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Maryada Purshottam - Embodiment of all Attainments #20

Maryada_Purshottam_20 Mohini_Didi September 20, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is master so child, child so master! Baba has been talking about faith. Whatever Baba speaks, the teachings of Baba, directions of Baba, what Baba says is shrimat. It is important to have total faith. I just want to mention that when Baba became avyakt, we all had many questions like, who will give Murli? What will happen to offering bhog? Baba came in the afternoon on 21st January 1969. There are books or Avyakt Murlis, you can read. Baba said very clearly, “Baba will come in Madhuban, and Baba will come in this chariot of Dadi Gulzar.” Baba said that Dadi Prakashmani will be there, and Didi will be helping, very clear directions that Baba will only come in Madhuban. This is Baba’s chariot. You know Dadi Gulzar, since she was nine years old, was personally trained by Baba, never played with little children. Baba said, “You can’t.” She used to say, “Baba, but I want to.” Baba used to say, “Your eyes are very special and it will do a lot of service.” Then she started going into trance and she started seeing so many things that she shared. So my understanding in following and loyalty is with Brahma Baba, Avyakt BapDada, Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba and then Avyakt Baba through Dadi Gulzar. That’s why in the temple they show one big bull and one small bull. So we have two nandigans. Recently someone claimed that I am the third chariot, and I am now the instrument. One place they even put a cross on the trimurti of Brahma-Vishnu- Shankar. Another family claims themselves to be Brahma-Vishnu-Shankar. Everyday it seems something different comes up.

For me, I have faith in Baba’s versions and my loyalty is to Baba. He has given us this wonderful life, and we are also mouth born progeny Brahmins. I have faith in every word of Baba and if you want, you can revise that Murli also. Always remember that I am Baba’s child. Everything that I am doing is Baba’s task, I am not doing it for anyone. Even if I am serving anyone, it is Baba’s Yagya. I am serving. So this is the consciousness of being an instrument of Baba. Everyday, make yourself worthy with your intellect, become more clean, keep increasing your quality by doing good efforts. You will be surprised that Baba gives you everything, whatever you need. So you become the embodiment of all the attainments. You don’t need to ask anything. Baba says that when you break maryada, any kind of maryada, then power is reduced, self-respect reduces. There's always that feeling that something is lacking. No need to be a beggar, asking Baba “Please help me, Baba, please cooperate, give me blessing”. He is my parents, I don’t need to ask for anything. I have the right. Which children have rights over their parents? Worthy children, obedient children, honest children, truthful children. So I have to be only that, truthful, honest and claim my right. I don’t have to ask Baba and Drama, they are so perfect and accurate that they take care of everything. If we do it right, you get more attainments. If you do wrong, break maryadas, something will happen. Drama will make you correct it also.

Very Beautiful Avyakti signals are given now, which I think is most needed by us because there could be some influence, some pressure, for whatever reason. So you have to be very careful. Speaking is another big subject. Our Dadi Prakashmani spoke sweetly and told us to do the same. That means have patience, have love, and have good wishes. So it doesn’t mean I keep saying I love you. Whenever I speak there is respect in my words when I speak, then I have very good feelings for the person. Also these days, I only speak what is necessary. Speaking takes a lot of energy. How many observe silence for a few days or half a day? Actually, I feel silence should be for the whole day. The whole day in the sense of, whenever you have a few minutes, just be in silence. Thinking in mind, intellect,words all the time, we have to recharge ourselves and recharging happens through silence. Lokik world and lokik language are sometimes not very sweet. Never use words like, “Are you mad or crazy?” With brahmins we will never say that. In this way be very attentive to your words, they are very important. Speak less, they are sweet and use a spiritual alokik dictionary. Look at the language of Avyakt Bapdada. When Baba comes, we just feel that He is showering blessings on us. There is such sweetness, feelings of love, belonging, respect. Baba is seeing each one on the highest stage, as we are worship-worthy deities, that’s how Baba speaks to us. Look at our chart, I am sure you will contemplate and pay attention and by night time, you will feel a lot of realizations and new words, proper, appropriate words come to mind. The whole day you will be very yuktiyukt, sweet and also powerful.

Mohini Didi & Sis. Shireen Question-Answer

Sis Shireen: I was thinking about what you just said about Avyakt BapDada’s words. I was thinking about everyday language. We may not say, “Oh, someone is crazy”, but even to say, “Hey guys” or things like that also don't seem very spiritual, even though it is just regular language.

Mohini Didi: When people see their friends, then the old style comes back. In the beginning, I never liked the word Hi, because in Hindi When you say hi something very bad has happened. Among Brahmins we don’t say ‘hi’ but we say sweetly “om shanti or hello”. A time will come in our lives that we don't feel like using those words. One time Dadi Janki said if you keep reminding people of what they haven’t been able to do, it is also not right. There are a lot of things we can improve when it comes to speaking words.

Sis. Shireen: It's a very big subject. I was thinking about Mamma when you were talking about language. What was your experience the way Mamma spoke, she must be the embodiment of sweetness?

Mohini Didi: Whatever she said was very sensible and they felt like blessings and I think that's what Didi Manmohini used to tell us that you are all Goddesses, you are all divine so whatever you say should be blessings for others. I think we have to think a lot about this. See how we change our words or tone of speaking or even speed, sometimes some people speak so fast, I don’t understand. Speaking properly is also very important.

Sis. Shireen: When you first met Mamma, what did she say to you? Do you remember, when did you first meet Mamma?

Mohini Didi: No, I don't remember exactly, I remember Baba but not Mamma, but one thing she always used to say, “Don’t look at anyone. Why are you looking at anyone who is not doing right? You do right.” She always encouraged us not to look at anyone and also Mamma loved the relationship and remembrance of Baba. That used to inspire us a lot. She was so stable, so unshakable. We have to be satopradhan. She used to emphasize being satopradhan. That means your thoughts and words should be sato.

Sis Shireen: You started the session with all of these people doing all kinds of things, Baba’s coming in me and I am sure there are several versions of Baba coming in me, I am Trimurti,etc. At some point you will have to repent for what you have done. These people have led so many people astray.

Mohini Didi: I think we should have good wishes. We don't want to say too much. We definitely want to tell the family that they should be well informed, they should have 100% faith in Baba, and remember what Baba has said that Baba will only come in Madhuban. Now that double foreigners are going to India so they are trying to tempt them to visit their place. From the airport they will take them to that group. They are doing so many things which are not right. We have good wishes for them, this is what I would say. We have to be careful.

Sis Shireen: Be careful of desires you have, if you don’t have something then you are looking to get it from somewhere.

Mohini Didi: Also recognition, some people really want recognition, if they don’t get it they will try to find it from something or the other. We should be connecting everyone with Baba because from there they will get power. When I think of the royalty of Brahma Baba, the royalty of Dadi Gulzar and how much renunciation they had done to be the instruments of God. Who is making us worthy, who is making us deity? The whole Yagya, unlimited Yagya, is taken care of by Baba.

Sis. Shireen: You were talking about these realizations for tomorrow. What kind of realizations?

Mohini Didi: Let’s say someone has done something in the past, while speaking you have that in your awareness of some impressions from the past about that person. So your words will reflect it. Sometimes we are not aware that every word we speak it’s not from the pure intent or not with good wishes that means it conveys something different. So reflections are basically to keep your feelings clean, keep your thoughts very pure. I always say let me keep my feelings very clean so that when I say something, it is well understood. Realization comes to all of us that I could do this better, I could learn to do this better. So this is what I meant by realizations.

Om Shanti

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