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Maryada Purshottam -Always be in the flying stage #15

Maryada_Purshottam_15 Mohini_ Didi September 15, 20222

Om Shanti Everyone!

When I offer Bhog, I think you all sit together and it's not just me, but you all also went to offer Bhog to Baba. Did you go? All of you? Baba invokes everyone. So, we all were in the subtle regions with Baba, looking at ancestor souls, spiritual ones, all those who have served us in a lokik or alokik way. Whatever our life is today is because of the way we are served by lokik or alokik both. All are souls, and they play their part. So, each one of us has contributed something in our lives. So, this offering is more of a feeling of gratitude for them, kind of love and bhavna. The word Shradh really means bhavna, my feelings of devotion for them. Actually, it is so interesting that when offering Bhog, first to Baba and then from Baba to them, is connecting them with the seed. All our connections, relationships, are based on all of us as souls. There are very subtle feelings that sometimes arise, sometimes of great joy, sometimes like suddenly we feel certain things inside. All these feelings are deep interactions in a subtle way with each other. Some of the interactions can be visible and some not. That is why we always have good wishes for everyone. Whatever they are, even if they did something. So, this is the time that we connect with Baba. We remember some of the things and we forget also some of the things. For whatever reason that sorrow has been caused, so we forgive, we don't hold anything. So, that's why we offer with a lot of love. I know in some traditions it's not very common to offer Bhog. I think everywhere in every religion they do it, but here we express our love and gratitude by offering flowers, offering fruits, offering food. So, this one they've considered very auspicious. They call it purushottam maas, where people in the name of ancestor souls do a lot of charity. In some places in India, they cook a lot of food in the morning. They will take and distribute food to poor children. Like sometimes they give clothing to those who can’t afford it. In some way, they keep doing a lot of charity and then make a determined thought that they will continue to do some noble work, some charitable work.

So, today Baba was saying in brief, that through services, when you are also served that means you are giving gyan but you're not feeling happy. You're not feeling inspired, you're not feeling that power. Then it's just the service, you're not receiving anything. Then some say, “Oh we don't have time for yoga. We can’t do tapasya.” When they do tapasya, they say,”Oh, we can’t do service.” Baba says, “Can't you do both? Do tapasya, do service. Serve yourself. You should be serving yourself while serving others.” I really like that very much. When you are giving, you are receiving at the same time, and that's the true service. Of course whatever you do, you get the reward of that. Now the maryada is keeping a chart. Actually, we can keep a chart all day. The chart is not necessarily counting hours but instead keeping a diary. Sometimes early morning when you sit you get very good insights, it's like some deep understanding comes. You can forget it, so write it down. While listening to the blessing, some of the points really touched you and you want to churn on that, reflect on that, so you write that. So, a chart can have a lot of realizations. You say something and then you realize, “Oh, I could have said it in different words, better words”, so you write that down. The whole day you can be filling your diary. Sometimes like certain deep feelings arise in service or sometimes new ideas come. So, it’s not only before sleeping. Yes, before sleeping I have to give everything to Baba, thank Baba, and then I sleep. So, keeping a chart is keeping a diary.

