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Make a Program for the Activity of the Intellect #7

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_7 Mohini_Didi March 7, 2023

Om Shanti!

Very, very Happy Holi to each one of you! A beautiful saying of Holi reminds us to be Holy; Holi and also Holy. How we make our days happy, our lives happy, is to make everything as past is past. Baba said that knowledge is light, knowledge is might. So when there is light in life, you know what is right. Sometimes even knowing, but understanding what is right, we still do not act as a sensible soul. So, we repeat what is wrong. The same is true with Holi. We know that according to Drama, whatever is happening, whatever happened, and whatever will be happening, even for the future, is accurate in Drama. Baba has been talking a lot about a point, also. Have I been able to use a full stop and say it was wonderful, it was beautiful, and have acceptance from heart. We always talk about this happening, that happened, but it’s all Drama. What we have to see is the positive sign, and how much do I, with attention, play my part? We even have little extra thoughts about what this one is doing, what that one is doing. I find that people hold a lot of grudges inside, a lot of subtle anger, somewhere deeply, their thinking is very negative. They are not able to accept that everyone has one’s own part to play and they are playing it. So, we are not able to, not only see it, but practically make it past is past, and everyone’s part is their part. Some develop a very critical nature. They say things about people that are not pleasant. That means inside they are not pure. They are not holding good thoughts for others. Holy means purity, pure feelings for everyone. That is called not only being holy, but you play holi in the sense of very beautiful feelings, having good wishes, with Baba’s love. Then you are happy. Otherwise, you can never be happy, because what is in your feelings is not right. It is not holy. That means you haven’t been able to make past as past.

We are creating some vibrations, and vibrations are like fragrance. So, if they are not good vibrations, we are creating a very negative atmosphere, which is not good. I always feel that this is our Baba’s yagya, and to think negatively about Yagya is not a right thing. It is about Baba, Baba’ children, Baba’s Yagya, the different scenes of Drama. What should I see and what should I say? What should I think and what should I act? So, today is Holi. We have determination, we live pure in actions, like celibacy but what about our eyes, what about our thinking? Is it following Brahma Baba? Baba says brahmacharya, Brahma acharan. What would Brahma Baba say? Baba never said anything, any word about anyone that was wasteful or negative, never. This is this one’s part. Everyone is playing one’s own part. It is like toxins, toxins in the body, toxins in the mind. Physical toxins, physical sickness. Mental toxins, mental sickness. To be healthy, to be peaceful, to be loveful, to be joyful, that’s what Holi is about. So, let us in true ways celebrate Holi. Talking about others in a negative way is not celebrating Holi. So why are we holding anything that is not holy? So, even the power of living a life of purity is lost. So much renunciation, but still not pure. That great life, holy life, sacred life doesn’t show or glorify Baba. So, I want to show real holiness. So, you can play with the colors of knowledge. You can play being in the company of God. The whole day you could feel becoming holy like Baba. Let us all celebrate and be happy today. So Happy Holi!

Today, Baba is giving us homework because we always say that I have to do this, I have to do this the whole day. Our intellect is filled with what we have to do. So, we call it a program for the day. So we know our time and the task we have to do, but today Baba wants us also to have a program for the intellect. So, how do I plan a program for the intellect? Baba is saying that you all need practice for making that program, so that at the right time, whatever program you planned becomes successful. For this, the quality that is required is introversion. It is when we are introverted, we don’t see what is happening. We not only remain incognito, but also underground. So, Baba says that will save your time and thoughts, and you will be more successful. Let us reflect on this, because it is like internally sometimes it's not a question of you have to do. We are very much in our intellect, and our head is full with what we have to do. So subtly, there is some tension, and Baba wants attention. So if the intellect has not planned properly, hasn't created a program, then it’s a lack of concentration also. Just imagine spending the day with tension, and spending a day with attention. So Baba says that if you still live in darkness, that is ignorance, but you have the light of knowledge. Dadi Janki used to say that light is right because you see very clearly what is right, what I should do, and what I should say. So, keep using the light of knowledge and might of knowledge to do right. I think this point needs practical experience which we will do today, and that experience is living in the light the whole day. There is a song also living by the light. This should happen, this shouldn't happen, or this happens, Baba says. “No, you know what you have to do. So, I think attention on the intellect definitely helps us, as Baba said, there is no tension, time will be saved, and you will be successful. So, make a scheme and a habit with practice and attention.

Om Shanti

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