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Manmanabhav - The Fortune of the Mind #5

Manmanabhav_5 Mohini_Didi April 5, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

How many of you like sweets? Eating sweet and feeding sweet, even when we come to Baba, they always say, “Toli makes you holy”, so you get sweet toli. So, it’s very great fortune that you can internally always feel sweet. That could be because of inner joy, inner intoxication, thinking about the inheritance that we claim from Baba, how sweet our Baba is, and how fortunate we are. They say that when your mind is smiling, it’s not only your face that is smiling, but whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, all the internal feelings could be that you are very happy, carefree and you are smiling. We don’t want to remember anything from the past, even certain things that happened, I make it positive. I learn from that. I know I settled some karmic accounts and I was able to have some realization. Every scene of Drama, every situation always brings some benefit to us. It’s not that we only look at the external benefits. There are some internal benefits as well.

You all must be paying attention or experiencing stability of the mind. How long are you able to stabilize your mind? Concentration is not just for a few minutes, but now we have to look at how long we are able to have that concentration. I think this is very deeply connected with the murli, like the three relationships with Baba. All three relationships play an important role. The relationships of Parents, Teacher and Satguru, I have all these relationships with One Baba and Baba said this morning that this should make it easy for you to remember Him. Otherwise, you have to remember Father as separate, Teacher as separate, then you remember Satguru. Now, you only have to remember One. So, Baba made it very easy. As much you think of Baba as Father, you have your right to inheritance. It’s very interesting to remember that because inheritance is knowledge, power, love, and peace. In today’s world, there is none of that, there is no peace, there is no love. There is a lot of anger, and no contentment. As Baba’s children, we have claimed our inheritance of all these qualities. Inheritance means you have a right. One is your own income; the other is inheritance. So, when we think of inheritance of Baba, He says, “I give equally to everyone”. We have to have this awareness in our lives, we are receiving inheritance from Baba.

Let’s say there is a lot of disturbance or a dispute and you just shower peace because that’s your inheritance, you have it. So, why do you get upset, why do you get disturbed? Sometimes the soul is not feeling powerful enough. You have the inheritance of powers. You are Master Almighty. I remember some of the situations that were very fearful, and I would just say that we just have to be fearless and very strong and use Baba’s powers. Everything gets resolved. Thinking of your inheritance and using it at the right time helps others also to think that they can also claim these rights. If you yourself are afraid, then how can you help others to claim their inheritance? Baba is reminding us that He has given equal rights to the inheritance to all the children. I also find here that those who are honest and committed, Baba really takes care of them until the end of their life. Even though the body is old, the mind is still very good. I saw this with Dadi Janki, until the last moment, she remembered everything. She could do whatever we asked her, she had the right answers. So, inheritance will become like a part of you; as power, as peace, as wisdom, as understanding, and it is only possible if we remember it. If we forget, then we become affected by situations very quickly. In every situation, you have the opportunity to use your powers. Sometimes we do that, but sometimes we just become ordinary. We shouldn’t forget we are God’s children and Baba has adopted each one of us to be instruments to serve others. Just think of your inheritance, your powers, your birth rights, rights that Baba has given you. Baba says to use them, don’t just keep them, but use them.

So, it is very interesting connecting Manmanabhav with concentration. Can I stay 10 or 15 minutes just in remembrance without having any other thought? Then increase to 20 minutes? Also, inner sweetness is definitely connected with contentment. If you ask someone, “How are you?” They say, “I am okay”. When they are saying, “I am okay”, it doesn’t seem like 100% okay. When you have contentment, “Yes, I am very okay.” Internally, this war has to be won. Do you want to make a list of what else you want? Baba has given us abundance, so what do we want? He knows. If I say I want more, it could be my greed, and that will not be good in front of God. Greed is part of Maya. So, when we belong to Baba, Baba fulfills all desires. This is also a habit. Some people can smile, they can be happy all the time, and there are some who keep sulking, they are sensitive. So, they cause sorrow to themselves and to others for every little thing. Sensitivity is body consciousness. Whatever situations are, you have to be sensible and make the right choices, do the right things, but don’t be sensitive.

So, our homework is on the fortune of the mind, a mind that keeps smiling. It’s not really a question of external smile, but internally, when there is contentment, there is love, awareness of inheritance, there is fullness inside. Your heart keeps singing the praise of all attainments from Baba. Sometimes you have a desire for something and you get it, then you find it is not necessary to have desires. The only thought is how I can serve Baba more. I keep serving Baba through my thoughts, and even if you can maintain a good stage, the vibrations of your stage is doing service. Even if you don’t say anything, if you are in Baba’s remembrance, in soul-consciousness, in a very loveful stage, you are serving like a fragrant flower. So, your presence as a soul brings so much happiness, and prosperity. What else is needed? Baba has said, “Children, I will take care of you.” So, we don’t have any kind of concern or worry. At this moment, let me be the best I can be spiritually, so that I can receive more blessings. Your future is your blessings. That’s what I realized when I was in India, people just have to give you good wishes, what else do we need? Even whatever you give, it is for Baba’s bhandara. We don’t keep anything. So, look at Baba in a very happy way. Baba is always happy, but you make Baba more happy. Baba is there for us, Drama is beneficial, and my fortune is also great. If we have the combination of all three, we are always happy and powerful, loveful, full with all the qualities and powers.

Om Shanti


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