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Manmanabhav - Merged in God’s lap #17

Manmanabhav_17 Mohini_Didi April 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, so much to think and churn. So where do we start? There are four things, and I always like to start with Baba's Murli. We all have heard Murli this morning, and some heard it yesterday in Hindi. Baba is talking about the ‘sparkle of purity’. Spirituality is visible on the face because of purity. So, I was thinking that we all are pure, we live a pure life, but Baba explains the difference. One is ‘Brahmchary’ and the other one is ‘Brahmachary’. Brahmchary is celibacy, and Brahmachary is following every footstep of Brahma Baba, ‘Brahma acharan’. That means very subtle aspects of purity will only come in the personality if I follow every step of Brahma Baba. Actually, it also feels safer if I am following Baba's footsteps, there is no confusion. We have examples in front of us, because there is always very subtle uncertainty, sometimes it’s fear. When we look at Baba, we are very clear about what we have to do. When he did it, we can see the attainments very clearly. Baba was not only successful being with the family, sustaining the family, but also in personal life, he experienced all the attainments. The Dadis always tell the stories of what Baba did and also, whenever they had to decide about something, they always thought about what Baba did in such a situation, how he was able to overcome it. Not just in an external way, but also from his stage, how he was observing Drama, how he was responding.

Of course in Murli, there are a lot of things about accumulation of power, but I was reflecting more on purity. Baba said that there is a sparkle of spirituality on the face, on the features, and also in one’s life, character, and activities. So, we start from there, and the second aspect is about ‘humility and sweetness’. Everyone would want to stay close if you are very humble, because you are bringing the vibrations of joy and happiness. Also, when there is humility, Baba is giving to you, and you are also able to adopt the qualities of introversion. Your eyes are on your own self. Eyes are always on the outside, on others, but to have your own eye looking at your own inner face, that will give the experience of super sensuous joy. You are cheerful, then you are introverted, and the third quality is of sweet silence. You don't have too many thoughts. There is too much thinking every moment, whether a task has to be done or task is already done, but your thoughts are always there. So, I will focus on seeing these three qualities: the sparkle of purity, spirituality, introversion, supersensuous joy, and sweet silence. Also combined with humility and sweetness.

Our homework is ‘remembering only One, being with One’. When we are with One, remembering Baba alone, everyone, as Baba said, will experience soul consciousness and remembrance from your presence. That is real purity. It's only when I have that purity, that I can be alone with just Baba. Otherwise, there is very subtly some kind of fear. Mostly, we like to be with our family. I always say that in BK life, what is most important is ‘company’. Sharing with each other is very good quality. So, wherever you have to live, be near Baba's home. So you can go for morning class, you can be with the family, you celebrate with the family, but internally, I have to be alone. So, this is more like yoga of the intellect with One. We are sitting, doing something, then suddenly you feel your mind go, your thoughts go somewhere that is different. Maybe I always feel they need me or I have to do mansa seva for them. They are going through something, they're calling me, they need me, there is something they need. So, I find either I will get a call, or I will call to see if there is a need for spirituality, for company, for being present. You're not scared when those thoughts come as if I'm remembering. I am not remembering, but it is my feeling for sharing God's sustenance. If I am getting God's sustenance, I feel others should also get it, because that's where we grow. I have grown with the Dadis’ company, with their sustenance, and they share beautiful stories of Brahma Baba.

Now it comes to the ‘lap of God’. So, the lap of God really is to remind me that I have been adopted by Baba. Why have I been adopted? I was a master, and Baba says, “Come and claim your inheritance.” I don't think we had thought that this is what we wanted. Yes, we had a lot of love for God, we worshipped, but never had a thought that I want to be the master, or I have to claim all the inheritance from God. Baba tells us, “Children, you are the same ones from the last Kalpa.” That takes time to understand, but now we know. So, how many of us have the courage to claim inheritance from Baba? Wow, that's good! Baba is taking total responsibility, but at least I have to follow the footsteps. From amrit vela until evening, Baba takes responsibility, but He would say to do traffic control, pause in between and remember Me. During the day, revise some of the teachings. Baba says, “You take one step, and I will come forward many steps” What is the first step? It is to do something. So, if we just follow the timetable, we follow Shrimat in my thoughts, words, and actions, and use them in a worthwhile way. I have to keep aiming to accumulate in my account. Every day I feel that Baba has planned for us, we only have to play our part. So, when we are in Baba's lap, He is responsible, but He also makes us very worthy children.

Sometimes you feel there are so many aspects to pay attention to, just start from Murli. That you are able to remember, you are able to practice, you are able to implement and accumulate in your account until the end. So, summarise everything from Murli. When I listen to blessings in the morning, I just take the main point. If you do it in a sequence I think you will get it accomplished, and you won't feel overwhelmed. A lot of work has to be done just to get a little piece of Murli. Some people say, “ I don't get any experiences”. Baba says that the reason for that is lack of purity. My capacity to experience increases with purity. When you say, ”I'm not feeling anything, I'm not experiencing”, Baba says, “There is something wrong, just check your purity.”

Om Shanti


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