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Manmanabhav - Feelings of the Mind #3

Manmanabhav_3 Mohini_Didi April 3, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is okay? Well? Yeah, it seems some special blessings have been given to Avyakti Parivar, and that keeps us happy, light and well. That's why we all can be together every evening. We have finished two years now. So, it's definitely Baba's special drishti, special powers on us. So, what is that stage of Manmanabhav? There could be a lot of thoughts. One is to be in remembrance, to be merged in Baba's love, or merged in any of Baba's qualities, or experiencing the sweetness of relationship. It could be deep silence, total concentration on One, or a stage of being merged in the Ocean. So, what we have to do is to stay in that stage of Manmanabhav, because the power that will come is a likeness with Baba. You will start feeling, “I am like Baba, I am becoming like Baba”. That's also a very powerful thought. So, the stage of Manmanabhav is that you are in complete deep silence, but also internally, you are very loveful, and very carefree, like freedom.

Baba had been saying that in this world, you have to be free, and then you will have freedom in life, you will enjoy jivanmukti. This birth has many births to come, just imagine being in life, but not having any bondage. This is a big gift, isn't it? Generally, there will always be some bondage of the mind. Sometimes it's the body but you don't feel any bondage. So, our aim is really to make the Manmanabhav stage very natural and consistent. Not Manmanabhav only for morning, or when we sit in yoga, but deeply within, the mind is always with Baba. Someone asked me yesterday when I am in Manmanabhav, what Baba gives me? Of course in the murli, we heard about when you have awareness you get power, but I find that it's not just my efforts, but if I take one step, then Baba comes forward many steps. As much I am remembering Baba, then Baba multiplies whatever power I need, or Baba helps me to settle a lot of karmic accounts. So, we have to experience the attainments of Manmanabhav, and there are many attainments. This morning when I was offering bhog, Baba said, “Follow Shrimat accurately”, because if you make mistakes whether it is a waste of time, waste of energy, or anything, it multiplies. If I use everything in a worthwhile way, it also multiplies.

So, if someone finds that at the Confluence Age, I haven't attained everything, like there is always this feeling that still there are a lot of my inner desires or needs that are not fulfilled, what could be the reason? Somewhere, I am not following shrimat while doing actions, otherwise I find that Baba's Yagya is really overflowing with numbers, with cooperation, with this whole feeling of unlimited. When I was in India, I was looking at thousands of people, thousands of Baba’s children, and everyone has so much love, so much bhavna. Just imagine the collective energy of twenty thousand, what it would be like? So, definitely we have to pay attention if something is lacking, anything, power or love or even in a material physical way, if anything is lacking, one of the reasons is definitely that I am breaking the principles. Otherwise, it should keep multiplying, and a time comes when you have so much fulfilment and for that comes real ‘vairagya’ in the sense of there is just disinterest, there is no pull of any kind.

So, with the stage of Manmanabhav, we want the remembrance of Baba to be very natural and consistent. It shouldn't be that when I sit in yoga I have good experience or in the morning, evening I have good experience but now it has to be ‘Company of Baba’ that is why I also like this whole topic of Dadi Janki’s ‘Companion of God’. Whom will Baba make companion? What are the qualities I should have so that Baba can use me as Companion? So, the aim is really to have not only eight hours of remembrance, but consistent remembrance. You all think your remembrance is getting better? Yes? It's natural? Does it remain while doing actions? Because that is very important right? So, it shouldn't happen. I am in yoga, I have to sit in yoga but I have to be in awareness, I have to be in remembrance, the total awareness of Manmanabhav.

When we have this sweetness of relationships, what are my feelings all the time towards everyone? Today Baba said, “Don't think of transformation of others but think of yourself, and then of course you help others also”. So, when you are in the stage of Manmanabhav, you are able to understand the feelings of yourself and others. Sometimes it's not the intentions, but if there is any karmic account with any other soul, the feelings will not be that good. What feelings do I maintain so that others’ feelings can change also? We have heard so many times that some officers would come to meet Brahma Baba. So, he prepared himself in soul consciousness and invoked Baba, he would come out and use the word ‘children’ and whatever questions they were asking, not only would they get appropriate answers but after a little while, they had no questions. Dadi Janki also shared her experience that when she would go in front of Baba and take drishti, after a little while, Baba would say, “Child, do you want to ask anything”? Dadi would say, “You already silenced my mind so much that I don't have even any thoughts now”. Baba said, “Okay, I give you the blessing, it will happen that when others will come in front of you, they will have the same, they won't have words to ask anything”. So, that means your feelings are helping, your awareness is helping, that other souls are not able to have any questions, but rather they feel content, and they are in deep silence. So, when I am in the stage of Manmanabhav, what are my abilities? How are my feelings changing for my own self but also how is this changing the feelings of others? So, one is to be able to be in Manmanabhav, and the other is the attainments. That also is something very important. So, we all will reflect, practice, and experience the stage of Manmanabhav.

Om Shanti

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