Then also flying degrees. How do we maintain that? By maintaining not only maryadas but for flying, you have to go above everything which is physical, which is gross. What we call takeoff. To take off you have to let go. You have a big home. You can't take that with you. They allow you a suitcase, two suitcases or only a carry on. So, you put whatever is essential. We have so much expansion. For flying, you cannot carry everything. So, how do we keep observing? Of course, following maryadas is one thing but there are some subtle bondages that don't allow us to fly. Baba said, “Now is the time to fly.” So, reflect on this point tomorrow, that I have to keep a diary. I have to have the flying stage, and when you're not feeling that, just look at what the obstacle is. Did I break any discipline? Did I become careless? I think that as much attention we pay, we are able to achieve that stage. In the flying stage, you don't feel anything. In the sense of so many things happening the whole day, different scenes of Drama, but when you are flying high, Baba gives an example that if you see a small mountain, you will fly over. You're not going to sit and say, “I have to remove this mountain.” No, you don't need to. So, there is a lot to reflect on tomorrow.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Sr. Shireen - The Bhog message was so beautiful. I remember last year Mohini Didi was talking about the importance of shradh and how important it is to honor our elders. Again, this year when shradh came around, I was thinking about the last few days how important it is to acknowledge why we are here, how we came to be here, and I always think about the Dadis. I think if they didn't have the integrity they did, if they didn't have the purity they did, where would the yoga be? I wouldn't be here, and so I feel such feelings of gratitude because of that, because of everything they have done. It's not like they did it for me. I'm sure they did it for Baba and they did it for everyone coming, but also they did it with so much sincerity, they just did it.

I was sharing about the Dadis. I was saying I always admire their integrity. How because of their integrity the yagya is where it is, and I always ask myself the question where would I be if it wasn't for their integrity? I remember so well one time brother Rick was saying that he couldn't believe that anything would be this pure so he wanted to go in and see in all of the little rooms if they are selling arms or doing something. Is this possible? And so, I was thinking how the Dadis have done everything with so much purity, so much integrity, and I feel so much gratitude for that.

Mohini Didi - A lot of sacrifice. In the beginning of the yagya how they lived in simplicity and oh they had so many and they don't call it even tolerance and sacrifice. The foundation is strong because of their renunciation, their tapasya, and that's why we all are able to get sustenance from yagya until now.

Sr. Shireen - I remember when we were doing Global functioning, at that time, a lot of these anti-BK websites were going up, and when you googled all of the anti-bk websites used to come up first, even before our websites. Some of the souls went to Dadi Janki and said that this is happening that way, that so many anti-bk websites are going up and all of that. Dadi shared so beautifully. When she started I was like why is she going there and then I realized why she was going there. She said about how they started in these two rooms, in this one little room and how she only ate two bananas in a day and how they saved all the money, sent it to Madhuban and all of that. Then she said that is the foundation of the yagya, and that foundation no one can shake. So now if you look at it you think, wow yeah no one can shake it. It's their tapasya, their sacrifice, their renunciation, their integrity. Little things can happen, but that foundation is so strong.

Mohini Didi - So that is why we need to have determination to sustain that. We're getting sustenance but now our purity, our tapasya, our love for the Yagya and not doing anything that is below the dignity of our Brahmin clan, and the Dadis were so royal. So, we are following them and doing everything in an appropriate way according to maryadas. I think that's now the role we have to play, so that not only us but other new souls can also be sustained by that.

Sr. Shireen - So Didi, when you were talking about that they are subtly here with us, can you talk a little bit more about how they're subtly here with us?

Mohini Didi - Even for us, we are in bodies, but we are subtly with them also. It's not only they are with us, but we have to be with them. It's not that they can be with us physically, we are also subtle. That means through deep awareness there is a connection between them and us. So, it's not that our connection is physical. Before it was when we could see them, meet them, talk to them, but now we do it subtly. So, someone during Call of Time, one of the BKs was saying that when I was speaking that they could feel Dadi Janki’s presence so much. Then I realized it was because Call of Time was Dadi’s own creation. She had this thought to serve the IPS VIPs and we started so many. After 20 plus years it has continued because it's from Dadi. So, whenever such things happen, we just feel their presence and that whole feeling of being sustained. Whosoever is speaking it is as if Dadi Janki was present there and guided me. So, everything is so subtle.

Sr. Shireen - Could she be present? Like a personal form, could she be present?

Mohini Didi - That means wherever she is, she connects there because our thinking is so subtle. Many times we should also notice how our thinking is somewhere. It's like getting connected. So, we can actually observe it. If you pay attention you will observe how you feel. Sometimes it’s Dadi Gulzar, sometimes Dadi Prakashmani, like they appear in your life. So, I think somewhere deeply, it's very subtle. This much I can say.

