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Manmanabhav - Use in a Worthwhile Way #19

Manmanabhav_19 Mohini_Didi April 19, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

It seems like you all have bought a lifetime ticket for the Avyakti Parivar gallery! When Baba speaks, the words are very simple, but to understand to an extent that we can practice it, takes a lot of reflection, and a lot of churning. Now, Baba is talking about two types of support; one is of facilities, means, or devices. There was a time when we didn't have telephones, we didn’t have computers. We still did everything, and now we cannot do without a telephone for a day. Baba says, “Okay, use the devices, but don’t make devices your support.” One is that support, and the other is, “ Oh, I thought I would get more help but I didn’t. I thought everyone would be cooperative, but no one helped, so I didn't do it.” There are some who use these reasons, but if we really want to take blessings from Baba, whatever happens, you do it, whether you have support or not. Baba will give you support, definitely it will be through someone, you will find support. So, it is very subtle. How do I know that I have my foundation; that my support is devices? It’s only when I am stuck, I say, I can’t do it. You all have heard the story of Jagdish bhai. Baba wanted us to write a letter to the Prime Minister of India, some kind of invitation. So, Baba told all of us to write, and bring it the next morning. That night there was no light, the electricity was out. So, of course there was a clear reason. “How can I write in the dark?” Even though it was very cold, in the month of January Jagdish bhai went outside on the street and he wrote the letter under a street light. In the morning after class, Baba asked everyone, how many of you have written a letter? Of course, none of us had written. How can we write? We thought that Baba won’t even ask. Jagdish bhai brought his letter and Baba gave him a blessing, “Your pen will have power, and you will always be able to write for Baba”. So, blessings come only when you are able to not depend on any support. I have seen many who have moved forward because of blessings from Baba. They get that specialty.

So, Baba is saying not to take any support of devices; internal or external. Like if somebody was supposed to come and help you, and that person did not show up. Instead of saying, “Okay, let me start doing it, that person will come and cooperate”, I am just waiting and the time passes. Then I say, “Oh, I didn’t do it because that one didn’t come”. So, that’s kind of a subtle aspect. Also, for humility, to have self-respect, but no arrogance. Some people always feel bad about something or other. Even the words you say, they will take meaning in their own way, and there is the reason to let their stage fluctuate. However, for those who have determination, every moment there will be different scenes of Drama. Will I just keep sulking for that? “This was not like that; this is not right. It shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn't have been told this way, this person always speaks that way”. That is called arrogance; body consciousness in a very subtle way. Anytime you feel humiliated, that means there is ego. So, we need to maintain self-respect. I have seen some souls amongst ourselves also, there are some karmas there from the past. So, sometimes little things happen here and there. In soul consciousness, in remembrance of Baba, with the power of yoga and knowledge, we just say, “Okay, past is past”. We don’t keep that with us. So, I think this is something very important; humility, arrogance, and self-respect, all three. We have to maintain our self-respect and keep reminding ourselves, “Who am I? What am I becoming? How does Baba look at us?” In this way, we can maintain our sweetness and humility.

So, Baba wants us to reveal Baba by thinking of hoisting Baba’s flag. How do I reveal Baba? We are seeing that Brahma Kumaris are becoming more popular everywhere. You heard Br. Eric was sharing in Nepal, everywhere he saw stickers on cars, and wherever he went, people said, “Om Shanti”. In those countries, people do a lot of service, but when they know Baba, they will get power, and their life will change. Yes, they will feel happy to be with Brahma Kumaris, they will feel blessed, but for their transformation of life, for power in life, they have to know Baba. So, we have to talk about Baba. We have to reveal Baba. I have been thinking a lot about whenever people talk about Brahma Kumaris, like when souls say such good things about Dadi Janki. She had her finger up like pointing up towards Baba! Later on, a full introduction can be given, but at least we are indicating that He is the One above who has given us knowledge. He has taught us what a good lifestyle is, and He has taught us about virtues and powers. He also gives us inheritance and blessings. Whatever our life is today, through our purity, we don’t have any desire in this world. Baba, you have given us everything. You have taken care of us. You are responsible for us. We don’t have any desire, do we? It is such a contrast between the way people think and live, and Baba’s children, because of whom? Baba! Baba says, “ I have to teach you knowledge and yoga”. Then we apply that knowledge and have yoga, and this brings complete transformation in us.

You know sometimes we are amazed. Are we living in this world, or not? If we don’t belong to it, then we are not. Even the Confluence Age now is part of the Iron Age, Kali Yug, but we are at the Confluence Age and we are going to the Golden Age. We are going to the new world. So, that consciousness is always there, and with that, as is our Father, so we become like Him. We like to share, we like to bestow. As people are coming, we keep giving to them. Baba is giving to me, so I have to give to others. So, whatever is there, we share. So, that quality of God’s children is of being a bestower. Instead of keeping things, we say, “Let’s use it”. One soul was telling me how her partner likes to buy things and she keeps storing. I said, “Well, either use it, or distribute it.” So, use it in a worthwhile way, you will feel happy and others who receive it will feel very happy too. It’s a beautiful quality; bestower combined with using everything in a worthwhile way, your thoughts, your time, your energy, your body, Baba says every breath. Why are we doing all these efforts? So that we can internally, constantly, remain in Baba’s remembrance. That’s called Manmanabhav.

Om Shanti

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