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Manmanabhav - Sweetness of relationships #2

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Manmanabhav_2 Mohini_Didi April 2, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is doing fine? Okay, yes. When Baba uses the word sweetness, of course we know sweet words and sweet drishti, but the sweetness that we are talking about today, is in relationships. In our lokik lives, also when parents and children have very good relationships where they support and cooperate, they are available for each other. It’s a kind of sweetness that is left in the soul, and we can feel if there is any kind of bitterness, because lack of satisfaction in any kind of relationship also becomes visible. So, sweetness in relationship is a very beautiful experience and even before coming in gyan with Baba, God, I always felt a lot of sweetness. Baba as parents, because at that time we did not know Baba as Teacher or Satguru. Of course we knew and we also sang prayers that you are mother, father and friend, and that sweetness comes in your nature. Lokik relations are there, but once in a while there could be a little lack of fulfillment of accomplishments or expectations. We expect more and we don’t get that much, but with Baba, with God, we always have full satisfaction and contentment. I can just feel it even now, that sweetness with experience from God any time. Of course, at that time we didn’t know that Shiv Baba was God. I always looked at Sri Krishna, and he was always cheerful, always smiling at you. This is another kind of sweetness that one experiences from purity.

Baba said that if I have difficulty, I change the place, if I have difficulty, I change the relationship, but not seeing that there are personalities that could be very challenging but also are important in life. People with differences in your life are very important. It’s not that everyone agrees with you and you say, “Alright, I will have a good relationship with him or her”. In my life, I always thought about those people who are difficult in the sense of their own part. I always thought that I would stay with those people because whatever sanskars, karmic accounts one has, one has to settle. So, I do it sometimes by just going deep into silence. Sometimes we try to sort out things, then we argue and disagree. If I just stay in that deep silence, in that silence it gets resolved, because silence has very powerful vibrations. Also, just maintain good wishes if you cannot love someone, you can be merciful, because that soul is struggling with their own sanskars. If I say that it is difficult for me, that’s where that soul loses hope, but by giving support and companionship, good wishes definitely will help the soul. We read yesterday’s blessings and today’s blessings. Baba says that if you believe in truth, then you cannot be angry, you cannot accuse someone of not talking about that person. Today, Baba said that even that is a sin. It is very interesting to see how Baba helps us to take care of many sanskars and many karmic accounts. Sometimes while settling we can create more karmic accounts.

So, this sweetness is only possible when I have a very close relationship with Baba. What the soul receives from Baba makes the soul very sweet, or gentle, or compassionate. That is why we say we experience the sweetness of all relationships with Baba. Every time Baba has to teach us, He uses the words ‘sweet children’. It is not necessary, but what I will learn will be sweetness but the way Baba looks at me. Then through my drishti, through my words, through my vibrations, I will definitely give the feelings of sweetness. I know when we came in gyan lots of souls used to ask, “What is this that Baba is talking about with friendship?” We know that if it’s a good friendship, it gives very sweet deep feelings, but if there is attachment there is no sweetness, there is always fear. I remember once one mother used to feel very bad about her family members, so she went to Didi Manmohini and told her. Didi said that your feelings are not good about them because you have attachment with them. Sorrow is coming from attachment, but if I am detached, then whatever anyone says won’t affect me. Today, Baba said that no one can say that they can’t get along with family. Many say that it is very difficult with the BK family, but actually, if you look at the specialty of each one, it is amazing. One time someone was complaining about another person, and Dadi Janki said, “Would you be able to do what that one is doing?” The person said, ”No.” So, Dadi said, “Then just love and have respect, because everyone is different, everyone has a part to play, and everyone is accurate.” There are certain situations that come, but they are very useful because somewhere they are responding to interconnecting situations, both from previous and future. If souls don’t realize this, then they become bitter and angry.

So, this understanding of Drama brings acceptance, and acceptance is sweetness. So, start with Baba in all relationships experiencing the sweetness, and when there is sweetness, the remembrance gives you a really blissful stage. You suddenly feel that Baba loves me. I said one of the greatest fortunes I have is love of God and love of everyone. Always feel so much love and that love makes you belong to Baba, surrender to Baba, and obedient to Baba. There are some who don’t feel that love. It is great fortune to feel God’s love. So, when it comes to Manmanabhav, remembrance of One, the whole day you just feel that Baba is pulling your mind, pulling your intellect. Efforts, yes, I have to make, but there is a response from Baba for those efforts. Don’t forget that every time you think of Baba, Baba thinks of you. He is responding, and the more you can feel the response from Baba, your mind stays with Baba. Then, amongst ourselves, when I express love, automatically from the other side, there is an expression of some kind. Sometimes, I don’t observe it, and then I think that I am doing it but I don’t see a response. We just need to observe how Drama is playing itself, but we are so busy playing, that we are not observing and not experiencing. So, these are very subtle aspects, relationships and sharing that eternal love for each other. So, the sweetness of all relationships helps me to be with Baba. When I think of Baba as Satguru, then every time He will say, “Yes children”, and give some blessings. Baba will give some blessings, but we don’t hear those blessings because we are so busy. So, now you notice that as much as I remember Baba, Baba responds to that remembrance every time. So, these are lovely, everlasting, unconditional beautiful relationships. In the stage of Manmanabhav, we will deepen our experiences every day, and find that our remembrance is more consistent. Baba says eight hours, but it has to be 24 hours, so think about the sweetness that you receive in all relationships with Baba.

Om Shanti

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