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Loving and detached as an Angel #3

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_3 Mohini Didi November 3, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Happy Sadguruvaar! It's so interesting that whatever Baba said while offering, Avyakt Bapdada was also saying the same thing, but in very beautiful words. Celebrate, now you can’t celebrate alone, you have to celebrate together. Baba said that we can have spiritual chit chat, or dance, or whatever. At this time we know silence is required, solitude is required, but also what is required, as Baba also said, is either be a great donor or have conversation. So we have to divide it in the sense of doing actions, having conversations, but also remembrance, because that is also important. So, I think that this is a signal Baba is giving us, to keep ourselves busy. Baba said that when you are celebrating, you have to be careful, not losing. That’s what Baba meant, this is the time to earn. So, I think that that is why Brahmin company is important. I know many of you want to do that, but sometimes it's not practical, so have pure feelings and a thought, and it will happen automatically. When I was offering Bhog, Baba was showing that a lot of tasks and miracles happen. Let's say you have accumulated power of purity, now power of purity will be working and creating a lot of beautiful things. If you have the power of peace, that power will also create something. So, Baba was saying that a lot of invisible things will happen, very good things will happen, you might not even be aware that is because of the power of purity, the power of love, or the power of knowledge, but keep accumulating. So, then I said, “Baba, other things are also happening”. Baba said, “Well that also you have to celebrate because there is some significance in whatever is happening”. So, I told Baba that for some when physical presence suddenly is not there, it becomes a little difficult. Baba said, “Baba fills that.” Baba definitely fills that in some way or other.

Today’s homework was also interesting. I was thinking about honesty. We are honest only for Baba, whatever we do is only for Baba so Baba keeps reminding us about honesty. Then I realized this is especially important with the thoughts. That means if I belong to Baba then my time, my thoughts, everything belongs to Baba, so you cannot waste it. You have to use everything in a worthwhile way. Baba wants us to be angels. So, Baba is saying that sanskars are like tight costumes. If you have any particular sanskar, like if you want to remove the costume, if it's very tight, it takes time. One of the ways is transformation. I notice what sanskars are still affecting me or making me do actions or say things or think. So, when you pay attention to thoughts, why these thoughts are coming into the mind, then we can transform the thoughts at the same time. Let’s say there is fear, I think all of us have some subtle fears. They are not there all the time, but they are there. Subtly sometimes you could feel it. What do I have to do at that time? We should not get defeated, but immediately change it into faith. Baba is there, trust in Baba. Baba will take care of me. Baba is my companion. Not only must I keep faith, but use whatever points you can at that time. Now those thoughts are giving you power and also changing your sanskars of fear. Dadis always use the words ‘Everything will be okay, it will happen, don’t worry, it's going to be okay’. So, they keep saying words and we also have to help each other, support each other. It’s okay, everything will be okay, Baba is our companion. Baba, everyday says. “Children I am with you.”

So, Baba spoke in the morning about contentment, cheerfulness, but the third one which I think Baba was adding, is the sweetness. When there is contentment, you are cheerful, and sweetness is there also. So, I have to be loving. That’s determination, I have to be loving. Its very easy to be detached. Sometimes we think it's easier to be detached. It's not. When you are loving, a very pure relationship is formed. Then old attachment, body conscious attachment gets removed. So, even if we say loving, actually when you are becoming loving, you are becoming detached also. So, we have to experiment tomorrow. Think about it, ‘I have to be loving all the time’. Then you will find you are also very detached. So, old sanskars will attack once in a while, you suddenly feel some feelings emerge. It happens with all of us, but some of us, it’s momentary, some of us stay longer, some of us just get very caught up in that. So, that’s why Baba is inspiring us to be angels so that we can be loving, keep ourselves full, flying and celebrate. I like this word when Baba says Manao (celebrate). The Confluence Age is the age of joy. Even if there is chaos and confusion, always remind yourself that I have to be very joyful.

Om Shanti

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