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Manmanabhav - Conclusion & Experiences #30

Manmanabhav_30 Mohini Didi April 30, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, in all ways? Do you need anything? No, everything is okay! Very good! We did a little survey in some of the countries, in Brazil, everywhere in Latin America. Should we continue with Avyakti Parivar? What did everyone say? What would you say? Continue? It's been two years now. Just imagine, every evening we can't go anywhere, we have to be with Avyakti Parivar. Yes, as long as technology works, as long as technology cooperates, we are able to do it.

You know that everything has its own time. Then we look at what are the needs of Baba’s children at present, and based on those needs, we listen to Baba's Murlis and we see which points Baba is emphasizing. So, we choose the topic. Like in this Murli, Baba is saying that in the rosary there are beads, and beads have to be so close that the thread is not visible, but also they shouldn't be attached. So, Baba says that Brahma Baba would say, “Let Baba make a rosary,” and then he will scratch that and say, “No, because the stage is still fluctuating”. Today, Baba said that three certificates are needed: one is from Baba. What does Baba do? If we ask Him, He smiles. Anytime you go to Baba, even if you have made a mistake, it is never serious. Have you ever seen Baba showing you a stern eye? He said, “That's not my part, that Dharamraj will do, I don't need to do that.” That’s what I tell everyone, even instruments, that if someone makes a mistake, you still have to be loving, because karma philosophy and Dharamraj will do their job. Why should I try to play that part? You have to be just loving and that's what Baba does. Then someone said that the most difficult certificate to get is from the family. Is it difficult? No, not if you are loving, have patience and love, and you are cooperative. Maybe we should do that exercise tomorrow, to see how much the family loves each one. Third, Baba said that you yourself should have that contentment so you can give a certificate to yourself. So, Baba wants us to be the beads of the rosary, and I think we also want to be beads of the rosary.

So, today's Murli underlined for us that whatever the situation is, your stage should be of ‘Manmanabhav - remembering Baba’. So, I thought that it helped us the whole month, we kept hearing one word; Manmannabhav. Today, Baba’s definition of tapasya is belonging to One, and also becoming like One. Yes, there are a lot of similarities between you and Baba. So, we are like Baba, whatever percentage is there, we have to get it accomplished. It was a good series. Then we had decided when we were in Madhuban to have Peace Village do Avyakti Parivar. The whole team is there, there are about 100 of them, and they did everything. I used to do it at Amritvela from India, and then we thought all those young people who are in the team should be given this to do. So, we had 20 Kumaris and some young Pandavas, they were sharing that Baba's remembrance helped them, whether it was at their job or when there was difficulty. I think that overall, from listening and hearing the experiences, I think people did benefit from this theme of Manmanabhav.

When there is enthusiasm, you get very elevated thoughts like, “I will do this, I can do this, everything is possible.” So, flying means your thoughts are elevated. When enthusiasm is less than we say, “Maybe, later on, how much can I do anyway? I am just alone. I don't get enough”. Didi Manmohini used to tell us that as soon as you get an elevated thought, do it, because every half an hour the power of that thought reduces. She used to give an example that she would jokingly say, “Oh, I want to do this for the Yagya, and then after one hour you say, ‘maybe I should give half now, then keep half for later’, by the evening you say, ‘maybe I should give quarter, we will keep it’.” I always remember that example, that it’s true, you have enthusiasm, then you commit yourself, and then you say, “How can I do it? Will it be possible?” That didn't happen when the elevated thought was there. So, do it, whatever your thought is. Someone said, “Maybe I can bring boxes of mango, you can give one to everyone. How many?” I said we are 150. So, then she said, “Maybe we gave half and half.” So I said, “What about we give only a piece?” Whenever Dadi Janki was here in May, it's the season for mangos. She loved to give one mango to everyone. Many would hear that Dadi is speaking, so they will bring the mangos.

What I'm saying is when there is enthusiasm, that is elevated thought, and you want to do a lot, that's called the flying stage. Otherwise, we always look at what is happening. These are realities, but you can change the realities, right? I have so much experience with this. I remember once in Madhuban and we were invited for some opening ceremony. So, you generally go, and you want to give something for that project, but I said, “From where to bring? Maybe I can borrow from Ishu Dadi then I will give it to her.” So, I was clearing the last part of my clothes and in the corner, I found an envelope. So, I said, “What is this envelope?” There was some money in it. So, I said, “Well, I have it now!” Many times I will say, “Oh, Sunday is a long time. This Thursday we haven't offered Baba this kind of bhog.” So, this Thursday we are going to do it. When I have a thought, you would be surprised. Within 10-15 minutes, I get a call and they say, “I want to offer bhog, and I want to bring this.” It is exactly what I was thinking, but what would happen if I say, “We don't have it, how can we do it?” So, when you have an enthusiastic thought, it has vibrations and it touches many souls, and because of that, everyone just wants to do it. So, we will think about this for the whole month, and we will see how we go from there.

Om Shanti


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