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Manmanabhav - Cleanliness of the Mind #10

Manmanabhav_10 Mohini_Didi April 10, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Yes? You have learned to keep yourself okay, right? Not only okay, but very happy, very full, because it's a long day for the soul to play a part through the body. The soul keeps using the powers, energy, but it needs to be recharged also. That is why Baba has given us this homework. Many times during the day, as much as your attention goes inside, keep filling yourself, keep charging yourself. So, today we start Avyakt Murli revision, we will take one point per day until next Sunday. Today, Baba is talking about the treasures we have, and to increase the treasures, it is important to use them at the right time. When there are situations that could be very disturbing, or could create subtle anger or reactions, I use the treasure of peace and stay peaceful. There could be situations that could be challenging and need strength, so you just donate that strength, and share that with everyone with your thoughts, words, and actions. So, Baba wants us to use the treasures, and this is the way the treasures will increase. That was the point from the Avyakt Murli we all heard, and read this morning.

We had been working on the stage of Manmanabhav because ultimately, the soul has to be in remembrance of Baba, listening to Baba's call, listening to the call of the time. I am not just spending my time in the bondage of my thoughts, wherever my mind takes me, I just go there. That is called bondage of the mind. Everyone has their own comfort zone, everyone has their own liking, and limits also. So, if we spend most of our time listening to our own mind, it could be in any bondage. It could be sanskars, situations, anything. So, when we are practicing Manmanabhav, our aim is to keep remembering Baba, so that the bondages of the mind are cleared, and the mind becomes free. So, that is why we took this whole topic, and we practice looking at our thoughts. Are they just because I like them this way? Do I have certain ways to think or habits? Is it that I am now listening to Baba? Ultimately, Baba gives the signal to all Baba's children, what to do in life, and how to keep progressing.

So, I noticed that when we were talking about silence of mind, that very subtly, some kind of conversation, some kind of chat, something keeps going on in a very subtle way. We realize that it is because of our sanskars, and the homework that we are taking now is to keep our mind very clean. One is purity, that means not to have ego, not to have anger, not to have any vice. The other is to keep the mind clean, because some kind of very subtle influences come, and then our interaction with the souls is based on that influence. How to keep good wishes, pure feelings for everyone? Whatever anyone or everyone is, it’s actually their part that they play. So, God's love, so pure, we all experience that and then share God's love with everyone. So the whole day, just pay attention not to have any wasteful thoughts for anyone, because everyone is playing their part. So, what I have to do is play my part and observe the parts of others. As I said, a clean mind will have good wishes for everyone, and those good wishes are not just through the intellect, but they are from the heart. We all are co-travelers on this spiritual journey. So, what do we have to do? It’s good to help each other, and help is to have good wishes for everyone, then the support that everyone feels is also good. A clean heart will also help me. When the heart is clean, then it's very light also. If there is anything against anyone, or for any situation from the past or present, you cannot experience the lightness. It's very important to be happy, to be light, and for that, we need to have a clean mind. As much as I am in Manmanabhav, the heart becomes clean and as much as the heart is clean, you can be in Manmanabhav. These are both very connected. Baba's remembrance is very easy, then the heart is clean, and it is through Baba's remembrance that the heart becomes clean.

So, looking at which quality of the mind can help us to be in Manmanabhav constantly, within a second connecting with Baba, and listening to Baba. Also, what Baba said this morning, “Any weak thoughts, you give to Baba, take power and happiness from Baba”. What do we do? We give it to Baba, but then I'm still not happy, I’m not feeling powerful, because Baba is giving to us, but we don't want to let go of our thoughts. We're still maintaining what we think for ourselves or others. So, if I have given it to Baba, then why am I thinking? It's a very subtle thing, and I think since we have heard this point, all of us are looking into this. Baba said, “I am responding to you, but you're not experiencing that response. I'm giving you power, I'm giving you lightness, I'm giving you happiness, but you are still using the same thoughts.” It is very interesting to notice that yes it's true, if I still think the same way, then I can't experience the help that Baba is giving.

So, today is the day we pay more attention to keep the mind clean so that you can experience lightness, you can experience closeness to Baba, and listen more to Baba. Baba is our Guide, so He has to guide us. It's not that I am governed by my thoughts, but by Baba. Then, Baba says, “You have to become like Me.” So, all those qualities will emerge more and more. We will do our homework, and of course ‘sweetness’ and ‘humility’ are important. Brahma Baba, Dadi, and especially Dadi Prakashmani, she always bowed when she said Om Shanti, good morning. She would bow because that is natural sweetness and humility. What others did didn't bother her. Whatever others wished or not didn't matter, she would say good morning and Om Shanti to everyone. So, it's important to be humble and to be very sweet. We will keep all of this in our awareness, and for 24 hours we do the homework and then see what experiences we have. What more did I put in myself and increase my treasures?

Om Shanti


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