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Manmanabhav - Power of Concentration #4

Manmanabhav_4 Mohini_Didi April 4, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We want to have Baba's remembrance constantly, in every breath and every moment, because that is how the soul gets power. Baba says that depends on love. Anything or anyone we love, we cannot forget, so remembrance is natural, not just based on knowledge. It's not that I remember Baba when I need something, then I say let's have more yoga. Now is the time to pay attention, not only for the self, but also for others. At this time so much settling of karmic accounts is going on, a lot of people are suffering from violence, poverty. Baba’s children are safe, because mind doesn't get involved anywhere. If you look in the world, big and small nations, there’s a lot of amnocity. Baba said they have not made bombs just to keep, they will use it and that's what's happening. Whatever I am doing is not just for myself, but my thoughts can also serve others. We can connect souls with God and claim our right of power if there is love in remembrance, Through our presence and drishti, take souls beyond everything. A lot of suffering comes through the mind. If I keep courage, have determination and compassion, these qualities create a lot of capacity, power. Baba had asked us recently to change “why, what and when “ into “Wah!” When you say “Wah Baba”, courage will come, Baba will become karankaravanhar. As many elevated feelings we keep, that much we can bring a relief from sorrow to many souls. This morning, Baba said that whatever is spoiled, He makes it straight. In other words He is removing the sorrow. We have to serve through our pure, elevated thoughts. Don't think that whatever you're doing is just for yourself. We are doing it for the whole world. Even while being a karma yogi, just have elevated feelings and remembrance of Baba. There is no time or reason to allow our feelings to be not elevated.

Many ask about the bodiless stage. The bodiless stage is I am not driving the car, I'm just in the car. When I wake up, I don't immediately jump out of bed, but I am very sweetly remembering Baba and looking at body. That was one of the experiences I had early this morning. If I am driving, then I have to be very attentive, but if I am not driving and I know this is my car, the feelings will be different. Remembrance of Baba will bring you the experiences which we want to practice and experience, like the bodiless stage and the right kind of relationship with the body, not of attachment or belonging, but an instrument, a gift given by Baba to play my part. Then in the end when the soul leaves the body it will be very smooth and sweet.

We are making the effort of Manmanabhav, just one thought, concentration. In the morning hours you don't need to have many thoughts, just love for Baba. I am a soul and I have love for Baba, which brings maximum power in the morning. Then during the day, this thought comes many times and we notice our concentration is better. Generally if you have to do five things, mind will say let me do this one first, you are very focused. Dadi, Didi Manmohini used to say, “One thing at a time”. It helps you remain light, easy and have more energy. It’s a beautiful discipline for the mind. After some time, it becomes a habit. Sometimes the head is in many different places, but then you say, practically, I am here. Even connecting with the place, it's a kind of concentration. Dadi Janki said, “Wherever I am, I am hundred percent there. I am not pulled by where I left or where I have to go.” We could feel it because she was able to give so much. Mind is drawn towards so many places, people, past, present, future, but being present will help you for the future. I think Manmanabhav is a practice, because I have to be with Baba. My thought has to be with Baba. Baba said in a murli, the more awareness you have, the more capacity you will have. We need to keep increasing our capacity whether in thoughts, words or actions. Baba's family is growing, service is growing, for that we need capacity. One way to increase capacity is to be subtle, not gross, but subtle and angelic. Internally, anything which is physical shouldn't pull the mind. When we look at souls, we look at them with such beautiful vibrations and see the speciality of that soul. When you only look at the speciality you feel very light and joyful. We are a family of elevated souls, this brings a lot of happiness. When mind is happy, it is light and when there is any heaviness there is no happiness. As much as we practice Manmanabhav, we experience the abilities growing. One of the most important abilities is concentration. Let us reflect more and observe that my concentration is increasing.

Baba gives us more homework. Baba said, journey to Paramdham or be in the angelic world. Those who are lucky remain busy, because if you are free, then your mind goes about planning, future, this, that. These days, you plan but drama is more powerful. I always say, let's plan, but let's see drama. We have trust in drama because it will always be beneficial. We can never lose anything in drama. Baba is with us, drama is beneficial, I trust my fortune. This will help us to be in Manmanabhav. If I am in Manmanabhav then I will experience all these changes which happen in my thoughts and attitude. Everyday progress, feel better, do better. That's what Baba's magic is. Look at your own self, am I remembering Baba? I have one thought only, I'm at present. The soul is getting more powers, capacity and that helps to be more in remembrance. Stay with the word Manmanabhav and look at your concentration.

Om Shanti

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