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Make a Determined Promise to Yourself #5

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_5 Mohini_Didi November 5, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

For transformation, determination is important. We have to internally pledge to ourselves that I have to transform my sanskars and nature. If there are some sanskars and we are not able to transform them, that means there are sanskars of attachment or greed or liking of some of the things. These sanskars will definitely emerge in the end and then those kinds of thoughts come, and we are defeated. Baba wants us to emerge long term sanskars of victory with determination. As soon as we find any sanskars emerging in the form of nature, in the form of thoughts, attitude or words, we have to immediately change them. Also, we have to create, cultivate the sanskars of being loving but not attached. Once I am able to be free from body consciousness, it becomes very easy to remove all the traces of all the vices, any subtle kind of ego, “I can do, I am the best, I should be doing it.” This whole concept of “I” which creates the subtle ego needs to be transformed into the pure ego of “I” that I am a soul, Baba’s child, sparkling light, diamond, there are so many beautiful titles that Baba gave us. We have to use those titles to create that nature in us. So, any sanskar of getting disappointed, disheartened, no, keep courage, self-trust, have trust in Baba, and keep moving forward. Also, the long term sanskar of success and victory is very important.

So, whenever there are any challenges, when weak sanskars emerge, immediately I have to notice them and change them into very powerful sanskars. The situation in the world is critical, so what Baba has told us is that it's the Iron Age, you are in the Confluence age, preparing to go to the Golden age. So, do not focus on any of the situations, but transform yourself. As much as you focus on yourself, that much, you will be able to not only bring transformation, but you will be able to cultivate very beautiful sanskars. So, this month we are practicing transformation of nature and sanskars. Always maintain pure feelings, loving feelings, feelings of victory, feelings of Baba being with us, keep increasing these feelings, so not only our nature, but our sanskars will be like Baba said. In the end, there should be just remembrance of Baba. In the end, like Brahma Baba, just be cheerful and feel victorious. So, we have to prepare in a way that our nature and sanskars at the last moment are very pure and very divine, nothing from the past is left, nothing from the old is left, all are very pure and powerful. One of the natures is fluctuation in our stage and very quickly the sanskars of allowing waste thoughts to come. That needs to be changed instantly. If there is a thought of doubt, change it into faith, if there is any fear, bring the courage. Whatever power is required at that time, emerge that power. So, these wasteful thoughts become the nature of the soul because the mind keeps thinking, the intellect is thinking. When you have determination and you promise yourself, will not have wasteful thoughts. The waste is waste, but we need to use every thought or task in Baba’s remembrance, and remain very carefree but not have concerns or wasteful thoughts.

So, look at your sanskars. What are the sanskars that such thoughts come from? Of course from our past lives so many different kinds of sanskars emerge. I am at the Confluence Age, I have to have my original eternal sanskars, I need to emerge the sanskars of divinity, purity. So, reminding yourself of the Confluence Age and where we are moving, where we are going, what destination Baba has given us or even returning Home. There has to be total silence, there has to be total purity, that’s what it is to go Home, being in the Home. So, use whatever on this spiritual journey is required, and also have transformation.

Om Shanti


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