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Manmanabhav - Master of the Father's Inheritance #12

Manmanabhav_12 Mohini_Didi April 12, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone okay? Good. When we think about the purity in life, it’s not something very simple. It’s only when we come to Baba, He adopts us, and it is through Baba’s power and Baba’s love, that we are able to live the life of purity. Our purity is very elevated, very high-quality. We look at everyone as a soul, and every organ of the body is completely pure, and this morning Baba said, “You don’t cause sorrow to anyone through your thoughts, words and actions.” Sometimes you could get tired, Baba has said, because of situations, little and big, that could happen according to Drama. It is love for the destination and love for Baba that will help you to fly again. You can’t just sit, you will fly. Just now, I was thinking about the quality of purity. There are sometimes, maybe a little thing, or big things, and then wasteful thoughts come. There is also the possibility of subtle bondages. Actually, when you see any bondage, you can break it, you can make yourself free, but if you don’t know that it is bondage, then maybe you don’t make yourself free. So, it is very interesting to realize the power of purity in each one of us, and we have attained so much through that purity; God’s love, love for each other, a peaceful mind, kindness, generosity. They always say when you go to Brahma Kumaris, you come out with hands full of gifts, toli, and blessings. I remember going to Dadi Janki’s room, and when you came out, both your hands were full. So, whatever resources are there, because of love, they are being shared with everyone. So, just think about the power of purity, and you realize how elevated you are.

Baba has given us manmanabhav or mansa seva, because your every thought has power. It’s not that the whole day one can speak and do service all the time. It is the same as karma yoga, meaning you have limited time, you will do six hours or eight hours, your job or whatever has to be done. Through mansa seva, just maintain the awareness of your own purity, and pay attention to not having unnecessary waste thoughts or doubtful thoughts. Just keep firm faith for Baba, and every thought will do some service; it could awaken souls, purify matter, give sakash, and help souls to solve their difficulties. I have been thinking, and I felt so good, I said, “It is true, Baba has made us pure.” If we compare our lives to the lives of others, they only have concerns, they have worries, doubts, think about others, and talk about others. For us, we have so many elevated things to think of, talk about, and do. So, just value your purity, that is actually the first inheritance from God. Knowledge makes us pure, but it is the purity that helps us to imbibe the knowledge. Since we started our spiritual journey, we started listening to knowledge, and we are still now listening, churning, and implementing. So, it is the purity that is helping the intellect to get the depth of knowledge, power of knowledge, wisdom from the knowledge, and for year after year, we kept applying the knowledge. It is amazing! No other study is unlimited like our study. We are able to study because of purity. At any physical age, we are able to study this knowledge. So, there is the inheritance of purity, and the inheritance of knowledge.

Baba is explaining knowledge, so when we explain to others, we always remember that it is Baba, but also, we feel Baba has given us our inheritance; inheritance of knowledge, purity, and all the virtues, and as much we use it, we share with others. First of all, you become the master of your own body, your own nature, your own sanskars. You are the master. We don’t have sanskars of being subservient to anything, nothing. When we think of whom we belong to, Baba is the Master, Master of three-worlds, and He gives us the knowledge of the three-aspects of time. So, being children of the Master, we are also masters. What we get spiritually, we take care of that. A lot of people have the sanskar of becoming a master for using it, but not necessarily taking care of it. You must have seen souls with different sanskars. They say, “Oh, we have a right”, and they want to use everything, but when it comes to really taking care of it, then they are very careless. So, the responsibility, the care, also makes you a master. If I am using it, I am responsible, so I must take care of it. You start getting the marks of being master since you came to Baba, how you take care of the Yagya. As a master; love for the Yagya, sustenance of Yagya, belonging to Yagya, not only thinking that all this is mine and I can use it as I want. So, these are sanskars of being a master, of the inheritance of Baba. So, our homework will be to reflect on that.

This morning, I was thinking about when Baba says that there is disturbance from Maya and from matter. So, how does Maya come, and how does matter also create situations for us? Let’s say money could be matter, but greed is Maya. The body is matter, but there is attachment, and anything could happen to the body, but when it goes into, “I am not well”, that becomes Maya. If you have anything valuable, it is good to have, but it is “mine” and subtly I am so pulled by that, I am attached to that. That’s Maya. When Baba says to be a conqueror of Maya, conqueror of matter, that is the fluctuation that happens with situations which come. Situations all come from the world, material things, but what do we take from that? Greed, attachment or sorrow. Many say, I was very touched or moved, then that also becomes Maya. So, there are so many aspects. Sometimes you think it is unending, unlimited. Baba explains to us, and again we come back to manmanabhav. When we take care of the mind, the mind can be connected with Baba, and when the mind is connected with Baba, you become tireless. Your wings can keep flying, and you are never stuck anywhere. From morning on, during the whole day, I have to be with Baba. In any relationship, with any teachings, I think of Baba. There are so many benefits experienced from manmanabhav, being with Baba. All sorrows are removed. I feel so happy and satisfied, and also give happiness to others. Today, Baba said to remove sorrow and don’t cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words, and actions. Even if you don’t want to cause it, some people take sorrow. They are very sensitive. We are very attentive to giving happiness to everyone, and not causing sorrow for anyone. Through our good vibrations, our good wishes, remembrance of Baba, we keep ourselves happy and keep others also very happy. So, your reflection homework will be on being the masters of inheritance.

Om Shanti

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