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Manmanabhav - Please Your Mind #8

Manmanabhav_ 8 Mohini_Didi April 8th ,2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

When we are close to Baba there is sweetness, and when there is sweetness, we are close to Baba. It works both ways, because, when we are close to the Ocean, Bestower, Almighty Baba then all the Baba's qualities are being experienced by the soul. There definitely will be sweetness. Another is attention to our own efforts to maintain sweetness in our thoughts, words and actions. Baba tells us how fortunate we are, but multiply your fortune. I multiply my fortune by using it, but it also has to be used appropriately. We can take the example of Brahma Baba. He had a lot of properties, wealth, and a good family. He told everyone in the family, this is what the message is, what my life will be and what I will be doing. Those who are willing to join me, you follow, otherwise you decide about your own life. Many family members, Nirmal shanta dadi, Brijendra dadi, even Vishwa kishore bhav, Baba's brother's son, said, “Baba we want to be with you.” When he divided his wealth with his business partner, his partner said, “Baba, you are better than me at doing business.” Baba said, “Okay, you take a little more, but I will be using it for God's work.” Then Baba created a trust. He surrendered everything and created real diamonds. All of us are real diamonds. He was a trustee for everything. Everything was used in such a way that it's 80 plus years, the yagya is being sustained and expanding. Brahma Baba’s consciousness kept everything multiplying. If you look at a chiku tree, you don't hardly see any leaves, but only fruit. It all depends on the quality of the seed, sunlight and water. So again, it's the thought. Thought is the seed, the awareness. Even a little bit of I, mine or little expectations, subtle desires, all that limits the fruits. Keep looking at the seed of thought. It could be words or actions, but the quality has to be such that if you have one thousand chiku, with five, six seeds in one fruit and if they all have sown how much it will be? That's what baba inspires us to create is our fortune. Keep multiplying it. Don't be just happy with whatever we're doing, keep improving the quality of your thought.

We practice the silence of mind, all the images that we see and hear are always in our subconscious mind. If you really observe your mind there are certain subtle thoughts. I practiced a few stages, especially the eternal and original stages, but I noticed that when we say silence of mind, it's not just mind. When you are saying something, listening or doing something, there has to be proper awareness. At this moment, we all are here. Wherever we are is drama and it's accurate. I am present wherever I am, that means to be hundred percent where you are, not mind pulled towards the future or in something someone said. I observed that silence of mind also needs a lot of practice. It's not just not having thoughts, very subtly if there are certain things which could be my sanskars, it could be what I have seen or what I've heard. That is why I think when we need silence, we need total silence to be free from not using my organs for a while. Also not saying, not listening, not talking and maybe there will be time we will be able to observe this silence. You should notice at amrit vela, are you listening, am you present hundred percent? Then you will observe internally there is a lot of power of silence of mind, but then after that is what is to the liking of your mind. Let's say if you like mango, the taste in the mouth ‘ras’ is liking. Most of us decided to be living this life of purity and renunciation and instrument for Baba’s task, because of the liking. We just liked it. Mind was very pleased. I remember many people asked me that for 60 years you had been wearing the same, white clothes. Are you not bored? I said “no.” You never think you could have another life, because it was from the heart. This was not just intellectual, it was not for any profit, it was not for any gain, but it was what my heart liked. When the heart likes something, there is power in that. Then when you decide something you are able to do it. This liking makes the choice that actually helps a person to achieve something, but if we go against our liking, it can work for a while but not for long. That is why in the part of bhakti, we used to worship saying the praise of God. Those who like to do it, did it properly. Some did it because they had to or because it's their duty, but not from the heart. Every evening, when I have been listening to these young kumaris, I feel it's from their heart. They are practicing ‘manmanabhav’ with the heart and because of that, they have good churning, good experiences they can go to the subtle region to be with Baba. All that seems so easy and natural for them because of liking. We can say that mind is pleased, but it is more that I am enjoying it. It’s what brings happiness to me and makes me feel very content inside.

I asked many times, many souls why did you come to knowledge? Why did you at a young age decide to belong to Baba? It was because there was a lack of contentment from whatever they were doing. We wake up in the morning, get ready, eat breakfast, go to school or whatever we have to do every day. That's the routine. Am I a soul in the body, born just to take care of the body or is there any other purpose? When I came to know about this spiritual journey, I knew it made a lot of sense. That's one of the reasons that we came to Baba, that we are taking care of body or family responsibilities, but also being on a spiritual journey. Every moment through thoughts, words and actions keep serving. We are serving even if we don't do anything, with our presence, wherever we will sit, what we say, we start sharing knowledge through drishti, we give God's love so there is natural constant serving. Baba gives an example of a flower, if you have a very good fragrant flower wherever you keep it the fragrance spreads. Our own spiritual stage constantly serves through vibrations, drishti, our presence and people do feel it. You don't have to say anything.

We have to follow our father Brahma Baba, multiply our fortune and also internally to charge the battery, have silence of mind because this immediately will increase your power to discern, your vibrations will be more powerful and do everything you do from your heart, not because it's your duty. Our Father, the diamond merchant, has created so many diamonds. Each one of us has to just recognize our value and keep that self-respect and use that to make it more valuable. Every time we practice something we find that there is something more to do. That's what I found with silence today and let's see tomorrow about the liking of the mind.

Om Shanti


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