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Maryada Purshottam - Conclusion and Experience #30

Maryada Purshottam _30 Mohini_Didi Sept30th,2022

Om Shanti Everyone,

Listening to Baba even for a few moments reminds us of our fortune, our attainment, and importance of the confluence age. Baba says only in one birth you are able to meet God and get attainments directly from Him. We become very fortunate. Our happiness is different from the happiness of people in the world. These little points that Baba gives emerges not only happiness, but intoxication of this one birth of this valuable confluence age. When it is valuable, then we have to also use it in a worthwhile way.

For me it was a really good month of Maryadas. We were taking signals, the Avyakt signals from Madhuban from Murlis. We took some Maryadas and made them practical. It is like a code of conduct because we belong to a very royal divine family. We are God’s children. I still remember many of them, but yesterday’s really stayed with me. Whatever actions you are doing, even if they are ordinary, if your awareness and stage is elevated, then they become elevated actions. That is the true definition of karma yogi. The intellect is not with the action, but with Baba. A knowledgefull stage, a sensible and matured stage, an introverted stage.

I thought the revision for one month was very beautiful and necessary. Whenever we revise it, if something is lacking, our attention is drawn to it. Practice of any kind definitely helps and practice makes us perfect. You will find that even those who are in the military, have to keep exercising. It's not only when they go on the battlefield they are active. Every morning, they have to run a few miles and practice using their weapons. Practice is very important. Maryadas are actually reminding us of where there could be leakage, and when we miss any Maryada, then we can feel very weak and create karmic accounts. I think it was a very beautiful month when we were together, thought about it, read it and I am sure each one of us during the day reminded ourselves of that Maryada. That is important. If we just listen and we don’t do homework the whole day, there won’t be much change. For transformation, practice is very important.

Om Shanti !

Merciful & Bestower-0 Mohini_Didi Sept 30th,2022

Om Shanti!

One of the beautiful qualities when we become Baba’s children is reflection. As soon as we hear something which we need to understand, inculcate or share with others, what begins is churning, reflection. Since I heard this point, I have been reflecting on what is real true mercy? It is a very common word “mercy”, “Be merciful”. People do charity, make donations, do volunteer work in different ways. Whether it is for medical or social purposes, fulfilling the needs is seen as mercy. When we come to Baba, Baba who is the Ocean of Mercy, is merciful to all of us. What kind of mercy does He give us? I started really thinking that when I came to Baba, it was Baba’s mercy. Baba gives many examples that you were all in a dirty or vicious world. I come and take you out of that world. Baba comes and decorates you with knowledge and divine virtues. There are so many different ways in which Baba is merciful to all of us. I was thinking for us also, we have to think in what way, whether towards individuals or towards countries, what is true mercy? That understanding is important. I will reflect more deeply on that in Amrit Vela to understand what true mercy is. Then we got the Avyakt signal in a very clear way that first we have to be merciful to ourselves and bring transformation. When I am merciful to myself, then I will emerge that power of mercy to be used for others and for the self. Baba said transformation is important. As you say goodbye to the old year, and the new has begun, in the same way say goodbye to your old sanskars, old thinking, old habits and whatever weaknesses are there, transform them.

This is the very auspicious age and God himself is giving us the fortune and the attainments. I have to, through my thoughts, words and actions, not only have intoxication, but use those attainments. Become full of those attainments of fortune and happiness. Most important is not only that we are making ourselves perfect and complete, but also we have to give the message for world transformation. It’s a big task and it is very clear. I would like to be clear on what is real true mercy. How did Baba become merciful? it’s not that I made a mistake and ask for forgiveness.

In what way as a soul, am I experiencing mercy from God at every stage of my life on this spiritual journey and my physical life. How am I experiencing God’s mercy? I would suggest we all reflect on that for tomorrow. We still look at the homework which has been given to transform from ordinary to elevated, worthwhile or powerful so that our image of bestower can be more evident and we will be clear what I am giving to this soul. It will be mercy and then bestower. Only when there are enough treasures, enough accounts of savings then we are able to bestow. If I don't have, what will I bestow? To be a bestower I need to have everything. My stock has to be full of love, peace, knowledge and joy. If I am full, then I could be bestower. Both words are quite powerful, have significance and a lot of value.

Om Shanti !


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