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Manmanabhav - Conqueror of Attachment #15

Manmanabhav #15 Mohini_Didi Apr 15th,2022

Baba has told us that everything will happen suddenly, so be ever ready. For two years we all were in Covid, and it still hasn't gone still and now with this atmosphere of war and violence. Many are asking what's the future? It has become a big flame, it's not just two countries, now it's the whole world. Everywhere some violence is happening, because human beings internally are upset, have anger, they don't know the future. Subtle anger and depression are very common. Naturally when minds are not peaceful, there cannot be peace outside. That is why Baba begins with peace internally and says, first has to be peace of mind then there will be peace in the world. I was sitting with Baba and chatting and said, “Baba, everyone wants to know what they should do.” We know the living cost has increased, but we live simple, we eat simple. Baba has made our life very simple. We find we have enough. Everyone has to see in a way internally, externally to pack up. One is externally prepared, but also our mind and intellect are working on manmanabhav. Our mind and intellect should be with one Baba. Any moment, anything can happen, my intellect is with Baba. Then whatever elevated actions we have done through service, we carry that with us.

I always remember that whatever I have to do, why not do it when I am in the body? Intellectually also, it shouldn't be that we are pulled towards something, when I am living body, “Oh I could have done this, I should have done that.” When I think of Brahma Baba, he didn't have a single thought about what he should do. He did whatever he had to do, answered all the children's letters, gave permission for a few things. Just one hour before, Baba cleared everything. He didn’t have the thought, what will happen to yagya if I go? He always used to say Shiv Baba’s yagya, if I am here or not Baba's yagya will continue. His intellect didn't even go towards yagya. I have to be in my stage of perfection. I am leaving. He just put his hand into Dadi Prakashmani's hand and the soul flew. So I have to be ever ready. It's not that we have to be serious. We have to be light and happy and do everything with enthusiasm, but we have to be ever ready.

We are fortunate still in some countries that we are able to get everything, but I know, there are many in Latin America and many Asian countries where they have to struggle for everything. There will be a lot of strains on economic situations and wherever we are, we will be. It's all ordained in drama where we have to be in the end. Baba said today, we should remember that we are not only zero but heroes also. One thing I always remember in life, only Baba can only give us power, no one else. The real support is Baba, real strength is Baba. If I have to say mine, first should be my Baba. ‘'My Baba'’, my friend or my father, this should become our habit. This could be very useful, because when you say "My Baba" is like only Baba's mine. The way Baba will respond is different. Let's say 15, 16 of us are calling Baba and one is saying "My Baba" to whom he will respond? The one who said "My Baba", right? Always remember that we are not only getting help for ourselves, we have to help others. There are so many who will be expecting some help from us, power through our words or our drishti, that’s what a hero actor is. Situations are critical and going to be getting worse, they won't get better. Not only is there a lot of population but it's becoming more tamopradhan, more body consciousness and that is why this manmanabhav. I think it’s very important that my mind, intellect is just with one Baba.

Brahma Baba always thought of Shivbaba, but he was still in a proper routine the whole day, very light, entertaining, he would play, do everything. You have to have a regular, normal life. Not just sit in yoga the whole day, but internally every day, every moment of life keep becoming the conqueror of attachment. Success and accomplishments are important. Whether you are with family or doing service, have sweetness, humility and stay in self-respect. The more you stay in self-respect, the more you will find that internally you are very much with Baba very, stable and a trustee. Nothing is mine. If you are in gyan, your lokik family also expects some help from you. We should remember, we cannot help anyone or give strength, if there is attachment. You can only give strength and support if you are detached, but you have to be very loving. It's a very interesting good balance we should have in life. When you are in love with Baba, you have love for every soul. When you meet someone and have pure spiritual love, transformation happens in them. Love is important and true love brings transformation in people. If we can have a spiritual alokik relationship with all lokiks and see the transformation, they will be inspired. Closeness is not because of attachment, it is when you are in soul consciousness. Those who are very close to you, keep looking at them as souls, have that relationship and see the magic. A spiritual relationship is the true bond. You can give each other real support, strength, inspiration and you will be able to help the souls at the right time. As soon as they need help, you will be able to help.

Om Shanti !


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