Sr. Shireen - There were several very interesting things you shared. Before we go to that one, I wanted to ask you when you came to Baba, was there kacheri, was there court?

Mohini Didi – No, it was not court, but at nighttime Mama would come and find out from us our well-being, if we needed anything. Mama would come and then Baba would come. Mama first would talk to us, and if there was anyone who wanted to share anything, but not like I did something wrong. Also, the number was growing. First it was a limited number when we started coming, then there were a large number of people. After Murli finished, some of us followed Brahma Baba to his room and he continued some of the reflections from the Murli, and they called it the chamber. That I was part of but not the court.

Sr. Shirin - Do you remember anything that he shared?

Mohini Didi – I don't exactly remember the points but also you know that when he went for the night class, he continued with some of the points. I don't remember, but I know that it was very interesting where Baba would continue some of the points, or clarify, and it was a very small group. In his room, we used to go and then Baba would go for a walk.

Sr. Shireen – So, when Mama used to come, at that point did you all give your chart or no chart?

Mohini Didi – She will just find out that we are okay if we need anything or any kind of family gathering. Very lovely though because it's like the whole day you are there, doing things and at the night your parents come, you sit with Mama and Baba in that History Hall and have a chat. Used to be a very different feeling. Morning murli and night class were very different. Morning was very much like we were chatrak and we wanted to take every drop of the knowledge, but night time was like Baba is talking to us more than only giving knowledge. So, night class used to be very nice for both of them to be there. It was not long, about 40 minutes or so. 10-15 minutes Mama would talk to us and then Baba would talk for about 15-20 mins. That also was more like spiritual chit chat with the children. A lot of feelings of just children and father, children and parents. Morning was more teacher, even father, but more as a teacher. So, that's my experience.

Sr. Shireen – That's great. Didi you were talking about that when we have these subtle feelings of joy, that there is like a deep interaction with each other. I didn't understand that. Because I do feel that. Sometimes like suddenly there's a feeling of joy. I don't know where it is coming from. So, where is that coming from?

Mohini Didi – If we do good to anyone and they think of those who have done good in their life, so those vibrations can reach you. When those vibrations reach you, you can suddenly feel very light, very happy and it's actually also coming from other souls. So, that is why we always say good words towards others, always say the words of good wishes. So those souls, when they receive it, they feel happy and then we are able to also experience that. The soul is subtle, even if the soul is in the body. So a lot of internal communication, feelings are really very subtle. We cannot find exactly why or why I am not so happy, why I am happy. You could say it is certain situations and things, but actually it is more than that.

Sr. Shireen – You were talking about flying degrees, to have the flying degree, it's not just maintaining maryadas, but we have to go beyond carelessness and let go. So, this is the final question: I know we're running late today. Actually, we shouldn't have that question. Maybe I'll ask this question and maybe you can answer it tomorrow. This thing about carelessness like what is this subtle carelessness that's coming to us these days.

Mohini Didi – It depends on where I'm looking at. If I'm looking at, let's say in the classroom. I'm looking at students who are doing very well and you know they are really paying a lot of attention, but there are other students who just do it. There are a lot of people, the way they read Murli is not as if they're really studying. They just say, “Oh I read Murli, I heard Murli.”So, sometimes our attention goes to those who are not very good, or anyone's weaknesses, so then we also become careless. This one is doing, what is there if I do? This one is senior but still doing, maybe I can do it. So, we catch the weaknesses, but actually you have to be you. You have to do everything properly if you are to pass with honor, if you have to get a number, if you have to be victorious. You have to be your own master or a good example. So, carelessness again is a kind of infection. So, it's like everyone is doing it, what's there if I did it? It is not like that. Let everyone do whatever, I should do what is right. So, that is like being careful.

Om Shanti


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