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Manmanabhav - Equal to the Father #28

Manmanabhav_28 Mohini_Didi April 28, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar! Everyone is happy. If we are happy, then Satguru Baba is also happy with us. We are happy because we are constantly improving, constantly making progress. Happiness definitely is experienced based on the quality of efforts I make. There has to be contentment. Then the heart is pleased, and the Master is also pleased. So, influence and inspiration, what's the difference? Baba doesn't want us to be impressed by anyone. Baba says that you are already impressed by Baba, so you cannot be impressed by anyone. I was thinking that yes, of course, we shouldn't be impressed, but we can be inspired. When we used to look at Dadi Janki’s effort or whatever she was doing, we were inspired. Being impressed could create a very subtle kind of dependency or attachment, but if I am inspired, then it helps me to increase my enthusiasm. I am able to do more because I am inspired, or we call it motivated. After seeing someone doing so much, I say, “Why can't I do it?” I remember looking at Dadi, and we always used to say, “If she can do it, why can't we do it?” When you are impressed, maybe you try to copy someone, but you will not necessarily progress. Then your own reflection, your own churning, doesn't happen because somewhere being impressed is also getting stuck. I had this experience when I went to Moscow and St. Petersburg. These souls, the way they do everything, everyone is in class punctually, regularly, organized. Everything was creative, and so I was naturally impressed. So, what should I tell them now? What class should I take? Of course, it's a revision of Murli and so somewhere you get a little bit stuck. Even if it's a good quality, that means you like it. Baba and especially Dadi Janki used to say that whenever you are impressed by something or someone, you start acting, behaving in a similar way which might not be right for you. It may be right for other souls, but when you are inspired, motivated, then your energy is high, and you want to do it more and more.

Also, we did our homework and very little traces of sanskars emerged. We are so attentive, immediately we know that this is a sanskar from the past, this is my habit of thinking. If I have the same response for everything, that's not possible, or practical. Internally, if there is a resistance or a dislike, that's where you will know your thought pattern and some karmic accounts are there. We should be loving to all the souls, loveful all the time. So, renunciation is, very subtly, to just change it. These thoughts are coming because I am holding this impression for that soul. Actually, if any soul has something less, I should become charitable, I should share that virtue. So, it's a beautiful way, and actually it takes a few days, we have started. Baba is asking, “Are you all in Manmanabhav?” We have been doing this for the last month, different aspects of the mind, and to be in Manmanabhav. We know that we are not constantly in Baba’s remembrance. So, that's why Baba is saying that your mind shouldn't be impressed, because then you won't be in Manmanabhav. Your intellect will go there, and we want our intellect to be with Baba, our mind to be with Baba. It's very subtle, and then we have to become Bapsaman. So, wherever anyone is in their spiritual journey, you have to be with them, your love, your good wishes. You cannot say, “Why are you here, why are you like this? “That's where that soul is. So, I still give that company, share that love, but I remain in my stage, or wherever I should be. While giving company, I cannot become like that person, I have to be like Baba. That's what Dadi also used to call the ‘influence of company’. That means you become like that person. Give love, acknowledgement, appreciation to everyone, but still you remain where you are, you don't go back.

I have shared this before, but I love this story that once there was world meditation hour, and you know Dadi Janki used to love that, she was so punctual. I also used to live in the next room in Indraprastha. So, I was sitting outside. I was having a little problem with my stomach. So, Dadi came by and said, “Are you not going?” Before I responded, she went so far, she didn't wait for my response. So, I thought she did her duty to ask, but she didn't even wait for an answer. She already left, because she has to reach in time. I always remember how quickly she walked, and she was so far by the time I was thinking how to respond to her. So, how do you do what you have to do to make everyone feel comfortable? I had been asked this by somebody. You don't say, “When you are ready, we go together.” That's very common. We go together. Dadi said, “She never waits for anyone, but she will ask everyone.” Isn't it interesting? On your journey, you ask someone, but you continue your journey. You don't stop there.

So, you know today I had this thought, and in one of the Murlis, Baba said, “Baba makes you like Him”. So, is it that I am becoming like Baba, or is Baba making me like Himself? What is required so that Baba makes me like Himself? We have to allow Him to do what he wants to do with us, that means to be obedient. Otherwise, I will make efforts to be like Baba, and that will be the long way. I am making efforts to be like Baba. Baba is making me like Him, how does it sound? That’s the thought I had when I was thinking about this homework. In one of the Murlis Baba says, “Baba is making you like Himself. So, I said that He is making us, and what are we doing? Just follow Him. What is the effort? To follow Baba, follow Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba, BapDada. The same happened with Sakaar Baba. Those who followed him became high numbers. So, following Mother and Father is the easiest way to become like Baba. Anyway, reflect more, churn, and this is the homework for tomorrow. Baba is making me like Himself. We have to follow Baba. So, we follow accurately and become like Baba.

Om Shanti

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