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Love for Solitude Practise Concentration - I'm an Incorporeal Soul #2

Love_for_Solitude_2 Mohini_Didi January 2, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone !

Is everyone well? Introverted & joyful? I remember in the days of my childhood, when I came to Baba, I would sit with Baba and get such great intoxication. At that time, I hadn't started going into trance, but when I was really intoxicated and must be with Baba, then my hands and feet would start moving. One is called dance and the other is called raas. Sri Krishna used to do raas and not dance. Raas is a kind of harmonizing, in and out and with others. I remember that there were not too many young ones, I was about 19-20. All the centers used to invite me. At that time during the day bhog used to be offered because the majority were mothers and they could not come in the morning. During the day they used to come. I would go because they wanted to do raas. Everyone used to get into great intoxication. Has anyone had that experience, where you are really enjoying internally with concentration with Baba and feel like doing raas?

It is not something new that when you are introverted you are still very joyful. It is not entertaining, it is more ramneek, joyful nature. When anything happens in life, instead of getting concerned, about how it will happen or what will happen, just the thought, it's going to be good, it’s going to be OK. An inner voice comes and you practically see that. When something looks like a tragedy, we are Baba’s children, we will be safe, we are OK. We have such beautiful inner feelings or inner thoughts, which definitely keeps us very joyful.

When I was listening to Baba’s Avyakti signal many scenes started emerging, even with Brahma Baba. It used to be as if we are not even doing Raas externally, but internally, supersensuous joy. In Hindi we call it ‘Athi indriya sukh’ not a joy which I get because food is tasty, I see beautiful things through my eyes or hear beautiful stories. All that is sensual. Through the senses you are taking joy, but this joy inside from introvertedness is not through any sense organ. Beyond sorrow and happiness is called bliss. One is happiness, the other is joy, and the third is a blissful stage. I always say if you are blissful, that means you have a good balance of everything.

God has a plan, drama has a plan. You play with them. That’s what I do. Whatever God’s plan, drama’s plan, I am just a simple actor. I will act, I will play my part. You have to tune in and align, but then a time also comes when you are a good actor, it reflects on the whole drama. I have been wondering, is drama listening to me, is Baba listening to me, or so I have to listen to them? I started remembering the murli when everyone wanted Baba to come. Baba said, I make myself present because you all ordered it. Then on the other side, you should also be present when Baba gives a direction. Some have that quality and some still listen to their own minds, but not what their heart is saying. To have self approval is important. Then look at Baba “Yes, I will have the strength to do it.” Then you have seniors to confirm with them. Start with self, Baba and those around you. It is a process. Then service will increase, karma yoga will increase, everything will increase.

Today Baba said, if you are introverted and do it, time will be saved, thoughts will be saved. That means I will be able to do much more. If I am extroverted, pulled by situations, pulled by my eyes, taste or anything, then capacities are limited. That means you won’t be able to accomplish much. You will always find that there is not enough time. I like the secret that when you are introverted, you are not pulled by the external, whether it is your own sense organs or situations. Extroverted goes into expansion and introversion takes us more into an essenceful stage which is very very important. Baba is saying if you are in that stage doing everything there won’t be obstacles. You will save thoughts, time and energy so your capacities, abilities will grow to do more.

The practice of the incorporeal stage or introvert will internally create intoxication, because one of the main achievements, the gift which Baba gives is Golden age, because there are all attainments. What is the list of all attainments? You should write down the attainments. The first attainment is when you get in touch with your true self. You suddenly feel very joyful. I am pure, I am loveful, I am peaceful, this is what I am. That is what Baba calls a joyful stage. Baba says, when there is a stage of perfection, they will be equal. Now it might be a percentage. I am more introverted, less joyful, but Baba says they should be equal.

I have seen Baba in corporeal and you all heard stories. Baba’s cheerfulness and very beautiful smile never disappeared. It was so expressive that you could see it. He knew drama is playing. The higher we go, the more cheerful and joyful we will become. Sometimes our spiritual effort and external efforts don't match. Either we are too extroverted and keep laughing or we are too introverted. When there is true introversion, you are connecting with attainment, because the happiness is coming from inside. I have to be joyful, I have to have contentment. If I am in the introverted and incorporeal stage, my beautiful nature being in harmony together with everyone is emerging. If that is not happening, sanskars from the past, karmic accounts change your behavior from one person to another. To be loving and friendly it is very important to have a total balance of introverted and jovial nature. Not humorous or jokes, that is something different.

Tomorrow’s homework is how to maintain introvertedness while doing actions plus a joyful nature. No tension of attention.

Om Shanti!

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