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Maryada Purshottam - Always Full #3

Maryada_Purshottam_3 Mohini_Didi September 3, 2022

Om Shanti!

Having good experiences paying attention to maryadas, we definitely feel some improvement, right? If you are a little bit lazy in the morning, you remember, no, no, I have to wake up in time, we sit with Baba properly. Then Baba is saying that if you want to, whatever you're doing, it should be full service, in that, while serving others, the self should be served. While serving the self, you will be able to serve others. It's very important because that is what we call dharna. Sometimes there is only knowledge but not dharna. So, they give knowledge and then it becomes more like information. Knowledge is what you're giving, it is understanding, wisdom. Then to change it in yoga. So, I have to have knowledge, yoga, dharna, and then the fourth is service. I am on a journey also, I have to become like Baba, perfect like Baba, claim inheritance. So, there are elevated actions, but I have to be elevated also. So, we can look into that and reflect and, I'm sure we are doing it, but paying more attention will help us to be more consistent. In our mood, in our nature, sharing with others and doing what we're doing, to be more consistent. It's so beautiful to know how to remain full by following all the maryadas, that's something very unique.

Sometimes we feel a lack of power, any power, whether it's tolerance, or love. So, if I am gaining power, where am I losing? Where is the leak? I know now that because of body consciousness, sometimes we break certain maryadas, very simple, simple maryadas. I remember that when we started going to Madhuban, and especially with double foreigners, so many times, one brother and one sister would walk around the lake. So, Dadi Prakashmani used to say that when people see two people of the same age, what will be the first thought? They might be husband and wife. Then they will say girlfriend and boyfriend. So, Baba said that their drishti is of body consciousness, even if you have purity and say no, I don't have anything. These are social codes of conduct, maryadas. When we are in society, this is how we should interact. So, Dadi used to say to take one more sister or one more brother. So, when we are in the body, we are not brothers, we are brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters in relationship have some maryada. Even though we are following purity, the elements are impure. Try to look at following the maryadas accurately. Very simple maryadas, about eating, about your dress, which will take slowly. When we follow maryadas, we remain full. When we are full, we don't fail, otherwise sometimes we don't know how to deal with certain situations, and we fail. When we are not full, then it’s like emptiness. So suddenly in that emptiness you could feel bad about little things, sometimes you feel humiliated, sometimes many different kinds of moods, and it affects your mind.

So, I shouldn’t lose my stage. It is very important not to allow my stage to fluctuate. Yesterday Baba said that our stage should be immovable and unshakable. There are two things, one is emotionally we get moved, and it affects us. The other is external situations and circumstances. We have to go beyond everything. The third is flaws, diamonds have flaws, so they try to shine so much. A completely sparkling diamond is flawless. So, all three are important. It is important to follow maryadas, listening to Murli with love and attention. When I think of my Father, Teacher, Satguru speaking to me, He is expressing His love, and He is sustaining the soul. The Father’s love and sustenance can only be experienced through Murli. We are lucky that our Father becomes the Supreme Teacher, the Ocean of knowledge. He makes us worthy children and then, our knowledge and purity continues for the whole kalpa, until the last birth. Then He becomes Satguru. Baba as Father, Teacher and Satguru teaches us, just imagine and that’s our fortune. So, when Murli is read, listen to Murli. Someone said that theyI have to write, but when you are writing points, a few points have already been spoken, and you miss them. Dadi Janki used to make notes and Baba said, “No, you look at me and listen.” I never wrote points. You can’t have a diary in front of Baba because Baba used to look at us, and I am looking at Baba and listening to Baba. Even in class, you are not supposed to look down, or look at the phone reading Murli, no, it should not happen. You should look and listen to Murli properly and feel it. The Father’s love, Teacher’s love, Guru’s blessing, listen to Murli, not even your own personal interpretation, that you can churn later.

Those who are reading Murli, after two sentences say something. A few people have said that their instrument is saying something after every two lines, so their link is not with what Baba is saying. So, I was proposing that in the beginning or in the end, have good chit chat, but just read or listen to what Baba is saying. The flow should be there for the Murli. I think that’s something very good, and after that you can definitely make notes, because there are a lot of points, with proper explanation. It's God, the Truth, and it’s because He is helping us, guiding us on our journey, that He speaks every day. Otherwise, He would speak only once, and say that you study on your own now. He spoke every day, until today. From Madhuban, they make sure that everyone gets the Murli of that day. In India they mail Murlis, but here also we get Murlis every day. Every two weeks we get, and then for the next two weeks, but for every day. So, how much effort, and Baba really used to like his children studying and reading Murli properly. That is becoming your wisdom. Your power to discern is based on the understanding of Murli, otherwise you could discern, decide and say things that are really not based on the truth, or what Baba calls Shrimat or directions. If directions are not right, you will be lost. So, understand directions and help others to decide, to understand the directions of what they have to decide. So, we don’t have time now. The part of sakaar Baba is over, the part of Avyakt BapDada is over. So we have taken full benefit of using the resources to become the embodiment of that knowledge. It is so important that we pay full attention while reading, while listening to Baba’s elevated versions, Baba’s Murli, sweet Murli.

Om Shanti

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