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Manmanabhav - Serve through the Mind #6

Manmanabhav_6 Mohini Didi April 6, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes? Happy? Well? I can feel it, I can see it. Sometimes we wonder what to remember, what to experiment with, and what to accumulate. We can take it step by step. Baba-Avyakt BapDada is saying that you take all from Me, all the treasures, all the attainment. Some use it in the task, and some use it all the time. As much as you use it, that much you accumulate. Let's say we have the treasure of knowledge. Knowledge makes us sensible, it gives us power to decide, power to discern, and based on knowledge, we decide about our thoughts, words, and actions. So, I'm using knowledge, I'm experimenting with it, using it for the task, and then I'm benefiting, and it is being accumulated, that becomes my power. So, it's like three or four steps there. First churning, the reflection, part of the homework, then becomes using my powers for the task. That means that a situation comes where I need a lot of peace or a lot of patience, so I have to use that. Even in ordinary life, lokik life, it's not different from Baba. I am Baba's child, but if I am involved in anything lokik, I can still use those powers. So, it's not only using them for God's task, but I have to use them all the time.

Secondly, when we listen to sakar Baba's murli, Baba is saying that you need a lot of patience. So, we have to keep that in mind, because there might be situations where we need patience, and He's also saying fearless, because there will be a lot of upheavals and serious situations. If you are brave and have patience, you will be able to not only glorify Baba, but from your stage, you will be able to serve everyone. They will look at you and think that you have so much patience. They will look at you and say, “How come you can be fearless?” This will happen in reality very soon. The third one is what I did the whole day about the ‘Fortune of the Mind’. I am listening, seeing, whatever is happening in the world around us, but was my mind cheerful, happy?, or did the situation affect me? Baba calls that the stage 'lighthouse and might house’, very stable, very firm, but consistently doing what one has to do. Dadi Janki used to say that we, Baba’s children, are instruments, and if there is a blackout even for five minutes, how many things are affected? So, take that responsibility to maintain the stability of the soul, maintain the stage of a lighthouse and might house, because it is from there that the service will happen. So, ‘Fortune of Mind’ is very much connected with the ability to maintain my stage.

I had a feeling this morning that we need to be ‘Swadarshan Chakradhari’, to spin the cycle of self-realization, and be a ‘lighthouse and might house’. So, first is ‘self-respect’, how Baba looks at us, what we are. Never come down from your self-respect, always maintain self-respect. ‘Swaman’ is to not look at others, their changes, or what's going to happen to them. ‘Swaman’, ‘Swadarshan’, and the third stage is ‘Swarajya’, then you are self-sovereign. So, I had been practicing emerging my self-respect, not based on what I do or what I can do, but from what Baba says to me, looking at Baba, and feeling that love and respect from Baba. Baba said, “I love everyone, and I give to everyone equally, but it depends how much you receive”. That is why it is important to spin and become aware, keep awareness of your self-respect, and keep having a vision of how I played a part in the whole cycle. The ‘five forms’ drill is very good for that. So, it is eternal, original, worship worthy, worshipers, brahmins, angels. Sometimes there are so many things to do, but I feel it's very good if in our timetable at least twice a day, we should do our five forms drill. Baba used to say five times a day, but I say at least we should do it twice. It is good because you get different things to do, so the mind is not bored. So, that can help us to see from self-respect to Swadarshan Chakradhari, and then I have total control, ruling and controlling power. That is self-sovereignty.

Service through the mind is possible when I am ‘Swadarshan Chakradhari’ or ‘lighthouse and might house’. You will notice now that whatever thoughts you have, your thoughts always reach somewhere. So, even if you have to serve nature, we have to serve souls, and keep ourselves okay also. This is a big service, right? I am always happy and light, right? It's really really a big challenge, but it's very important, otherwise the circumstances, sometimes the past, sometimes what others think, everything has a subtle influence on the soul. So, I have to keep remembering, keep making effort to be with Baba, so that all those influences don't create an effect on my mind or my stage. Every moment, something has to be creating awareness, or let me use enthusiasm for what Baba said. Enthusiasm is not only doing something but to maintain my stage all the time, needs a lot of enthusiasm. This enthusiasm will help me to accomplish what I need to accomplish the whole day and create the stage where every thought is serving. So, we reach that stage where service is happening, but we know that the main practice is Manmanabhav, to fill ourselves with powers and virtues.

Being close to Baba is Manmanabhav. Anytime, just remember Baba as often as we can during the day. You will notice that it helps your mind to remain full of enthusiasm. So, thinking of Baba, thinking of Baba’s qualities, thinking of relationships with Baba. His love for us, the power He is giving us, teachings of the Teacher, Sadguru, inheritance of Father, so many things just create awareness to be very happy and full of intoxication. So, when the mind is elevated, the mind is full, very stable, loving, sweet, that does require attention and consistent effort. It's not effort, it’s labor, but it's very loving, because we love Baba. So, Baba's remembrance will help us to be lovely, and lovefull. If you look at any other soul, no one is consistent. It's only Baba who is ever full. So, always look at Baba, so that I can be in Manmanabhav, and my stage can be firm and consistent.

Om Shanti

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