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Manmanabhav - Silence Of The Mind #7

Manmanabhav_7 Mohini_Didi April 7, 2022

Om Shanti!

Most of you must have gone back to your olden days in Madhuban, when double foreigners were there, and Dadi Prakashmani would ask, “What do you all want?”, and we said, “gulab jamun”. Baba said that double foreigners like gulab jamun and samosas. I remember one time, some were not feeling well in the stomach. I said, “Okay, I will go cancel some of the items. They make fried ones”. They said that anything you can stop, but not samosas. I said okay. So, I know that double foreigners like it, and when you all come to Peace Village, we will feed you gulab jamun and samosas. Anyway, Baba wants us to be smiling and remain very sweet. That's what Baba's feelings are for us.

Silence of mind is very important for serving through the mind. When I am serving, the battery should be charged. In silence, I plug my mind in with Baba and just stay quiet, very still, a detached observer, not even subtly thinking, “How did this happen?, or “It shouldn't have been like this”. So, this deep silence not only charges the battery, but it also erases many subtle traces of past sanskars. We might have overcome strong sanskars, the gross form of sanskars, but very subtly, some traits do emerge. Then our behavior pattern, our thinking, becomes the same. Now this is not the time to allow those sanskars to emerge. It takes us into the past and also, we are not able to accumulate or create the stage that has to be near perfection. Sometimes you think, or you discuss, or some people start arguing very quickly, defending, proving that what I am saying is right. I like when the other person feels that I am right. It's okay. It's comfortable for that person. I can try to understand and defend or argue. I find this is a very subtle sanskar some souls have. We all have to be in self-respect. We all have to respect everyone, what they're saying, or what they believe. As much I respect and trust, that much I am trusted, and I always feel that everyone is trying to help in some way or other. Everyone wants to be cooperative. Everyone sincerely wants to be a good Baba’s child.

So, silence is very important to remove those traces so that sanskars don't emerge again and again, and I become the same person I was. Internally, one should feel that now especially whatever anyone thinks or says, I have to hear it, but I don't have to necessarily respond to everything. So, then there is a very beautiful way to observe silence so that whatever I serve, the seeds that are sown through thoughts are very powerful seeds. Every thought is the seed of action. So, as we sow, so we reap. So, reflect on silence of mind. Observe tomorrow and see how long, how deep, how pure that silence and stillness is. You will feel you are more consistent in your transformation and that it’s not a temporary transformation, but it becomes forever. So, use silence of mind for that.

Om Shanti


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