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Love of an Honest and a Clean Heart #26

Honest_Heart_26 Mohini_Didi December 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba’s every word has so much meaning, so much significance, and we adopt it in our practical life. Today, Baba is saying that when there is love, you will stay as a companion until the end. I think that's what Dadi’s did with Brahma Baba. In the Yagya, so many situations had to be faced. Sometimes they were concerned about what's going to happen, what's our future, and small groups of students said goodbye and they left. Their relatives were calling them because they had health issues and many were older women. They were given a separate flat, apartments in Bombay to go and live and they left. Those who stayed had faith in Baba, love for Baba so they couldn't leave Baba. After the partition of the country, when they came, they didn't know anyone in India because they were in Karachi and Hyderabad, those parts went to Pakistan. I remember when they came to Delhi, their faces were very divine and sparkling, but they didn't have much. Those who were more concerned with their living and their body just stayed with Baba. Whatever the situation, Baba is with us so we have to be with Baba. It does happen in practical life also, when there is lack of love, power of love, people leave each other they abandon families, but Baba says ‘no’. We have true love so we stay until the end with Baba. It is both ways, Baba will stay with us until the end, and we will stay with BapDada also.

Literally Baba said, “I love every child.” He loves every child, but still he defines which children He likes more. His love is there because we are his children. So today Baba said to remain close to Baba. How many of us really feel close to Baba? Love is there, I'm seeing some hands. Yes, many of you, most of you. Baba said that whatever happened amongst you, don't sulk with Baba or with your study. How can we leave our Supreme teacher? There are many paths, and many sub-branches of everything. They call it modern Murli, a new style of Murli, but I always say I want to hear Baba's original words because there is truth and power in that. It's not a question of just what appears to the intellect, but what touches the heart as the Father is speaking to us. Baba speaks to us, He is defining love as closeness in relationship. I don't know if I met all of you, some definitely not, but love is not only felt through physical contact or words, but when we are together spiritually, there is a lot of love in this Avyakti Parivar. There is love for each other, they don't know each other, but they work very well. They don't have any problem, but also Baba is saying it's a kind of responsibility of love.

There is no renunciation or sacrifice without love, right? There are all attainments, sometimes there is sacrifice, but with love we don't feel that sacrifice. Baba is talking about a pure and clean heart filled with love. Love with One. Sometimes, I wonder why God only wants us to love Him and our intellect should not go anywhere else. Baba is making us masters of the world. Vipreet buddhi means your love is somewhere else, then you destroy yourself. Then you leave disciplines, and gradually you drift away. If you have a love-full intellect that is preet buddhi. There is preeth buddhi and there is vipreet buddhi. When there is preeth buddhi, you are able to keep your promises, responsibility, companionship, and that means you follow Baba. Baba talks of the rosary of 108. It takes so long to create that rosary because you have to be victorious, you have to have only love with Baba, and also of course love with each other also. Baba was also talking today of the Supreme Judge, Dharamraj. If you have an honest heart and pure love, you will just very easily pass in front of him. Dharamraj Baba will also salute. Some people were asking questions about what will happen, and how punishments are given? I said it's not that there is a place where souls are punished, no, but one feels guilty like you are hiding something. Then, Baba says that you will feel regret and repentance that you didn't obey Baba. I was not honest. I didn't have a clean heart, that feeling, subtle feeling will emerge. I didn't follow all the directions of Baba.

Through knowledge, Baba has come to make us worthy. In the divine, Golden Aged world, the Masters also need to be worthy ones too. Those who have total truth, have a clean heart. Just imagine to be the ruler of the people who are all pure, have divine virtues, and are 16 Celestial degrees full. Just imagine what it takes to be the master of that world. Our qualifications have to be very high qualifications. I used to look at Dadi Prakashmani, and she was always filled with pure enthusiasm, intoxication, and she was naturally very humble. Even though she had all the authority, she was very humble. So, the same for us, when we have pure love, the authority of a clean heart comes naturally. If you are honest, you have the authority. Dadi Prakashmani used to say, “In my whole life, I have never spoken a lie.” She said it in public. Sometimes when the mind is a little weak, it twists the truth a little bit right? It's not that you don't have to be yuktiyukt, you have to be yuktiyukt. Be practical, don't make any kind of excuse, plainly say it, I am not able to do it, it's okay. Today, Baba is saying not to be influenced by anyone's specialty because that's like taking support. Very subtly I'm taking support, and then the intellect is influenced. We start taking advice from such souls. When I have Baba in my life, and if my yoga of intellect is with Baba, my intellect will be guided by Baba. It's like Drama will help you, and save you from some kind of falsehood. Even if you sometimes plan, the plan won't work out. Baba and Drama will protect you. If I have that true love, I should use my intellect in churning knowledge and develop the power to discern.

Everyone has one's own story and karmic philosophy. Dadi Janki used to have a lot of churning classes, a lot of churning of very good points, but still I also need to churn. I won't only use that churning, I also need to churn myself and of course I use what I like if it is useful. With such pure love, this companionship lasts until the end. Practice having a clean heart so that you too pass through easily in front of the Supreme Judge. He will smile and salute and say ”yes”. It's a very beautiful way for us to test ourselves, and look at our honest heart, clean pure love.

Om Shanti

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