughts. It is faith in my thoughts, thinking with faith, not that faith is separate. So, let us all have this determination and strong feeling that, ‘yes, I want to be fearless and maintain faith.’

Om Shanti!

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