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Manmanabhav - The first step of courage #26

Manmanabhav_26 Mohini_Didi April 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone well, okay? We have a lot of homework. We listen to Murli every morning, we have Avyakti Murli points, we have blessings for the day, and then we have homework that we get in Avyakti Parivar. It's better to get a lot, so at least we can do some. Baba said that everyone has a lot of knowledge; listening, reading, and sharing. What do we have to do? Become a point, or use a point, and that is a full stop. I think you all must be experimenting and you can give marks to yourself by seeing how quickly you can use full stop and how quickly you can become a point. That is a kind of deep concentration. It's also a practice, you just need to know how to do it. I say to everyone that our thoughts are a currency more important than money. Why am I going to think about others? I don’t want to use my thoughts unnecessarily.

Of course, Baba is Almighty, but Drama is also very powerful and also, karmas are very powerful. Internally, we know that one day everything in Drama will settle. Whatever good we do or sometimes whatever is negative or wasteful is there. Drama has that calculation properly at every step. Even Baba doesn’t need to do anything in the sense of giving reward or punishment. There is some natural mechanism in the universe that whatever we do comes back to us. That is why whenever we get the opportunity to do good, little or big, we do it. Whether big or small, sometimes it is a small thing, and you could help others. Baba said that at present, you have to be merciful, and to use positive ways. Instead of scolding or punishing, increase the self-respect of that person. When you help that person to recognize that specialty of the self, self-respect, then the soul will not only have enthusiasm, but transformation can also happen. Baba is giving us so many tools, so many methods, so we can help souls instead of having wasteful thoughts. So, that is why Baba says to put full stop, whether in thinking, or speaking. Sometimes we keep saying things and we don’t use a full stop. So, what happens? The other person doesn't really connect, is not able to understand, so it is going to waste. That is why I like to say, “Think, then do”. This gives a lot of good feelings also. Through knowledge, you are able to control or discipline your thoughts, then after some time, the habits of the mind change.

How many of you remain happy all the time? Can I see hands? What about if I remove the words ‘all the time’, and say, are you happy now? It’s okay if you are happy now, take it as a gift, keep that gift with you, and from now onward, remind yourself that internally, I have this world of happiness. If God cannot make me happy then who else can? You are God’s child now, you have the awareness of being God’s child, so you have to be happy. We say Baba, God is the Fortune Maker, and I am God’s child, so why should I not create my fortune? I remember that Brahma Baba would give loveful drishti to the children, but Baba would say,”That’s what it is in their fortune”. There were two sisters, and they were asking me, who is better? Both had a very good heart and very good intellect. If you have a good heart and keep serving, be nice with people, have good relationships with people, be respectful, your intellect will work, and you will see, you will be better. Both succeeded in their own ways, because both had to adopt a good heart. So, does happiness come from receiving or giving? Both. Giving and receiving gifts is like good feelings, but now we know we are receiving from Baba. Anyone who brings for us, looking at us as Baba’s child, one family, whatever food comes, whatever flowers, fruits, for whom? For Baba. So, it’s coming from Baba, we are receiving from Baba. Then we also know internally that we have to use it for Baba’s service, nothing is personal.

So, it’s a very unique way at Confluence Age, I receive love, I receive respect and whatever I receive is from Baba. Baba will use each one of us as an instrument to give, but I have to remember that it is Baba. Even when someone speaks to me about any difficulty or problem, I keep Baba in between. I never think that I can do anything, but I definitely want to help. Someone had a lot of emotional pain yesterday, and it was affecting her health and her concentration. So, I heard whatever it was, then I said, “Sit with Baba and let’s see what Baba has to do?” We all look at each other as souls, as one family, so there is no sorrow, but when it is physical, then we think, “My mother should do this, my sister should do this”. There are a lot of expectations, and if they are not fulfilled, there is sorrow, but now we don’t take sorrow. Don’t say that this one is giving me sorrow. It is up to you, don’t take it. We all have different needs, some are very courageous, and some have less courage. The kind of courage that we need when belonging to Baba is different from the lokik world. Whether it is in a lokik way or spiritual way, keep courage. The Dadis used to say, “It’s going to be okay”. These words are magic. I am okay, and I will be okay, because the soul is okay. If the soul is okay, the body will be okay. I remember looking at the Dadis. One time, Dadi Prakashmani was in the hospital and they were doing a procedure. They would ask, “Dadi, are you feeling pain?” She said,”No”. Even Dadi Gulzar, “Are you feeling pain?” “No.” That means even what was happening in the body, they were not feeling pain. I can say that with experience, too. Doctors say, “Do you have pain?” I say, “Nowhere”. There are some other disabilities, but not pain. Baba says that you have to settle, but while settling, you are not suffering. Dadi Gulzar used to say, “What has come, has to go”. Now all these slogans, all these positive thoughts, internally definitely help us to settle in a Godly way.

So, our homework is, keep courage, keep doing it with courage. They say Ramesh Bhai in the end was well only from his neck up. In the end, there was some economical situation, and he was our accountant and lawyer. So, they would ask Ramesh Bhai, “What should we do?” He had such love for the Yagya, he kept giving advice till the end. He said, “I can speak, I can see”. So, never get disappointed or say, “My body is not well”. Your soul is okay, your mind is okay, your intellect is okay. If you keep saying, “I am not well”, then it has an effect. So, always say, “I am happy, I am okay. I am getting all the blessings”. I am seeing all the hands you are waving. So, keep happy, keep well.

Om Shanti

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