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Make Yourself Complete In All Aspects #19

Become _An_Avyakt_Angel_19 Mohini_Didi April _19, 2023

Om Shanti!

Listening to Baba definitely reminds us of our aim, our goal, but also it makes us think, what is it? What is Baba saying? How much have we done? How do we do it more practically? It’s like some kind of inner churning that begins in the form of thoughts, then for understanding, we use the intellect. Today, Baba was talking about which relationship attracts you the most. I was thinking that the most lovely relationship is with the mother, because the mother has so much pure love for every child. Even if the child has made some mistakes, the mother is always very merciful. It’s really like true love. I find God as Mother, nature as mother, mother has such a quality of giving. You know inheritance is given by the father but the culture, the teachings, the sanskars are given by the mother. The father gets the child worthy to claim the inheritance. The way a mother prepares the life of a child is with acceptance, with love, by giving true blessings and mercy. So, remember Baba as Mother and Father. Actually, it should be Father and Mother. When I think of ShivBaba as Mother, I think of Brahma Baba as mother, I think of Mamma’s love, all our Dadis as mother. They have a lot of love for each one of us.

Baba’s qualities and my eternal qualities are the same. Some of us experienced sustenance through Sakar Brahma and then sustenance through Avyakt BapDada. Such sustenance gives us the necessary experience so that we can make ourselves complete, and we can do service like them. For those who didn’t have that sustenance, then go to your eternal qualities, because they are the same as the Father. Baba is saying that we have to make ourselves perfect or complete, and also complete the service. How do we complete service? These are the points we need to think about that need to be completed. Now, Baba again and again says to become like your angelic father in subtle regions. I find that it is so important to remain connected with subtle regions, and also one should be able to feel the pull. One of the most important things I remember today is whenever there is so much turmoil and storms and obstacles, the tree shakes, but you don’t fall because you have the power of silence. Wherever or whatever way you can help, do so, but don’t get upset or worried or distressed. Baba said to just go in deep silence because that power of silence is from Avyakt BapDada. I have seen Brahma Baba, the way he handled situations, and his victory in many situations. Brahma Baba easily went into deep silence. Usually we have to take instructions from Brahma Baba, so we would go to his room. Baba would be in just deep silence and we would know from deep silence what is the next step, even if he didn’t say it. Whenever there’s a big storm of confusion, I go into deep silence, that will be my contribution, because that is what Avyakt seva is.

Now each of us, we have to think about what is the completion of my seva? When I look at myself, I always say that it’s my role to contribute the power of silence and also the power of an image where there is no sign of worry or storm, very calm, very peaceful. Keep the image of that self respect, I played my part, I just played my part, that’s completing service. At every step in life, I played my role, what I had to do, wherever I am at service, that’s the best I can do. I was thinking about completion in service. Whatever is my role, whatever is my part, I just played and then I remained in my good stage. Remaining in a good stage is a lot of service. Whatever you couldn’t do by talking, you can do it in silence. Baba said that there is not much time left. So I have to be perfect in all the qualities, there should be contentment in relationships. When you have contentment in relationships, others also will feel content with you. Otherwise, there will be some conflict, some struggle somewhere or other. So, to become an image of perfection whether while doing service or in relationships, you always have to have that image of contentment. Now what is the image of all virtues? Whether it is calmness, sweetness, patience, tolerance, you won't go one by one. The best way is to go back to your eternal form and be in your Avyakt stage, that can give us the image of all the virtues. I have tolerance but not patience, I have patience but no sweetness. Virtues are also like a rosary, they are connected with one another. So, somebody can say that this is the image of tolerance, but then if you have tolerance that means you have patience. So think and reflect on what it is to be the image of all virtues. That’s becoming complete within the self and complete in service.

So, these are some of the thoughts I had and yes, time is short. I have to be an image of all virtues and also complete. So, what is the practice, how will I be that image? Complete all the virtues. For me, many examples come from Brahma Baba or our Dadis, Dadi Prakashmani. If a very good child made any mistake, Dadi Prakashmani would give a lot of love to that child, because when that child realises the mistake, they will feel ashamed and would like to go far away. The only way to keep hold of that child is with love, so the child doesn’t go back to Kaliyug. Dadi Janki always used to say to make sure nobody goes back to Kaliyug because of our lack of attention, or love, or being a good example, whatever reason. Many souls we bring to Baba to go to Heaven, and more should come, but some get disturbed because of whatever reason, my sanskars, or way of speaking. So let everyone remain close to Baba. We have to pay attention these days especially. If you are an instrument, you are a Bestower then what you should do? Forgive and be a good example.

Om Shanti

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