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Manmanabhav - Karanhar and Karavanhar #20

Manmanabhav_20 Mohini_Didi April 20, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

So your mind, your intellect, your heart, are all together while you are sitting here. Is the mind around with whatever is happening? Is the intellect somewhere else? Is something else in the heart? Are all three together? Just think for one second, mind, intellect, heart, and body all are together. Your mind, your intellect, your heart are just with Baba. Baba is saying that that is true yoga, and that is what is called spiritual effort. Baba is using the word ‘sadhana’. We are doing sadhana and then of course Baba says we have sadhan-devices, different means of service, that we are using. However, what really works is when we speak what is in our heart. Using a device is okay. I spend a lot of time on the telephone. It's good to call, good to respond. It is a means of service if it is done with the right stage, for the right purpose. There are so many devices, and social media. There was a time when there were no common radios or television, so we all depended on newspapers. Baba used to teach us what to read in the newspaper, otherwise how will we know what is happening? Like there was a time when the pope was visiting India in Bombay. So, there are different means that are helpful in service, but we cannot just start depending on them. When we are using them, our intellect shouldn't be with those devices or means, but it should be with Baba. My thoughts should be that I not only have to churn and then speak about it, but let me use the vibrations of God's love.

This morning's blessing was an ‘experiment’ to change the attitude of the souls, using the power of yoga. So, when you pick up the phone, have a moment's remembrance of Baba, then listen to what that person is saying, then go in silence for a moment and reply to that person. You will see a very impactful result of that. So, how do we know what they really want? When you are in remembrance of Baba, that's the true service. The device is being used in the right awareness, for the right purpose. Someone is argumentative and you have a lot of patience, you keep speaking very sweetly, softly, gently. If the other person is talking and you are listening with a lot of patience, your patience is reaching that soul. So, experiment staying in remembrance of Baba and using virtues while using the means and devices. I am not only taking support or depending on these means and devices, but I am using them for service.

So, whatever way you are communicating or whatever devices and means you are using, think of Baba for a moment. Sit in the car before you start driving, take a moment, remember Baba, then start the car. The time may come where we might not have these means and devices, but it doesn't matter. You will see how your work will be done. A lot of magical miraculous things can happen. You are walking on the road and someone passing by, maybe Baba's child would stop and give you a ride. Anything and everything beautiful can happen. That's what Baba is saying, and of course this morning's blessing was powerful: use the power of knowledge, the power of yoga, to transform the attitude of others. Attitudes are very subtle, but quite a big bondage. Attitude doesn't allow the soul to do what the soul really wants to do. If we keep our stage of yoga, then it's not only my attitude, but the attitude of others can change also. Baba said that some, because of arrogance, have a lot of bad manners or they speak very strongly. When you have the power of yoga, that will change.

I was thinking that when it comes to using everything in a worthwhile way, that means I am accumulating, my thoughts are becoming more peaceful, more powerful, they have more tolerance. All the powers keep increasing in our thoughts because I used them, I didn't waste them. So here, using is accumulation. The more I remain patient with everyone, my patience will increase. Every quality and power increases by using it. It's very interesting, the experience of accumulating the whole day, and then our attention, practice, experiments will be with Baba as the One who is Karavanhar. He does and makes us do. What does He do, and what does He make us do? Baba gives Shrimat. Baba is the Director. Baba is the Creator. He does and makes us do, but also we need to have this awareness that Baba is Karankaravanhar, Karavanhar. We have to have this speciality that I do it, and also I'm able to take cooperation from everyone. Sometimes some think, “Oh, I don't have to depend on anyone”, and they start doing everything on their own. My training and learning has been to do it together, so that others also know how to do it. You are doing it, karavanhar, but you are also karavanhar. Baba also says to study and teach others, so it's like studying is doing, and teaching is making others learn also to teach. Remember that Baba is making it happen through me, Baba is making me do. So, never get discouraged, never lose hope, never feel you don't have power. Just create the awareness of who is making you do it. Even if sometimes you have to give a talk or lesson and you find you do not have that much stage that day, if you remember it's Baba, Baba has to do it.

So, always trust, keep hope, courage, and do it, but keep the awareness that Baba is the One who is making me do. See how many experiences you will have, and also how many experiences others will have. Then we will say, “Baba, you really make it happen! Baba, you really did wonderful!” In this way, your trust will grow, your capacity will grow, your faith in Baba will grow. It's only when we accept these offers and challenges, that one can really have true trust in the self. Baba is making it happen. Baba has to give to that soul, you are only an instrument. This is the power of awareness, and also it’s Manmanabhav, because you are taking your mind towards Baba. You are remembering Baba, and the mind is focused on Baba as Karankaravanhar, Baba as Karavanhar. So explore it, reflect on it, experiment with this and also practice the whole day tomorrow, and see how you feel about it.

Om Shanti

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