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Make your own record #09

Elevated_Self_Respect_9 Mohini Didi June 9, 2023

Om Shanti!

We have been taking avyakti signals to experiment with and to deeply look at ourselves. I find it very useful and I feel that Baba, through His teachings, gives us what we need at the moment. This morning Baba said in Murli, we should be very sweet. Giving love and respect is not connected with sweetness. Love is not necessarily that I need to say, “I love you”, but love is something very natural in the soul in its eternal stage. When I go into my eternal stage of a soul, love is the first quality. Purity is very natural anyway because the soul is light, might and pure. Purity is there, but with purity, the love which emerges for everyone (we shouldn't even use the word everyone), is love that everyone feels, that love comes through sweetness. This kind of sweetness which we have learned from Baba is different from lokik sweetness. Dadi Gulzar's mother was named All-Rounder Dadi. She would be sitting there when you entered Pandav Bhavan. There is a beautiful word which is used for someone who is very beloved and very sweet in Hindi, it is called lala. Lala is a very sweet child. It was like from the heart she would be talking to you and that creates my connection with God. Just her saying it touches so deeply, you just start feeling that you belong to God, this is God's family, this is God's home. There's a natural attraction to go again. Sometimes, when I compare Baba's homes today to that time, what is missing is love. Love is not where there is attachment, but how God loves everyone of us. In the beginning, they experienced love from Sakar Baba, 14 years they were together, about 200 of them staying together. Not easy, right? They did it because of God's love.

Sometimes I keep thinking what sweetness truly is. Then I realized it really comes from love. I was 15-16 but they would talk to me as I am much older. That makes me feel that I am mature. Our love and the way we speak to others is the real service. Today we think service is more people, courses and programs. Real service is when the soul is touched. As soon as the soul is touched, you don't have to ask that soul to come again. There is so much fullness attained, experience of love. Now Baba is talking about respect with regard. Then he says it creates the record.

If I am appointed for another center, the first thing everyone will ask is, how is she? Is she nice, is she loving? There are other specialties of being creative, being alert, having a good timetable, and discipline, but first is interconnection with others. Interaction with others, is sweetness, is love. Whenever we sit with Baba just experience God's love and sweetness, so that my sanskars can be based on that. We should keep this aim. There are a lot of holes, a lot of hurts, things from many births with many different souls. Receiving God's love will help us to heal. Everyone loves, but you try to give you love and some can't receive it, they don't feel it, for many reasons. It's very important, past is past, but from today onwards create such a register or activities.

In Madhuban, Gyan Sarovar, they have so many workers, maids and servants. They work hard, but if you talk to them with a lot of love and with respect, they will do anything for you. There are some coordinators, if they shout at them, they do work, but not with respect. It doesn't matter who anyone is, whether it is a position or whatever. I find many who are older are the ones who need a lot of love, so we need to be very respectful to them. Generally people will shout at them, think or say they didn't do enough, but when you talk with love, sweetly and with respect, I see that they are so committed. They really take care of us properly. It's a very good quality. Today Baba is saying to always remember that you have to respect. Give regard to everyone and create your good record.

The interesting point is that as sweet as you are, the helpers of yagya, you will receive help from yagya. What help do you need from yagya, a feeling of belonging, right? It's my yagya, everyone is my family, you have that kind of feeling. I know some of us have different experiences. I have seen Nirvaya Brother has a policy and always says in the main meeting, anyone who is not well, it is our foremost duty to take care of that soul. Any doctor, any hospital, any amount of budget you should take care of them, that means yagya. We have to always think, I am yagya's helper, and then yagya also helps you at the right time. There are some of the points which you will need to think and churn on and whenever we have a chat, you can ask. My experience is that when I came to yagya, there was nothing in yagya. Nothing in the sense of no vehicle, no truck. They needed the basics and that when I came by with my family, there were many of us. I remember when we got the first very old truck from the military and we bought it for yagya to buy vegetables and all that. Many older sisters didn't have proper slippers. One of my younger sisters would go to the store and buy as many as she could. We took for those older Dadis so that they would have proper slippers. It's our family. Now they are not there, they all have become ancestors, but somewhere that energy is there. When I enter, I feel it's my home, not because it is Baba's home, but it's my home and I have beautiful feelings. Becoming a helper and receiving help is a really good principle of yagya. For tomorrow's homework, give respect, you will get respect.

Om Shanti

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